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Both mum and baby deserve a day to themselves at the beach from time to time and the sooner kids take to the water the better for their swimming abilities. Whilst a day at the beach is just what the doctor ordered for mum and baby alike, packing for a day at the beach is often off-putting for new mums since it’s inevitable that something has been left out of the bag and it’s usually something important!

Photo credit: lilsugar.com

Photo credit: lilsugar.com

Whilst some mums pack everything in together, others are of the mind that two separate bags should be packed for a day with baby at the beach – one for the car and one for the beach. Although you could get away with one bag containing the lot, for mums travelling solo to the beach it’s certainly recommendable to pack two separate bags, and it doesn’t need to be said that you need to stop the car before rummaging about for something baby needs along the way for safety’s sake.


Travel bag


Diapers – one diaper per hour of travel time is adequate


Hand sanitizer – this is for you more so than baby for changing diapers along the way


Blankets – depending on the weather one should be fine but it never hurts to pack a spare


Wipes – one container is adequate though make sure it’s not down to the last one!


Clothes – pack an extra change of clothes or two for accidents along the way


Bibs – one for the way there and one for the way back should be fine


Bottles and extra nipples – pack two or three bottles and a couple of extra nipples just in case


Snacks – if baby’s on solids then you might like to take snacks for the trip but bear in mind the mess that they can produce if they suffer from motion sickness along the way!


Pacifiers – pack a few spares and keep them out of your bag just in case, chances are they’re going to end up under the seat at some point


Formula – enough for the duration of the trip will be adequate


Toys – as you can imagine, babies needs toys for the journey to keep them amused and occupied and to also soothe them along the way


Plastic bags – make sure you’ve packed an ample supply of plastic bags for diapers, wipes, etc.

Beach bag


Your beach bag will contain all the essentials from your travel bag but with a few extras for the beach, here’s a list of the extras


Bathing suit – if baby has a special swimming suit then don’t forget to pack it, otherwise light clothing, including a light long sleeved shirt, will suffice


Sunscreen – this is essential to protect baby’s soft, sensitive skin and yours too!


Hat – a hat with a full brim is recommendable, like the adorable hats found at jellybox, preferably one with a strap that goes under baby’s chin to prevent it blowing off in the wind


Long sleeved shirts – in addition to a light long sleeved shirt for swimming, don’t forget to pack another two for the beach to keep the sun off


Beach toys – if they’re old enough, bring toys to play with in the sand like a bucket and spade


Towels – one for the beach and one for the bath baby needs before the journey home


Bathing supplies – you’ll need to give baby a bath to wash off the sand and saltwater before getting back in the car so don’t forget lotion, shampoo, etc.


Whilst you could easily pack more, these lists are adequate for a great day at the beach for both mum and baby.

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