Top Ten Gadgets for Guys

Everyone loves a good gadget and in this era of technology, gadgets are everywhere. As Christmas draws rapidly nearer, the risk of bad gadget gifts from distant family members increases. To try to avoid this annual issue, we’ve compiled this list of super cool gadgets that you will actually want for Christmas. So why not scribble these down on your Christmas list and erase rubbish gifts this year?


1. The Smart Phone Projector is a gadget everyone should have.


With this easy to use portable projector, you simply slot your Smart phone into the secure silicone grip, turn on the projector and turn out the lights. This enables you to turn any room into a cinema, easily sharing videos with friends and family this Christmas. This gadget will leave you wondering why you never had one before. Smart Phone Projector from I Want One of


2.) Eye Scope is the iPhone attachment we’ve all been waiting for.


Giving you up to 8x zoom of superb quality magnification, it has finally overcome that tricky issue of pixellation that phone camera zoom notoriously suffers from. Fitting to your device with a handy bracket, the Eye Scope comes complete with lens cap, carry case and mini tripod. Saving you the trouble of carrying around a bulky camera in addition to your iPhone, this is a great piece of portable kit for the budding photographer on the go. Eye Scope iPhone Zoom Lens from Genie Gadgets:

3.) This fantastic multi-game machine allows you to relive bygone days, through playing a range of classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Galaga and Galaxian.

  7178-Pac-Man's Arcade Party Home

This nostalgia-inducing machine is compact enough to fit in an unused space in your home, allowing you to have your very own arcade machine to play on for free whenever you like, time and time again. Why not grab a pack of beers and get your mates over to see if they can beat your high score? Or show the younger generation of your family what they missed out on with these simple, but highly addictive original arcade games from back in the day. Namco Pac-man Party –



4.) This awesome Marvel Comics 3D Iron Man Mask Wall Light is made to look like it’s bursting through your wall.


It looks fantastic during the day with a smooth metal effect finish and looks great lit up at night with its glowing eyes. Complete with impressive fake cracking wall sticker, the light is mounted directly on top, looking particularly effective as the light is it battery powered and cordless. This gadget would be an exciting addition to any setting, from a bedroom, living room or kitchen, to an office, den, garage or games room environment and will be popular with visiting friends. Marvel Comics 3D Iron Man Mask Wall Light from Truffle  Shuffle:

5.) There are many iPhone speakers available on the market this year, but for a certain generation out there, the iRecorder iPhone Speaker will be the coolest pick of the bunch.


Made in the style of a retro 1980s/1990s cassette player, it will be a blast from the past for many of us who owned portable cassette players the first time round! With real working buttons, including play/pause, fast forward, rewind and volume, the memories of hours spent making mix-tapes   will come flooding back. it is easily transportable through an old school pull out handle and will be the envy of all of your mates. iRecorder Retro iPhone Speaker from Men Kind:

6.) The Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster should be on every guy’s Christmas list this year.


This amazing machine will cook you up a perfectly done tasty American style hotdog in minutes, with the minimum of effort on your part. It works just like a toaster, with room for two regular size hot dogs and two open buns, and with adjustable settings, so you can make your ideal hot dog with a nice toasty bun to go with it in no time. This is great for catering for your guests at parties, who will be delighted by this classic looking machine and can have fun by adding a range of their own toppings. Also handy for preparing a quick and tasty snack at home for one. I can’t wait to get mine! Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster from The Hut:

 7.) This stunning C Compact Camera model from Leica is the most stylish digital camera on the market.


It has a whole range of handy features such as full-HD video, outstanding 7x zoom and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 software along with integrated Wi-Fi which allows you to easily transfer photos and videos from the camera to your laptop or smart phone wirelessly. With its compact size you can get high quality digital photos wherever you are, without carrying around a bulky camera and sharing your images has never been simpler. Where have you been all my life? Leica C Compact Camerafrom  Selfridges:


8.) These super fun little creatures will keep you entertained throughout the Christmas holiday.


Controlled with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch through an IR transmitter that connects to your headphone jack and a free downloadable i-Robot App, you can have fun experimenting with these wireless creepy crawlies throughout the Christmas holidays. These little critters have light up body parts and come with a USB charger, taking only 20 mins to reach full charge. With a 6 meter range, you can scuttle around like a bug to your heart’s content, frightening unsuspecting bug-loathing humans or seeing what your pets make of them. iRobot Bugs from Firebox:


9.) A remote control helicopter is the envy of every man, no matter what their age.


The S33 3CH 2.4G Remote Control Helicopter, is perfectly designed for outdoor flight due to its large nose-to-tail length. This model will give you a high level of control thanks to the on-board gyroscope and a whole host of stabilisation features. This married with a secure signal frequency, gives you a fantastic response all-round and a breath-taking flying experience overall. This model is manufactured to be a joy to ride, so this Christmas it’s time for you to take over the control panel and let others fill the role of the jealous on-looker. S33 3CH 2.4G Remote Control Helicopter from Hawkin’s Bazaar:


10.) Always fancied yourself as a DJ?


With this gadget you can show off your mixing skills by seamlessly cross fading across two devices including MP3 players, and iPhones to laptops. You can be your own DJ at parties and get-togethers, keeping the atmosphere going by selecting your tracks and merging them like a pro. You can also practice your skills by listening in private via the headphone jack, before releasing your skills on your mates. iPod Track Mini Mixer from Find Me a Gift:

Now you should have at least 10 great gift requests to go on your Christmas list this year. Make sure it’s passed around your extended family so you aren’t lumbered with more novelty ties, mouse mats or stress-balls this festive season.

How to Add a customized chat room to your Facebook

Chatting is one of the most used features that Facebook offers. It allows people from all around the world to chat with each other and even send them messages if they are offline. Years ago, people couldn’t even imagine that this would’ve been possible, at least not for free.


But today it is different. The technology is developing very fast and we have a lot of benefits thanks to it. Few years ago, Facebook added a chat room option that was available for Facebook groups, meaning people that were in that group could chat together. But, this feature was not available for the Facebook pages. So, if you have a business page, a fan page, or any kind of a Facebook page, you are not able to chat with your fans. And a lot of people were disappointed at the beginning.

But, there is a solution to this problem. It is called Rumbletalk. This online widget platform is made for apps, websites and Facebook pages. The main purpose of the Rumbletalk chat room is to increase your visitors and increase the amount of time they spend on your Facebook page or website.

How to add Rumbletalk chat room?

If you want to add it on your Facebook page, all you need to do is one single click. Visit the URL below and that’s all! (


Once you start using Rumbletalk, you’ll see a field of black control buttons left of the text field that include:

  • Auto-Scroll – will scroll the screen messages and you’ll always read the newest one that appears at the bottom.
  • Pause – will pause the auto-scroll button in case you have to go somewhere for a short amount of time.
  • Clear – will remove the past conversation and clear the whole message field.
  • Pop-out chat – will open your chat in another window.
  • Sound FX – will enable/disable the sound effects. This is important for those users who chat in work environment.
  • Log out – will sign you out of your Facebook chat room.

At the top, there is a RumbleTalk settings tab that allows you to modify the chat room name, language, filter the banned words, put images, videos and links, and many other things. You can also decide how people login and you can make sure only your fans are in your chat room.


You can add the same chat room to your blog or website, here is the official installation guide . That way you connect the fans from your Facebook page with your website or blog visitors. Don’t forget, chatting makes visitors stay longer on your page.

Adding a chat room is a great way to engage your Facebook fans. The Rumbletalk free service allows up to 25 people to chat in your chat room at one time. If you want to have more than 25 people in your chat, then you need a premium Rumbletalk account. By simply adding a chat room, you’ll increase the Search Engine Optimization of your website and bring more audience to it. Take 10 minutes of your time and improve your website or Facebook page.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. 

Best Ways To Give Your Business A Helping Hand

Technology has become the backbone of any business, no matter how big or small.

All businesses are starting to benefit from the increase in technological innovation, no matter what the nature of your business is.

Technology is allowing small businesses to keep up with larger businesses in terms of keeping up to date with the news within the industry and being able to adapt and keep up with latest advances and ideas.

How technology and IT services can help you

IT services can help any business increase their productivity with the use of technology.

Here is a great resource to find out how IT services can give your business a helping hand.

There are a number of ways that services can help your business with technology, from programming and setting up hardware for your business and implementing software on your computers and computing systems as well as securing cloud storage solutions.

There are a number of ways that technology can you help your business, and they are as follows.



 Increased productivity within your business

Technology allows us to do more work with less resources, which in turn leads to greater profits within your company.

Technology allows us to do tasks and procedures quicker and more efficiently.

It also allows small businesses to produce just as much as larger businesses do, as they can use the same technology to produce the same or similar products.


Increase your collaboration

Technology presents you with the opportunity to collaborate both internally and externally.

With technology, you can communicate with other businesses or individuals within your line of work to collaborate on ideas.

It also adds collaboration within the workplace, allowing employees from different departments within your company to exchange notes and ideas.


More communication

An important part a company or business is to be able to communicate ideas to your co-workers and customers.


Technology, such as email and social media, allows you to communicate with customers on new products or services or any news that may affect or benefit them.

Communication is considered as an important element of any business and technology is making it forever more easier to do so.


A heightened customer experience

Technology allows for a greater customer experience.

Technology lets you easily manage your clients through various databases and management systems.

By storing customer data in content management systems you are then able to use the information for a whole host of services.

You can better market information toward your clients to make sure they are only receiving information and promotional offers that they are interested in.


Technology breaks down barriers

There is no longer the problem of having to travel for miles to meet with clients, or stand in front of a board room of managers to pitch ideas.

You can now use technology to communicate through conferences and video calls.

5 Tips To Make Your Videos SEO Friendly

Targeting your video audience helps you to grow your list, increase conversions and expand your business. Using SEO, or search engine optimization, improves your ability to reach your ideal viewers. By posting niche specific keywords in your videos you can effectively pinpoint your target market and generate a steady flow of search engine traffic to your videos.

Photo Credit:

Post Keywords in the Video Title

Use keywords in your video title to attract the right audience. Think about what you look for in videos. After scanning a video title you immediately know whether to dig deeper and watch the video or move on to another selection. Search engine bigs like Google and Yahoo prefer for you to be as explicit as possible when creating titles for your video. Make it easy for viewers to discern the topic of your video by posting niche specific keywords in the title field of your content.

Stay on Topic

Stay on topic to send a clear, consistent and powerful message to your audience and the major search engines like Bing and Google. Persistently sending out a niche-specific message programs search engines to label your video channel as being relevant to a specific niche. Changing topics only serves to confuse the average viewer and stymie search engines crawling for your content. Think about your ideal customer or viewer before creating any video to stay on purpose.

Include Keywords in the Description Field

Post keywords in the description field to improve your video SEO and attract targeted viewers to your content. Think of the description field as a blog post. Create an insightful resource explaining the theme and subject matter of your video. Some video marketers mistakenly rush through creating their description field to hurriedly publish their content. This mistake leaves  a steady flow of targeted traffic on the table. Publish a well written, keyword rich description field to drive search engine traffic to your videos as engines like Google and Yahoo crawl the entire body of content associated with your videos.

Mention Niche Specific Keywords in the Video

Do not forget to mention your niche specific keyword at least once or twice in the video itself to improve your SEO and drive search engine traffic to your videos. For example, if you want to target prospects searching for a home business mention the keyword, “home business” at least a few times during your video. Speak the keyword slowly and clearly so viewers can appreciate your message and search engines can discern your subject matter easily. Smart video marketers pepper appropriate keywords throughout their videos to improve their SEO quickly. Mention your keywords early and often to drill home the topic of your video and grow your business effectively.

Share on Relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Why create a helpful, relevant video only to share the content on the wrong networks? Viewers need to be interested in your content for you to receive maximum return from your marketing and SEO efforts. Post your videos on relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups to improve your video visibility, build your friend network and grow your email list.

The Pros And Cons Of Refurbished Mobiles

Mobile phones just seem like they’re getting more and more expensive. Those high end, top of the range, mobiles that you see advertised rarely cost under five hundred pounds. Even a decent mid-range smart phone is going to set you back a couple of hundred. This represents a huge investment for a lot of people. And you can’t solve the real problem by signing a contract and getting a free hand set from your mobile operator. Those free hand sets aren’t free at all. You actually pay for them in your monthly fee. If you compare the monthly cost of a calling plan with hand set to the monthly cost of just a calling plan, you’ll see that you’re paying more for the phone. These extra costs are how mobile operators compensate for giving you a free phone, and over the course of a two year contract those extra costs will probably end up being even more than the retail price of the phone. There might be a solution out there for you though. Today we’re talking about refurbished phones, and how you might benefit from savings by going with something that’s not brand new. If you want to save a little cash on your new phone, then keep reading to find out how…


What are Refurbished Phones . . .

Firstly, refurbished phones are not second hand or used models. A refurbished phone is usually a phone that has been bought and then returned within a thirty day period, generally because the customer has changed his mind. But the shop can’t just resell the phone (if they did it would technically be regarded as a second hand mobile). Instead, the phone is sent back to the factory, where it’s cleaned, rebooted and undergoes a complete inspection before being certified for resale. In look and functionality there should be no difference between a refurbished phone and a brand new model. A refurbished phone is often sold without its original packaging, and may come with a generic charger or a reprinted manual. But, again, in look and functionality, it should be exactly the same as a new model. Refurbished mobiles bought from reputable dealers will have a full ninety day guarantee, so should you encounter a problem, you can send them back. In rare cases phones are returned because they have a defect, but the factory should have repaired the defect fully for the phone to be resold. Occasionally, the phones are lease models that have been returned at the end of their rental period, but this is less common in the UK than it is in the US.

The Pros of a Refurbished Phone…

The biggest advantage of buying refurbished is that you save money, often a lot of money. A refurbished model can’t be sold as new therefore there are steep discounts on prices so that retailers can sell them. Plus, of course, you get to save the environment too. A refurbished phone is a recycled product, so you’re being earth friendly by buying one instead of letting it be chucked in the rubbish. The biggest advantage of buying a refurbished model over a second hand model is firstly that the phone has been inspected, so you know that a professional has checked it out and it should be in good working order. But there’s that guarantee as well. If you find any flaws in your refurbished phone within the first three months, then you should be able to return it, which is impossible with a used mobile model.

The Cons of a Refurbished Phone…

There are, of course, downsides to going with refurbished models though. There is a higher likelihood of problems with a refurbished phone, simply because it’s already been opened and used. However, you still have your guarantee. Refurbished models are generally older model mobiles, since few people buy something top end and newly launched and then regret their purchase. It is possible to buy top end, new model phones refurbished, but they are going to be more difficult to find than lower end models. Finally, although you do get a ninety day guarantee with most retailers, that’s still less than the year warranty that you get when you buy a brand new phone.

Where Do I Get Them?

It’s pretty easy to find refurbished mobiles on the internet, though you should always make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable site. Checking out customer reviews and opinions is a good way to see what kind of experience other people have had with a site, and whether or not the site provides a satisfactory service. Mobile phone service operators will sell any refurbished models that they have, though they don’t get many. You can check on their web site or enquire in a retail store. Plenty of phone retailers have refurbished mobiles. Apple also sells refurbished iPhones, just check their web site for deals. If you have a good look around you should be able to find plenty of refurbished models to choose from.

Refurbished Alternatives…

If you don’t find the phone model that you want when you’re looking for a refurbished model, your only real alternative is to look for second hand models. Should you decide to go this route, it’s incredibly important that you thoroughly check the hand set for any defects. Start by checking the outside for scratches and dents, and the screen also for scratches and for blown pixels. Turn the phone on and have a good look at its functionality, call, send a message, connect to the internet. Taking a picture and looking at the photo for blurs or defects can be a good way to see if the phone has been dropped, since the delicate camera lens is usually the first thing to crack on a dropped mobile. And never buy a second hand phone sight unseen. It’s always best to have a look at what you’re buying, even if that means paying a little more because you can’t go through eBay.

Top 5 Most Economical Inkjet Printers

Are you frustrated about your inkjet printer that consumes a lot of ink? Despite being slow compared to laser printers, inkjets have become a household product. Inkjet printers are known for there, quality, cheap price and fantastic ink sucking capabilities. The cheapest ink jet printer could be well under 70 dollars. Does this mean they are cheap? No! Even though the actual cost of the printer seems to be dirt cheap, the amount of money one would be spending on ink printer ink will be more. To put things in to perspective – an ounce of silver costs around 35 dollars and an ounce of quality printer ink costs around 80 dollars. So it is wise to do the research and find the most economical printer and not just throw your money on any machine.

Here we will review the top 5 most economical inkjet printers sold in the market.


HP DeskJet 1000

HP DeskJet 1000

If you are looking for a cheap home printer, which also doesn’t drain a lot of ink, the HP DeakJet 1000 could be the right printer for you. It has a decent print speed along with 16ppm and 12ppm color capability. However, there won’t be any extras in the box. In fact, you should even buy your own USB cable to hook it up to your computer.


Canon Pixma MP640

Canon Pixma MP640

Get the best of everything with the Canon Pixma MP640. This printer is one of the most economical printers sold in the market. The printer doesn’t use a lot of ink and has a good print speed and you don’t have to compromise on print quality.


HP Officejet Pro 276dw MFP

HP Officejet Pro 276dw MFP

It’s an inkjet printer that can be as fast as an laser printer. Duplex printing, duplex automatic document feeder and Wi-Fi support are some of the most notable features of the printer. The printer could be economical with a lot of features, but, on the down side, the photo quality is not that great. Buy this machine, if you seldom print in color and don’t wish to spend a lot on printer ink.

Brother MFC-J6910DW

Brother MFC-J6910DW

It is a true work horse. This is also one of the cheapest printers which can print in A3. The built quality is sturdy and enables you to load both A4 and A3 paper simultaneously. Operating the printer is bliss with the 8.3cm touchscreen. The print quality is not that great, but can work well in office environment with a lot of printing demands.


Lexmark Platinum Pro 905

Lexmark Platinum Pro 905

At 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide, the Pro 905 is slightly larger than most inkjet printers in the market. However, the printer is jam-packed will the features, that one would expect in a good all-in-one laser printer for office use. The print speeds are good and there are 2 paper trays present to accommodate a lot of sheets.

If you are struck with an ink guzzler and wish to reduce the ink usage considerably you can switch your printer to “Dart” mode. In “normal” mode the printer sprays multiple coats of ink on the character, in dart mode the printer moves to the successive line after a single pass. This can help you save some ink. However, it is always good to switch to a more economical printer if you are concerned about printing cost.

With this list of “low ink consumers” you can boost your printing budget. Also, try to use only original printer ink from Ink Station (AU), Viking (UK)  or other well known distributors. It will save you money on repairs.

Find detailed reviews on

Macbook Pro charger Troubleshooting Guide

Any electrical or electronic product is prone to damage or issues. Apple makes some of the well designed computers and computer accessories, yet there are times when some items might give you a hard time. This guide will help you troubleshoot some of the common issues faced by MagSafe charger users.


Brown discoloring on the adapter

Sometimes you might notice discoloring on your adapter. It can be easily noticed on any Apple adapter because they are white in color. What does this mean? This is a symptom of internal electrical damage. Some of the internal components in your adapter could have burned. If this is the case with your Macbook pro charger, you should probably send it back to Apple to be fixed or might as well buy a new one if it has seen the ages.

Not charging

There are number of possible explanations for a MagSafe charger not to work. One of the most common issues is the noise. These chargers are more sophisticated than you think and come with safety features. If there is a supply of more voltage or if the adapter detects line noise, the protection feature will turn off the adapter. A well known solution to this issue is to unplug the charger from the wall socket and your laptop and let it rest for more than 60 seconds. Reconnect the charger again and see if this solves the issue. To prevent a potential line noise issue, make sure to keep your laptop away from refrigerators and other electrical equipment with circuits. This can also be prevented if you connect the charger to an UPS instead of a wall outlet.

Also, it is good to keep things like credit card and other magnetic devices away from the laptop since the connector in the adapter is magnetic in nature. This has the potential to erase data on your credit card or other magnetic devices.


The MagSafe charger comes with an ingenious technology that unplugs the charge from the laptop when it is under stress. Still there are chances that the adapter may suffer from strain relief damage and fraying. If you notice missing insulation or rubber, it is not advised to use the charger. You should probably make use of the “Apple’s Power Adapter Replacement Scheme,” if you happen to live in the U.S. If you happen to live in Australia, you can get yourself a new one from a reliable seller on the Internet like Macfixit Australia.

MagSafe Connector Pins

Sometimes the charger might work intermittently. Check if the pins inside the connector are stuck. In case of stuck pin, unplug and re-plug the charger in to the port. In most cases the pins will reset themselves. If this doesn’t work use your finger against the pin and gently push it sideways – the pin should reset. If it still doesn’t work, take it to the service center to be fixed.


It is good to periodically check the power port on your laptop and the adapter connector for dirt and debris. If there is dirt accumulated in the power port of the connector, use cotton or a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

Sometimes it might be something wrong with the battery. Remove the battery on your Macbook Pro and see if the computer works without the battery with the direct power supply from the Macbook Pro charger. If it does, chances are that your battery needs to be replaced.

It really doesn’t matter if your charger is in warranty or not. You can take it to any authorized service provider or any Apple retail store near you to be fixed.

Qualities to Look For in an Efficient PPC Professional

The present world is that of specialization and specialists are whom businesses run after. Hence, getting a professional PPC consultant for managing you Pay per Click campaign is necessary. Getting a person who knows his job ensures you a better return on investment.

However, PPC is a field where you can easily be deceived of professional expertise. This is because PPC performance can easily be forged by altering the excel charts that show you a better performance than it actually is. So, getting a professional PPC marketer, who knows his job and doesn’t fake it, is a must.


But, the question is how do you know if a person is actually capable with PPC or just faking it? The answer is as follows:


You need to see how passionate the person is about paid search. In order to know this, ask him questions like:

  • What is the time of the year when a marketer feels most frustrated regarding PPC?

  • How can he go about to bring in desirable results?

  • What are the best results that he had achieved in the past?

  • How does he plan to go about a new project?

If you see him trying to answer passionately and desirably, he is the person to hire.


A PPC marketer needs to work really hard, which involves keeping an eye on bidding, longer indulgence in Excel sheets, managing URL, checking traffic etc. Try to note the number of times he asks for a senior’s help, does he seem to be bored with the job, whether his input is worth it in a PPC campaign and so on.


Being familiar with the latest Pay per Click trends is not enough; a PPC marketer needs to be creative as well. In order to find out if he is creative or not, you need to see if he blindly follows the suggestions of Google AdWords or comes up with his own ideas, does he write an ad copy, can he prevent or stop the stagnancy of a PPC account etc.

Data Analysis

A good PPC marketer needs to be a good data analyst as well. To check if he is adept at that, you may take his excel test and see how he analyses data.

Knowledge regarding pre and post clicks

A sound knowledge regarding pre and post clicks is a must for a PPC manager. See if he knows the difference between regular PPC campaign and a mobile run one, the type of interaction that is needed with the call centre department and what is it that increases the efficiency of pre and post clicks.

Good at Mathematics

You certainly do not need to look for a PhD degree holder in Applied Mathematics, but make sure that the person is comfortable with numerical trends, so that he can understand the scenario of a paid search account. It is not rare to see creative individuals with weak mathematical skills fail badly because of not understanding how numbers affected the account.

Tolerant of change

We all know that change is possibly the most consistent aspect in search marketing. The theory of what works and what not changes within an instant. So, if you get a PPC marketer who says that “That’s how we have always done it” you better bid good bye to him.

Willing to learn

Given the dynamic nature of the search world, we always have something to learn or the other. Hence, an efficient marketer will always be willing to learn more about the newest trends in the world of search marketing. He should want to learn more about the industry and see what others are doing to make the best of it. Keeping one self updated in the world of Pay per Click is not just a good habit but a job requirement as well.

Good stress management

Search management is a job that is bound to bring in some stress. After all, huge amounts of money are at stake and it is their ideas that can either bring it back or lose it forever. But, a little stress is good; it keeps them on their toes. So, if you find your PPC consultant gulping down bottles of anti-anxiety pills or biting away all his fingernails, it is better you look for someone else.

I understand that it takes time to judge a person on the points I have discussed. Fine, go ahead; give yourself the time to find out if the person is fit for the job or not.


How Do The Digital Cameras Work?

he Working Mechanism Of Digital cameras

Digital cameras are one of the greatest new advancements in photography and technology.

Wondering how they work?

Well, even if it may seem complicated to understand, it really isn’t that challenging, especially if broken down to its basic elements. Let us examine the basic principles of science which go into creating a digital camera device.

Professional photo printing

Image Sensors

The sensor inside a digital camera is able to conveniently convert the light captured into smaller charged particles. An image sensor is typically available in two distinct types. These can come either as the complementary metallic oxide semi-conductor, also referred to as CMOS or as charge couple devices (CCD).


image source:

The CCD technology is commonly found in cameras, yet the action is the same for all devices. Thus, light is simply converted into electrons. These features allow the sensor within the unit to interpret the cell contained within the digitally captured image.

Pixel Technology

The basic element of digital photography is similar to regular photography. It makes use of a lens to bring the light into focus in order to make an image. However, the key difference between a standard camera versus a digital camera is, that unlike in a standard camera, the light isn’t aimed at the film. Instead, it goes into an electronic device that captures it automatically.



In other words, it is fairly similar to a film. This process can be compared to a television picture that is composed of several tiny dots, referred to as pixels. These are stored electronically as tiny bits of information in the digital camera. As a result, they can be easily transferred onto a computer or even a monitor for examination.

Camera Resolution – Affecting How A Picture Is Made

The resolution of your digital camera depends on its ability to focus on the amount of details. The key difference lies in the number of pixels contained within the image. If the the pixel numbers are higher, the image will appear crisper and sharper.


image source:

Thus, the two are co-related. This is very similar to a television picture quality technology. A low resolution displays images that seems blurry, especially when made larger. Any photograph taken with a camera resolution of lesser than 480 × 640, is typically considered to be of poor picture quality these days.

How Colors Are Added To Digital Camera Pictures?

Colors are actually a result of the primary filtering mechanism within a camera. This mechanism can separate light into 3 basic colors. This process is carried out in two different methods.



A beam splitter is used in order to point light towards the sensors. Every sensor is fairly distinct in its response. Thus, only one primary color can be seen by every one of them. Another incredible way is to obtain each of the primary colors as a distinct filter, prior to just one sensor.

This is precisely how a digital camera captures light and colors to form photographic images. It is then able to store these images and transfer them into a computer for the purpose of processing. The digital camera technology has truly revolutionized the world of photography.

How Do The Digital Cameras Work?

A digital camera will take light and focus it through a lens medium onto a sensor comprised of silicon. This is made of a bunch of tiny pixels that are extremely sensitive to light. Every pixel is an important element that directly affects the picture quality. Remember, there are several millions of these pixels within the sensors of the digital cameras.

The time sampling factor combined with long exposure is, what truly creates the wonders of digital photography. A digital sensor possesses incredible powers due to its ability to collect or integrate the photons over a much longer period of time as compared to the human eye. This is exactly why it can record smallest details during long exposure that go unnoticed to the eye.

Here’s a list of 4 key differences incorporated in the working of digital cameras:

1. CMOS or CCD technology

Every pixel on a CMOS or CCD chip, is made up of light-sensitive area that are made from crystal silicons. These absorb photons that later release electrons through a photo-electric effect. These electrons are stored as an electric charge which is accumulated over an exposed length. The charge which is generated, is directly proportional to the amount of photons that tend to hit the sensor.



This electrical charge is then directly transferred and converted into an analog voltage which is amplified and later sent to a digital or an analog Converter, where it gets digital and gets converted into a number.

A CCD and CMOS sensor performs similarly in an absorbing photon, generating electrons as well as storing them. However, they differ in the manner in which the charge gets transferred and where they are converted into a voltage. Finally, both end up as a digital output.

2. Role of Sensor In CMOS or CCD technology

The sensor has an active role in digital camera technology. The commonly used CCD that stands for charge coupled device produces better quality images. On the other hand, the CMOS that stands for complementary metal oxide semi conductor sensors, uses lesser power.

3. Use of a semiconductor device for focusing light on the image

A modern digital camera includes built-in computer which records an image electronically, will then store it into the external or internal memory. The image capturing process is similar to a traditional camera. This involves using lenses to create an image, with light focus on the subject.

However, digital photography essentially differs in the way light is focused. Here, instead of using a film, the semiconductor device is used. A built-in computer will then break down the information obtained into a readable digital data. This is done once the sensor manages to convert light into an electrical charge.

4. Automatic Uploading And Automatic Image Correction

The modern digital cameras come fitted with several features ranging from an automatic uploading device to online sites as well as automatic image correction. The digital alternative has come close to standard film print quality.


These days, most users are unable to notice much difference between printed digital images versus the standard developed film photo. Yet, it would be fair to mention that the time-saving benefits offered by the digital camera, are enormous!

What Are Portable-Fridge Benefits?

It doesn’t matter that if you need an extra space to store your food items in your house, or you simply need your drinks to be cold all the time wherever you go, then a portable fridge is the best alternative you should choose to enjoy the a nice cold drink and also to transport perishable items wherever you are. It is comfortable and light weight that you can take it out easily for some outings with friends or family and also at your office with your lunch. It is easy to carry and store products which require cold storage.

Apart from the obvious benefits of fridge you also get many other benefits too with portable fridge. Since there are many varieties of portable fridge available in the market you will not find it difficult to find the one which best suits to you.
More storage space, is the most important aspect of getting a mini fridge, this means you will get some extra storage space where you can store meat, drinks and any other product you need to chill. If you have storage problem in your main fridge you can easily have a mini fridge and apart from keeping things cool you can also use it to defrost things well.

No issues in transporting the products as we usually face because some perishable products if not used on time or kept in specific temperature will get stale. It is very easy to get a mini fridge and especially it is for you to have good summer. If you like the sunbathing and travelling long distance either on holiday or to work. There are extra features also attached to the mini fridge, so if you think that you can only keep food cool in your mini fridge then you are wrong. It comes with a facility of heater in it which keeps warmth in your food. If you are hitting a road and you want to have a hot meal without having a break in journey then only thing which can make it possible is mini fridge. Apart from the facility of keeping the food cool or warm it is available in different size which you can choose depending on your available space in your car or boat.

So the small size of mini fridge also makes it dearer to people who have space constraint. It is essential to use cable size which provides adequate voltage. These things are guided to you at the time of purchasing a fridge by the salesman. You need to calculate the voltage drop using the maximum current that the fridge draws not the average for compressor fridge.

You also need to calculate how much battery capacity you will need, you need to know the current consumption of the fridge under the condition you are going to use it. For a long battery life you should use it to 50% of its capacity only and to recharge them within a few days. So looking to many benefits you should always make use of portable fridge.