Carpet Maintenance Tips to keep your floors Pristine

While they’re designed to be walked all over, and may lay in the place we seldom look (that’s down), carpets and rugs do an incredible job; they warm our feet wherever we walk, provide a comfortable barrier between bare toes and cold, hard, concrete or wooden floorboards, and brighten our homes, allowing splashes of color to emerge wherever you are in your house. For this reason it’s essential to show your carpets a little love every now and again; after all, after being walked over all day, wouldn’t you want to be showered with a little TLC? Cleaning carpets can be a daunting task, and homeowners are often a lot more wary about the job than they need to be. With a little hard work, the right tools for the job, and a little professional knowhow, there is no reason why cleaning your carpets shouldn’t be, well, enjoyable and satisfying.

dog welcome home
dog welcome home

Taking care of the carpets in your home


As the old saying goes, “often, prevention is better than a cure”, and this is certainly true in the case of your carpets. Rather than worrying about how you’re going to clean them, why not start by worrying about how to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place? For instance, banish shoes to the hall, and insist that only slippers, or house shoes, are worn in carpeted areas; now all you need to do is insist that everyone changes their socks regularly! Walk-off mats are also a fantastic idea, particularly in halls and areas that lead outdoors. These mats ensure that the majority of dirt and grime is left behind BEFORE you set foot on your nice, clean carpets. Do you want to know one of the best ways to prevent a build-up of dirt and grime on your carpets and rugs? Vacuum regularly! It sounds so simple, but by making sure you give your carpets a quick hoover every day you will save yourself a world of trouble when it comes to deep cleaning your shag pile. Similarly, treat stains immediately, rather than waiting for them to settle, and be sure to conduct a deep clean at least once a month; it really is worth it to keep your floors pristine.


Keeping it clean

When it comes to keeping your carpets and rugs clean, it is essential to keep a stash of household cleaners nearby. Items such as club soda, shaving cream, coffee, vinegar, and even salt can be found lurking in your home, while acting as fantastic carpet cleaners on the sly. Remember, dab – don’t ever rub; stains are far more effectively removed by a dabbing motioning than by rubbing, which risks spreading it and making it far more difficult to remove in the long term. It is also important to remember what works for you and your carpet; have you tried a method before that has worked really well? Don’t give it up in favor of something that someone else has shared – the chances are your carpet’s needs are far removed from theirs. Are you dealing with a smelly rug? Remember to deodorize your carpets regularly, as this can keep them fresh and give the impression of cleanliness until you’re able to do the job properly.

However you choose to clean your carpets, ensure you do it properly. For example, remove furniture regularly, leave carpets to dry thoroughly before replacing everything, and, whenever you’re in doubt, call in the experts! Sometimes, not even the best will in the world can rid your carpets of certain stains, and cleaning every carpet in your home can feel like a mammoth task; there is no shame in calling in the experts, and their professional services can actually be more cost-effective than buying numerous cleaners and getting the job wrong, and save you a heap of time. Domestic and industrial cleaning services, such as action chemdry in Toronto, will have the experience, knowhow, and right chemicals for the job, and can make the task of cleaning carpets seem an absolute dream.

Keeping your floors pristine can often seem like a massive job; after all, you’ll find flooring in every room of your home; however, with a little technical knowhow, the right tools for the job, and some expert assistance, there is no reason why your floors shouldn’t be pristine every day.

Choosing Furniture for a Child’s Bedroom

Every parent wants their children to be comfortable somewhere in the home, in a room that they can call their own. It is in this place where their child can be on their own – where he or she can sleep, rest, read and even entertain friends. They might not have the money to choose and pay for furniture and decorations, but most parents, thinking logically, would agree that if the child has an input into the design and furnishing of this space, then they will feel more comfortable in it.


There are some practical considerations, which include ensuring that the furniture is both comfortable and safe. This includes effective storage areas, a safe and comfortable bed, fashionable chairs and all in modern airy colours.


Choose furniture to suit the child’s activities and interests


Most bedrooms need a bed, a dresser and a bedside table. The rest of the furniture will be dependent on the child’s activities on a daily basis. To encourage reading, a set of bookshelves would be useful. A desk or a table would ensure that your child has a place suitable to complete homework and for placing a computer.


Remember, no matter what type of bed you want for your kids bedroom – Single; Bunk Beds; kids Cabin Beds; High Sleepers, ensure it suit their requirements and storage space of the room. Before you buy furniture, make a plan and take measurements of the room to ensure that the furniture will fit into certain places in the room. It must fit neatly into the allocated place; otherwise, your child may feel uncomfortable if he or she has to squeeze past a piece of awkwardly placed furniture. Before purchasing furniture, it’s worth mapping out the room so everything that is to be bought fits in nicely and artistically too.


Furniture should fit in place and be safe


Furniture that has multiple purposes, particularly pieces that are built-in to the shape of the room makes far better use of available space. For example, consider a bed with built-in shelves or drawers that are fitted beneath the bed itself. This allows the child to stow things like clothes and toys in a neat place that doesn’t interfere with the open spaces in the room.

When a table, a set of chairs and some drawers are sought then texture and colour play a significant role. Unpainted wood looks nice when unpainted, but it soon loses its special shiny appeal after dirt and scuff marks begin to appear.


Painted surfaces on furniture are far more durable. Just a simple wipe with a damp clothe can renew the surface in seconds as long as a hardwearing, durable paint is used in the first place. Any parent should ensure that painted surfaces are free from toxic substances. Many older paint compounds have lead mixed into them, but with care any parent should have no problem selecting lead free products.


If the space is available in your child’s room, a play table could be purchased and fitted in to an appropriate place. This offers the opportunity for your child to develop skills and activities important for child development, like writing, reading, drawing, the solving of puzzles, craft making and computer skills.



The Fragrant Electric Candle

Getting home from another hard day at work, maybe the kids have been taken off your hands for a few hours, possibly a romantic night ahead to plan. Time to relax in the bath, unwind on your favourite sofa with your favourite novel or lose yourself in your favourite television program. Maybe time to prepare a meal to impress. All familiar scenarios of everyday life, all so often enhanced by many of us with candlelight, with the pleasant aroma of a fragrant scented candle that has the uncanny power to accompany and improve any setting and any mood. Candles create calming atmospheres for people, the scent enriching the comfort and safety of the home.

Scented Candles Arrangement in Living Hall
Scented Candles Arrangement in Living Hall

Yet not everyone likes the idea of a naked flame around their house, whether unattended or not, but they should not miss out, and with an electric candle they do not have to. These clean, easy to use candles provide all the ambience and scents of the traditional candle. Mix and match scents and get a style to suit the different seasons, all at the switch of a plug. How handy an idea is that?

If you are thinking of an electric candle to help you through the winter months, then try a Yankee Candle Brown Leaf electric melts warmer. This earthy candle will help bring a homely feel to those longer winter evenings, creating a relaxing environment in which to settle down and enjoy. Alternatively the Astbury electric wax burner is available in a range of styles to fit every season. It is down to whatever takes your mood.


Electric Melt warmer

Electric wax melts warmers allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a wax melt without needing the naked flame. The easily replaced wax melt is heated electrically from beneath to create all the soft light and fragrances of a scented candle. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits, without the worry of a flame in your house. Whatever time of the year, whatever stress levels have been building, whatever the following day has planned for you, at least for a moment in time you can shut out the outside world and indulge.

See more ideas at  Yankee Candle UK

 Disclosure: I was given a selection of Yankee candle products for this review. All opinions are my own. 

Creative ideas for fun kids’ bedrooms

When your kids are all set for their own bedroom space, they’ll be especially keen on having their particular likes catered for. Decorating his or her special sleeping space will also be a pleasure for you, and you should bear in mind that there are a few simple steps that can help make the task easier and get you the best results.


Simply asking what they want, to begin with, is always a great idea, and then it’s simply a matter of creating a concept based on what they tell you. Think in terms of what’s already in the home and what extra items you’ll need to get. Create a budget, and remember that as your child grows, the design will need to be altered. However, here are a few useful tips to get the project moving.


Use toys for décor


Kids’ toys come in all sorts of different sizes, colors and shapes, and they can be used most effectively for decoration. Use hooks to hang up the bigger toys, for example. Smaller ones can be stored on open shelves to create fun displays.


Paints and prints


Small prints combined with brightly painted walls can be very effective in creating a cozy and fun theme. Murals can be used rather than prints on accent furniture such as cabinets, and you can incorporate favorite themes such as animals, cars, or airplanes.


Educational items


Although the overall design of the room is important, it is not the only element to consider. Be sure to incorporate a few items such as charts, books, and educational toys for your child to play with and explore, so he or she can have fun at the same time as learning a few things.


Window treatments and light


Colorful curtains are always a good idea, but window shutters painted in bright primary colors are often preferred. Make sure that whatever color you choose matches the overall motif of the room. Brightly colored treatments for the windows usually give the room a cleaner and sharper look. A carefully positioned valance, too, will reduce overhead light levels during the day.


Fun fabrics


When selecting the bedding, choose a color that matches the room’s theme as well as thinking only about comfort. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the various pillows, comforters, and sheets, and extra pillows can be thrown in to add accent. If you match the colors of the bed to the shutters or curtains, this helps to create a more unified look to the room.


Innovative storage


Storage is an especially important feature of any child’s bedroom, and a good idea is to allocate different storage solutions for items such as books, toys and clothes. Teach them to replace each item in its correct place and how to become more organized!


Whatever type of decoration system you settle on, the work and time you invest will reflect your love and care and have a direct relationship to the ongoing results you achieve.

Three Principles for Baby Room Decorating

Nowadays, babies are our treasure.  We spend most of the spirit on them and hope to offer them the best as possible as we can. However, in today’s high tech society, everywhere is full of chemical substances and pollution. How to provide them safe as well as comfortable environment for them? Especially in urban places, even some adults cannot stand the polluted environment and living conditions. Therefore, we should try our best create good atmosphere for our babies. Yang Lisa from Melody Home shows you three principles.



Safety ranks first

Safety is the key consideration for the baby room decorating. As babies are lively and active as well as curious about everything, it is easy to cause accident for them. Therefore, the design for the baby room should give every place some extra care such as put guard bar for the window, no corner angle for the furniture and arc edges. For the material, no matter for the wall, the roof or the flooring, you should adopt avirulent and tasteless natural material to reduce the pollution from the home decorating. For the flooring, you had better use wood flooring. Besides, you should take the slip resistance ability into consideration.


Nature material

As the kids is often in a state of restless, the equipment for the kids’ room should suit their natural character. The soft and natural ones are the best choices. You may create cozy sleeping environment by using durable, easy to restore and price acceptable materials such as carpet, solid wood, wall cloth and plastic. For the style of the furniture, you had better pick the small and exquisite, concise, plain and novel ones. Small and exquisite suite the physical characters of the kids, which accord with lovely and active natural instincts. Concise conform to the kids’ innocence. The plain can cultivate their sincere character.


Adequate light

Suitable and adequate illuminating is able to make the room warmer as well as safer, which is helpful for kids to eliminate the fear feeling when they are alone. The illumination level for the baby’s room has to be higher than the adults’. Normally, there are two kinds of layout: from the whole or the partial. When they are playing around, you may adopt integrate illuminating. When they are reading picture books, you might as well intensify the illumination by the partial adjustable lamp to get the most suitable light. Besides, you may install the night-light with low wattage or install the adjuster on the other lamps for the sake of children convenience in the night.

Skills for Correctly Using Carpet in Home Decorating

Carpet is a good item in home decorating. You can improve your decorating level by using it.  Therefore, you can put one in your dream bedrooms, which can offer you a different feeling.  But, there are lots of aspects you should pay attention to when using carpet in home decorating.

Skills for Correctly Using Carpet in Home Decorating

For the living room

The carpet for the living room is not necessary very huge. A small piece can add layering feeling to your home by the deep and light transition of sofa, carpet as well as flooring according to different season change different material carpet such as plush, linen.


According to the size of the living room as well as the light degree, the carpets have many aspects you should think of. For the large size and bright light living room, it has a wide range for carpet. But the deep color ones can add a warm feeling to the living room. For the small size living room, you had better pick the light color carpet, which seems brighter on vision and the space will seems larger.


In sunny winter days, the large and thick plush carpet can bring you warmth. The mat carpet in the living room in summer may bring the cool feeling for you.


For the dining room

More and more apartments adopt the design that the dining room connect with the living room, which increase the space transparent feeling. But it lost the separation feeling for different function space. The carpet for dining room should suit the home decorating style and differ from the living room ones.


For the bedroom

The bedroom carpet should focus on practical ability and comfort. As to the color, it depends on you. An important decorating rule for privacy space is to follow your heart. As to the size of the carpet, it does not need large scale paving. You just need to put a small piece along the bed side so that you will not directly touch the cold ground when getting up from the warm bed, which is the biggest usage for the bedroom.

In summer, the carpet can be replaced by the straw braid summer mat. The mild character of the summer mat would not cold your feet and have cool feeling. The weave grain under the reaction of the light can bring you unique feeling.


To sum up

Carpet is not only the decorating ornament, but also can keep your feet warm and protect your family members from falling down.

Simple Tips for Brightening up the Bathroom

The last thing you need during the morning routine is a dark and dingy bathroom. A cramped and unattractive bathroom can put you in a terrible mood whilst showering, brushing your teeth and getting ready for the day – making you long for your bed even before you’ve left the house. Here are a few tips for brightening up our bathroom and brightening up your morning.

Let the Light In

Natural light can greatly benefit the mental health and wellbeing of people. A lack of natural light is even reported to contribute towards the onset of depression. Letting the natural light in can help brighten your mood. Increase the size, position or transparency of your external window to achieve this. Where possible ensure the position and size of window allows for the sun to enter the room in the morning by making it east-facing.


If the structural integrity of the wall allows for it, increase the size of the window, letting even more light in. Replaced opaque windows, designed for privacy, with more transparent fixtures, designed for mental welfare. Just make sure you install bathroom blinds to retain modesty.

Maximise the Available Light

Whether or not you can increase the amount of the natural light the bathroom receives, maximise it with the use of mirrors and their reflective quality. Installing mirrors can ensure every corner of the bathroom receives sufficient light.

As well as making the room look more attractive, it can also make it easier for you to apply make up in natural light (no more clown face).


Declutter the Space

Over the years you may have accrued a lot of bathroom fittings and flourishes, but it may be time to rid your home of these. Free up the space so you have room to spread about in the bathroom, and the cramped feeling is removed. Only keep features you really need: some pieces such as fragrances can be moved into the bedroom and others can be simply thrown away.

Be ruthless in this, it may be hard to give away an ornament to begin with but you could enjoy the additional space in the long term.

Minimise your Fittings

If you want to go a step further than just chucking out old magazine racks, you can downsize and minimise your fittings. Cumbersome baths, showers, sinks and toilets can all be given the downsizing treatment to free up room in the bathroom.

John Louis Bathrooms stock a selection of minimalistic bathroom fittings, combining fashion and function. Giving the bathroom a contemporary minimalistic feel can free up space and improve the atmosphere of the room and your morning routine.

Instil Colour


There can be a tendency amongst home owners when decorating a bathroom to plump for the traditional colour palette of white and light blue. However, the bathroom can be given a brightening effect with a colourful and vibrant paint and décor scheme.

Implementing a bright and lively feature colour through the tiling, walls, fixtures and towels is an incredibly simple way to lighten up the bathroom and your mood.

5 Most Unique Shower Trends for 2014

The shower is one of the key features in any bathroom and just like most other areas of home improvement, shower trends are changing constantly. In 2014, there is a clear preference for large and open enclosures that merge into the rest of the décor seamlessly and allow for a much more luxurious experience.


Below are some of the most unique shower trends for this year. You can find out more about shower enclosures by visiting the official Mira Showers website.

1. Frameless showers


Frameless showers have been a big trend for at least the last 5 years. They fit into almost any type of bathroom and provide an extremely elegant and minimalist look. Being held together with chrome brackets, these enclosures cut back any unnecessary fixtures, leaving just the decorative glass panels on display.


Frameless enclosures don’t just look good either; they’re also very practical and much easier to clean and maintain thanks to the majority of the enclosure being made of glass. Since there are no channels for mildew to grow in it also means that they’re more hygienic. They’re extremely functional and you can choose to have either sliding doors or hinge doors with a frameless design.


2. Curbless showers


Curbless showers are another hot trend for 2014 and it’s not hard to see why. They provide a continuous look, with flooring that runs directly into the shower without any curb to break up the design. There are a wide range of curbless enclosures available that are suitable for most bathroom configurations. They are particularly good for small bathrooms where there is limited space to work with.


Read more on curbless showers here


3. Large showers


Large, airy showers are something that more and more people are veering towards. People want a luxury experience in their bathroom, similar to what you’d get at a spa. Luxury often translates to a lot of space, especially where showers are concerned. Even those with smaller bathrooms are creating space by buying smaller bathtubs to accommodate for a larger shower. Most bathroom suppliers will stock a good range of large enclosures.


4. Multi-head showers


Sticking with the theme of luxury, multi-head showers not only provide a unique showering experience but they also add to the overall look of your bathroom. Almost every type of enclosure can accommodate a multi-head set up, making them extremely versatile. It’s worth noting that every home’s water supply system will be adequate to power a multi-head shower.


You can see a great example of a multi-head shower here


5. Custom built walk in showers


Whilst custom built walk in showers are not an option for most budgets, they are the ultimate sign of luxury and provide a shower experience that simply cannot be beaten. Where money is not an issue, people are opting for custom builds wherever possible and the bathroom is no exception to this. You can find some stunning examples of custom built showers online that take advantage of all the latest technology and design trends.

Picking the Right Furniture for your Loft

The room choices available when converting your loft are many and varied: a spare bedroom, an extra bathroom, somewhere to study away from the noise of the rest of the house etc. Deciding what you want to do with the space is the easy bit. The challenge is how best to furnish the available space. Different rooms will necessitate different loft design, and some may be impeded by lofts that have arched or pitched ceilings, or areas where the roof is fairly low.

To ensure that you get the most potential out of your loft conversion design, here are a few ideas for ensuring that you opt for the right furniture…



Let’s start with the obvious: if you’re creating a new bedroom, you’re going to need a bed. There are two ways you can go here.

Firstly, you could opt for a standard raised bed, allowing you plenty of storage space underneath. To save space in a loft conversion is invaluable, and putting items such as towels, bed linen and clothes under the bed reduces the need for drawers, shelving units or other storage units.

Secondly, there’s the option of a sofa bed or day bed. This gives you the flexibility of having a sofa during the day, freeing up floor space, and a full sized bed at night – particularly if the conversion is going to be used rarely as a guest bedroom.

You need to plan your loft conversion properly for wardrobes and cupboards. Sliding doors are more efficient than those that swing open into your limited space, and mirrors are a great way to give the impression of a larger room. In fact, there are a number of tricks you can do to increase the amount of perceived space in the loft. For example, lamps and floor-level lighting open out the room, and can be placed underneath bedside tables so as not to take up floor space.



A second bathroom is a great way to add both value and luxury to your home, but squeezing one into a loft conversion can sometimes be tricky. Fixtures and fittings that work with the contours of the room are best here, such as corner showers, sinks or baths for those with luxury in mind.

Soft furnishings are unlikely to be able to handle the humidity of a bathroom environment, so hard wood chairs and cupboards are the way forward (as are hard wood floors over carpets). And we encourage you to plant a tree for every chunk of wood that you use.

Multi-purpose items also help: a linen and towel storage chest can double as a stylish seat with a few cushions.



A home office requires plenty of natural light, and the furniture should reflect this – or, at the very least, not inhibit it. Ensure that there is sufficient headroom above any desks you put in; otherwise you will be constantly banging your head every time you stand up. In terms of storage, look for drawers that can fit underneath your desk, and shelves fitted to non-sloping walls provide a great place to put stationary and even printers and other equipment.

Don’t underestimate the mentality-improving capabilities of a potted plant, and remember to provide adequate lighting for work after dark.


Bring Spring to Your Table

Spring will soon be in the air! If this stirs you to clean and declutter, don’t overlook kitchenware and dining accessories. Bright colours get us through winter, but lighter shades and organic materials such as glass and wood, are more in keeping with this season of renewal.

Scarlet Willow‘s glass platter Salad Days sets a pattern of cream radish leaves on a soft green background, while Connie is pale mossy green, like newly sprouting undergrowth in a wood. The leaf pattern on Phoebe looks stunning against a pale sky blue. The Salad Days design is lovely on a glass bottle for oil or vinegar, too – or both, if you prefer a dressing. On other glassware, filigree vases and jugs sprout clusters of wild flowers.


Natural materials do seem appropriate at this time of year as things start to grow. Our own mighty British oaks are the source for egg cups and stands, pizza boards and wine racks, while an ingenious swivel lid on the olive wood salt keeper is invaluable to the cook of the family.


Trays are essential for moving food and drink. And then transform them into occasional tables by adding stands – go for stunning Susan Crawford horse paintings that cover ebonised oak glass bottomed trays. Or choose the Walnut Tray in dark walnut wood, with lime green or pale blue trim, ideal for displaying bottles, etc. on your table or in the kitchen, or as an accessory on a side table. Never mislay your keys again! Chopping boards with white trims complement this range. Don’t forget to wear a personalised apron as you serve!


Spring is filled with birdsong! Scarlet Willow’s collaboration with Anna Wright has produced placemats, servers and coasters whose exotic prints will look as good on your dinner table as on the dresser. Her matching mugs feature goldfinches, and three that we’re unlikely to encounter on a springtime walk in the UK – bee eater, blue cockatoo, and sunbird – but they will brighten your day, nevertheless. A jug sporting a rather dapper quail completes the set.


Set your table with prints of mouth watering pears, quinces, raspberries and strawberries, bursting from Kitchen Garden napkins and tea towels. Complement them with a curvy translucent acrylic jug in a fruity red that is the colour of opening buds, and contrast it with the lush green of an acrylic oil dispenser. Place silver plated fern tea light holders along the table, and you’re ready to celebrate the arrival of spring with Scarlet Willow!