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Home security is paramount; protecting yourself, your family and your belongings is of the utmost importance so you should do as much research as possible in to what exactly you need before purchasing a burglar alarm. There are so many options now that sifting through then can be difficult and time consuming, in this article I will run through some of the options as well as tips on how to set it up effectively.

Wired Or Wireless

The first thing to decide upon is whether you want a wired or wireless system, both have benefits and disadvantages. The wireless system is much easier to install, it is a matter of sticking the IR detectors on the wall, attaching the siren to the wall outside and then just syncing them up to the main control unit, it can be done in an hour or two if you are fairly proficient with DIY. Another benefit of a wireless system is that new IR detectors or even wireless fire alarms can be added to the system in the future with ease. The downside is that the IR detectors run off batteries therefore can run out and need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis; the system can also suffer from interference and go off by itself on occasions but newer models are getting better at dealing with it.

Wired systems are much more reliable, they run off the mains power and can still have extra IR detectors and zones added to them (although it is a lot more complicated to do), the issue with wired systems is installing them, it is very hard and time consuming to hide all of the cables that are running around your home.

Burglar, Smoke, Fire or Carbon Monoxide Alarm

There are plenty of options and in an ideal world you would have all of the above but it isn’t always easy to do and it would cost a lot of money. Generally the advice would be to buy independent smoke alarms that run off batteries and put them in areas of high risk instead of having them integrated with your burglar alarm system. However, carbon monoxide alarms should definitely be considered, carbon monoxide is the silent killer, it is odourless and colourless. More deaths are occurring from it every year and when there is a leak generally everybody in the house dies as it is too late before anyone realises. If you cannot fit this to your system then definitely get an independent detector.

Setting Up The IR Detectors Correctly

Before you install your alarm you need to plan out exactly where you want the IR detectors to go and what area you want them to cover. Depending on where you live you may be affected in different ways. For example, burglar alarms in London tend to primarily cover the room next to the front window, the front door and the back door. If you lived in a more secluded area you may want your IR detectors to cover the upstairs as well as the doors and have extra window detectors as well, you are more exposed so it needs to be more thorough.

Once your system is set up you can pay a security company to monitor it for you should you choose. If your alarm is triggered they will ring up to see if you are ok and will ask for a password, they will follow up with a few questions to make sure you aren’t under duress when giving your answers and if needs be will dispatch a response team to your home.

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