Inforgraphic: Representation of Prevalent Diseases among Women

The most dreadful situation in illness is when you don’t know what’s your illness. That’s the situation in India for women. Most women realize their illness when it’s too late to act. Taking necessary steps to know your body and illness and then acting to cure it on time can save your life. Not just that, knowing which diseases are prevalent and taking proper precautions can even prevent such situations from occurring.

Here’s a representation that tells you the prevalent diseases among women and their precautions and causes. Read on and take a step towards leading a healthy life.

8 Health Issues that Women Must Be Aware Of Infographic


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15 Easy Tips to Sleep Better Every Night

Looking to get the best possible sleep of your life? You simply need to just start incorporating into your sleep routine a few of these fifteen easy tips to sleep better every night, and you will wake up like me, rested and rejuvenated to take on your day. These tips are not only simple, they will have a huge positive impact on the rest of your day.

Young Woman Sleeping

Here are 15 steps to follow


  1. Go to bed the same time each day. Don’t make the mistake I made and stay up late watching television.


  1. Get up the same time each day. Yes, even on the weekends. When you get up the same time each day, your body becomes programmed to sleep more soundly until it is time to arise each day.


  1. Eliminate those distractions. Invest in some heavier and darker curtains to block light and distant noises from disturbing your sleep each night.


  1. Invest in a little white noise device. Devices that simulate rain storms or ocean waves can put your mind at ease and distract from the noises that keep you up. This was the perfect solution to eliminating my neighbor’s barking dog from getting me up early each day.


  1. Buy the right mattress. Purchase the right mattress that is most suitable for you. This investment will have many years of benefits to your body.


  1. Stop eating before bed. The later you eat food, the longer your stomach is going to be working to digest everything through the night. Those rumblings in my stomach used to keep me up until dawn some days until I stopped eating after 8pm each day.


  1. Avoid soda, coffee, and caffeine. These items not only will keep you up longer, they will interrupt your sleep process, making it more challenging to quickly drift off to sleep.


  1. Turn off that late night news. Stop watching the news before bed, all that bad news can make it challenging for the brain to relax.


  1. Turn on a fan. If the room is too warm, a small fan, or ceiling fan, will circulate the air and make it more comfortable.


  1. Consider the right blanket. I used to sleep with a heavy comforter that made me sweat all night. Use lighter blankets, and add a layer if cold.


  1. Close those blinds. Block the sun from waking you by closing the blinds before you go to bed.


  1. Choose the right pillow. Replace that old pillow for one that cradles the head and lets you drift off to sleep more rapidly.


  1. Choose the right sleepwear. I love fashion trends, and onesies, loose fitting pajamas, and silky tank tops are in right now. They allow you to sleep unrestricted all night.


  1. Close the door. If you have kids like me, closing the door will keep the kids away from your room for a little longer each day.


  1. Focus on the good. Focus on the best part of the day as you lie down, you will find it easier to fall asleep when you aren’t worrying about your bills or job.

10 Everyday Super Foods Delicious Enough Even Your Kids Will Eat

Ever found yourself wondering – why all the fuss about super foods? Well, for starters, they are full of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that fight diseases. What’s more, you can have them without piling on too many calories. And if you are still unimpressed, allow us to dispel the notion that they are exotic and difficult to find. Yes, some of them like sardines, goji berries, maca, raw cacao, etc. do sound like stuff you may not enjoy eating but that’s not true of all super foods. In fact, many of them are easily available and delicious enough for even your kids to try and like. Here goes:


Nut Serving reference chart
Nut Serving reference chart

Nuts are full of fiber, healthy monounsaturated fats, proteins, antioxidants and other nutrients. Though seen by many as fatty, high calorie food, many nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecan nuts, pistachios are great for reducing cholesterol. Include them in your diet to reduce the risk of heart diseases, just make sure you take them in moderate quantities.


Health Benefits Of Eggs
Health Benefits Of Eggs

Eggs are one of the most inexpensive super foods. They are high on protein content, are nutritious and can be cooked or used as ingredients in many ways. They contain a number of vitamins and also help enhance HDL (good cholesterol) levels. See more:


Health Benefits of Soybean
Health Benefits of Soybean

The humble beans, believe it or not, make the grade as super food for their rich fiber, carbohydrates, magnesium and potassium content. Whole soya beans contain Omega-3 fatty acids that are great for heart health. The US dietary Guidelines recommend including three cups of soya bean every week in your diet. Soya beans are easy alternatives to meat and poultry and every vegetarian should include this super food in his/her diet, whether as a breakfast dish or as an ingredient.



Low calorie or fat-free yogurt should definitely be a part of your daily diet. It is not only rich in calcium and other nutrients; it is also possible to have enriched versions like probiotic yogurt which is excellent for keeping healthy guts and digestion. Yogurt can be a great substitute to milk for those who are sensitive to lactose. Yogurt is a complete food. As per Dr. Robert Heaney, MD, “dairy foods contain practically every nutrient you need – and just in the right balance”.


broccoli health benefits
broccoli health benefits

Broccoli, ever the favorite for its taste and availability, is also a super vegetable. It’s not only rich in fiber, but also contains vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Include it in your meals, whether as a salad or stir fried or roasted. You can also try adding broccoli to soups and egg dishes to make them even more nutritious!


photo of various types of berries
photo of various types of berries

Berries are great for digestion and the high fiber content helps in weight loss. What they lack in size, they make up with their benefits – phytonutrients, antioxidants, Vitamin C, low calories. Berries help in controlling blood sugar levels and, with their sweet taste, are a perfect alternative to desserts. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries are all easily available and can be had fresh or dried.

Green Tea:

Green Tea
Green Tea

All types of tea are rich in polyphenols and the flavonoid EGCG. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea is known to have cancer-fighting properties, anti-aging benefits and is good for heart health. It’s also good for fighting infections and lowering the risk of Type II diabetes. It makes for a soothing and healthy substitute to coffee and soft drinks.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes Health Benefits
Sweet Potatoes Health Benefits

Great for your bones, eyes and immune system, sweet potatoes are rich source of vitamin A apart from containing other nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, potassium and lutein. According the Center for Science in the Public Interest, it is one of the most nutritious vegetable available to us. Belonging to the family of dark orange vegetable, sweet potatoes can reduce the effects of sodium on blood pressure and slow down the process of bone loss. Other health-promoting vegetables from the same family include carrots, squash, orange bell peppers and pumpkin.




Its Omega-3 fatty acids make it a super food that helps fight heart-disease. American Heart Association recommends eating salmons at least twice a week. It also has other nutrients like iron and protein and has low calorie content (200 for 3 ounces). Other fish like tuna are also good alternatives to salmon.


10 Benefits of eating Kiwi Fruit
10 Benefits of eating Kiwi Fruit


One large kiwi can fulfill your daily vitamin C requirement. It is full of antioxidants, fiber and potassium. Other nutrients include vitamin A and E (rarely found in other fruits).

Look Inside Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction is real and lots of people have experience this. Usually, with every mention of video games the assumption is more, who plays them will get addicted. But that is far from the case. As much as they are people addicted to games, there are many others who have it as a simple hobby. Video games are more and more becoming a reason in the crumbling of relationships. The dangers though are real. Without setting boundaries for yourself and others, you turn out to be addicted and shrug off responsibilities and relationships.


We find cure for video game addicts to be not easy because addicted gamers want to spend more time and money on video games to feel the same “high,” skipping out on everyday duties like household chores or homework to play games, excessive thinking about game play, trying to play less and failing, and stealing games or money to play. In their view, they don’t see these actions as an addiction. Even though the U.S. is lagging behind countries like South Korea, which have more than 100 clinics for video game addiction help, they pay great attention about American colleges deeming video games as sport. It is vital if we first understand the impact of these games on our youth.

Video games have turn out to be a most important source of entertainment. People not only play them at home only, but they also play on their mobile devices which they can take anywhere. This ease of access makes it even more easier for people to develop or increases the addictions to these games. The time spent in gaming should not outweigh everything else put together. It supposed to be not get in the way of sleep, and spending time with family. As real as these dangers are, don’t think that all gaming is bad. There are plenty of benefits such as improved memory, coordination skills, and problem solving. In spite of the side effects of video game addictions, video games help people develop essential social skills and become more engaged in critical thinking.

Video Game Addiction Can Ruin Relationships

Similar to any other addiction, this can take a intense toll on a person’s relationships, career, and health. Addiction to any number of things can ruin relationships but gaming addiction seems to go about doing it in a rather fascinating and underhanded way. First of all, when an person becomes addicted to a game whether it be a console game, a PC game or an online game, one of the first things those around the game addict will notice is that he/she becomes so fascinated in the game that it effects every part of their life starting with the social aspect. Please have a look at games list which can cause your relationship suffer:

1. Call of Duty
2. Football Manager
3. Grand Theft Auto
5. Medal of Honor
6. Halo
7. Super Mario Brothers
8. Gran Turismo
9. Mario Kart
10. Guitar Hero
11. Assassins Creed
12. Pro Evo Soccer
13. Resident Evil
14. World of Warcraft
15. F1
16. Red Dead Redemption
17. Need for Speed
18. Fallout
19. Gears of War
20. Angry Birds

Chiropractic Treatment Approach & Benefits

Chiropractic is a treatment method with the use of dependable techniques of adjusting and aligning your spine. It is used as mainly for the relief of pains like backache, headaches, shoulder pain so that you can lead a perfect and normal day to day life and Columbus Ohio integrated functional medicine has earned some good reviews. A more meaningful definition is by NHS UK “Chiropractors (practitioners of chiropractic) use their hands to treat disorders of the bones, muscles and joints. Treatments that involve using the hands in this way are called “manual therapies”.”

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What Does Chiropractic Treatment Involve?

One of the first and important things that you need to keep in mind, is who you choose and what to expect from the chiropractor. Remember, not all medical professionals work the same and offer similar sort of benefits. A chiropractor first access the patient’s medical history, performs a physical examination, and may also use lab tests or diagnostic imaging to determine if treatment is appropriate for your back pain. Then depending upon the treatment plan as determined by your chiropratic, it may involve one or more manual sessions in which the doctor will manipulates the joints, using a controlled, sudden force to improve range and quality of motion. Many chiropractors also integrate diet counselling and and exercise programs to the treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic treatment is generally considered a safe method for low grade pain and injury. It is very effective in treating neck pain, backpain and headaches. Most of the treatments can be well handled by a professional chiropractor, however there are some ailments that needs specialist attention. As long as you choose a well-qualified chiropractor, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Causes Of Burn Injuries In Children

Burns are painful injuries to the skin tissue which is usually caused by electricity, chemicals, heat, or radiation. Severe surface burns may go through the skin and into deeper body structures, such as muscle, fat, or bone. A burn injury is one of the most painful injuries that anyone can experience. Based on the studies conducted by the National Institute of Health, more than two million Americans require treatment for burns annually, and around 3,000 people die of severe burns.

Infants and young children are more susceptible to this type of injury. Their curious nature and sensitive skin makes them vulnerable to burns. Burns, especially scalds from hot liquids, are among the most common childhood accidents and injuries.


Common Causes Of Burn Injuries

The first step to preventing burns in children is to know the common causes of burns. Listed below are the common causes of burn injuries according to the American Burn Association.

Contact With Fire, Flame, Or Hot Objects: 46% of reported burn injuries in the country are caused by fire or flame. Young children suffer from burn injuries if they play with fire or if they put their hand on hot objects, such as the fireplace or stove.

Scalds: This is the number one culprit for most burns in children. 32% of burn patients incurred the injury from steam, spilled coffee, hot foods, hot bath water, or cooking fluids.

Thermal Burns: This type of injury happens when the patient came in contact with hot objects, such as ovens or irons.

Defective Household Products: In some cases, burn injuries are the result of a defective household product. in California, the patient can go after the manufacturer or seller and claim compensation for their injuries. However, the patient needs to prove that the defective product was the cause of fire which resulted in burns.

Chemical Burns: This type of injury make up 3% of the total bun injury cases in the United States. This occurs when the person accidentally swallows a chemical product, such as drain cleaner, or if he spills chemicals onto his skin.

Types Of Burns

First-Degree Burns: This is the mildest out of the three types of burns because it is limited to the top layer of the skin. The common symptoms include redness, minor pain and swelling. The skin will become dry without blisters.

Second-Degree Burns: This type of burn injury is more serious because the surface burn penetrated through the top layer of the skin. The symptoms of second-degree burns include blisters, redness, and severe pain. The blisters could pop which will make the burn area look wet and bring pink.

Third-Degree Burns: This is the most serious type of burn because it involves all the layers of the skin as well as the underlying tissue or muscle. The symptoms of third-degree burn include dry skin surface which looks like waxy white, brown, or charred. The area may initially feel numb because the nerves in the affected area are damaged.

First Aid Treatment For Burns In Children

  1. Soak the burn in cool water. Keep the injured area in the water for at least 5-15 minutes. Do not place ice over the injured area.
  2. Remove burned clothing. If the burned clothing sticks to your child’s skin, do not peel it away forcefully as this may result to more serious injuries. What you should do is leave it in place and cut the clothing around it.
  3. Cover the burn with a non-stick gauze or a clean cloth. If your child only suffered a first-degree burn, you can put an antibiotic ointment to relieve pain and avoid infection. If there are blisters, do not pop them.
  4. Minimize pain by allowing your child to take an over-the-counter pain reliever for children. You can give your child ibuprofen. It is recommended to contact your child’s pediatrician if he has not taken any pain reliever medicine in the past.

Seek emergency treatment if your child has a second- or third-degree burn. You should also consult the doctor if you notice that the burn is infected. The signs you should look for are swelling, pus, red streaking on your child’s skin near the affected area.

Kris Lim has written articles covering health and wellness for online publishing. In this article, she discusses the common causes of burn injuries in children, and she also offers first aid treatment for burns.

Hand And Wrist Exercises To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is considered as the fastest growing occupational illness in the country. This condition starts with minor problems in a particular nerve in the wrist. Those who have a family member with this disorder are more likely to suffer from CTS as well. In addition, according to studies, women are more vulnerable to developing carpal tunnel syndrome than men. Teenagers and the elderly are also at a higher risk.


CTS is also associated with performing certain tasks, such as:

  • Repetitive hand motions
  • Strong gripping
  • Mechanical stress on the person’s palm
  • Vibration
  • Wrong hand positions

Those who work long hours on a computer, or those who work as a hairdresser or cashier are the most common individuals whose work-related tasks involve repetitive hand movements which can result in CTS.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Closer Look

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a tingling or pain in your hand which results from the pressure on your median nerve in your wrist. You have to understand that the carpal tunnel is located in a space in your wrist which is surrounded by bones and ligament. The flexing tendons of your fingers and thumb, as well as the median nerve pass through the small tunnel. The median nerve is the one who controls the movement and feeling of your first three fingers and your thumb. If there is constant pressure on the median nerve, it will result in carpal tunnel syndrome. The pressure usually comes from swelling or anything that causes the carpal tunnel to become smaller.

The symptoms of CTS usually develop slowly over the years. If you experience constant, persistent, or recurring pain, tingling, or numbness of your hand, you should immediately consult a doctor. The symptoms you should watch out for include:

  • Pain in your wrist and palm. You might even experience a burning sensation in your fingers.
  • Difficulty gripping or making a fist. You have the tendency to drop things.
  • Over time, the hand may start to feel numb. In worst cases, you will be unable to feel heat or cold.
  • You might feel like your hands are swollen although there is no visible sign of inflammation.

In cases where CTS is work-related, the symptoms may first occur outside of work. In fact, you might experience the symptoms at night when it is time to go to bed. Keep in mind that if the disorder is work-related, you have the right to claim damages.

Hand And Wrist Exercise To Prevent CTS

Tip No. 1:

  • Make a loose fist on your right hand. Your hand should be palm up, and use your left hand to press down gently against your clenched hand.
  • Your right hand should resist the force for at least five seconds.
  • Keep your writes straight during this procedure.
  • Turn your right fist palm down. Press your knuckles against your left palm for another five seconds.
  • After this, you should turn your right palm so that your thumb side is up, and press it down again for another 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise with your left hand.

Tip No. 2:

  • You should hold your second and third fingers up while keeping the other fingers closed.
  • Make five clockwise circles in the air while the two fingers are up.
  • After that, you should draw five more counterclockwise circles
  • Repeat the process with your left hand.

Tip No. 3:

  • Make a tight fist in your right hand
  • Release, and fan out your fingers
  • Repeat this exercise five times in your right hand then do the same with your left.

Tip No. 4:

  • You can exercise your thumb by bending it against the palm underneath your little finger. Hold that position for five seconds.
  • Spread your fingers apart, turn your palm up and hold for another five seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise five to ten times with each hand.

Kris Bennette is a workout instructor and blogger. In this article, she lists a few hand and wrist exercises which are very helpful in preventing the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

How To Cope With Driving Anxiety?

Spiders, snakes and trains all share one property in common: they can scare the pants off of people who fear them. More people are afraid of snakes than they are trains, but even more people are more afraid of spiders than they are the previous two.

This is a universal irony, as trains have a much higher mortality rate than most commonly encountered snakes and spiders. There’s many reasons as to why fears exist in this sort of state, but one of the more commonly accepted theories states that most people simply haven’t had the time to evolve a fear of trains in the same way they fear spiders.

Fear-of-driving_2442799c Photo Credit:

Driving anxiety is just another one of those irrational fears that take the proper conditioning to make less frightening.
Learning how to deal with cars, the act of driving and even other motorists can help you deal with driving anxiety.

1. Understand the Cause

Most fears tend to share one distinct quality: they have a cause that you can locate and put your finger on.
That cause could be anything, including:

  • … being the victim or perpetrator of an incident of road rage.

  • … hearing horror stories about vehicle accidents.

  • … being stressed out by the confined feeling of heavy traffic gridlocks.

  • … having a driving instructor, other drives or even family members that constantly criticized and berated you while learning to drive.

  • … being involved in, witnessing or even causing a car accident.

The first step to overcoming your driving anxiety is to learn about your foe. When you do, you can see that driving becomes more of a hill than it is a mountain.

2. Recognize the Symptoms of Driving Anxiety

The next step to conquering your driving anxiety is to learn the symptoms of it.
Pay attention to yourself when you drive, sit in the driver’s seat of a car or even think about driving. Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Panic attacks?

  • Dizziness?

  • Tingling in your face, hands, feet or even just your lips?

  • Nausea?

  • A dry throat?

  • Blackouts?

  • Headaches?

  • Sweating?

  • Heart palpitations?

  • Do you feel as if you car is unbalanced? Do you think it will go off the road, down an embankment or fall off a cliff?”

  • Do you have thoughts that you normally wouldn’t have if you weren’t driving?

3. Confront Your Fears and Anxiety

This seems like the hardest step, but confronting your fears will help you greatly reduce the severity of your symptoms while driving and make it easier to drive safely.
If your driving anxiety doesn’t overwhelm you and send you into panic attacks when you get behind the wheel, then you should always try to drive. Don’t pass up any opportunities to do so.

4. Take a Drive on Safe or Slow Roadways

Dealing with your driving anxiety means getting behind the wheel and teaching yourself that driving is okay. The best way to do this is to practice driving in safe areas where the speed limit is low, such as in residential areas, or where there is little to no traffic. Even an empty parking lot will suffice.
When you begin to feel bored with the area you’re driving, then move up to a slightly more risky area. You’ll gradually begin to notice that driving isn’t so bad and that your anxiety symptoms will decrease.

5. Don’t Make Yourself Anxious

Phobias, fears and doubt are all things that exist only in your head. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself alert about any driving dangers without overwhelming yourself.
For example, you can compare something fantastical like driving off a cliff with the odds of winning the lottery. The only difference is that you can control most of the variables that would cause that, which makes that kind of thinking a non-issue while driving.
Reason through your own driving fears in similar ways to prevent them from adding unnecessary anxiety.

6. Be Aware

The most important part of being a safe driver involves being aware of your surroundings. Know how to recognize how other people drive, how to distance yourself from aggressive drivers and how to spot potential problems on the road.
In addition to that, make sure that you’re aware of how you feel like driving. Try to be relaxed instead of tense. If you feel yourself shaking, get control of yourself and stop.

Dealing With Driving Anxiety

There are a number of viable solutions that work with dealing with driving anxiety besides the listed tips above. Most tips that help address other phobias and fears will generally help to make driving easier and safer for you.
To make your next automobile trip one with less stress, you should start trying to apply these methods today. No fear goes away overnight, but you can conquer your driving anxiety with time and effort.

The Effects of Positivity in Overcoming Addiction

When you are facing something that is very difficult is extremely important to stay positive. When you are facing the direst of times, and all may seem as though it is lost, you must look at the bright side of the equation. Take this challenge as a learning experience that can make you stronger. Look into the future and think of how much better your life is going to be once you are able to tackle this obstacle and really prevail. It is only a matter of time before you are able to reach that light at the end of the tunnel and have a better life for yourself. You must stay positive so that you are able to get through this hard time and make your life the one that you know you deserve to live.



When you are going through an addiction you may feel as though you are a slave to your addiction and there is no hope. After all, your body’s chemicals have become out of whack and dependent on the substance that you have been counting on for your emotional, and sometimes physical, stability. It is not easy to be positive during an addiction recovery process. It is very easy to feel down on yourself and think that you will just relapse over and over again. This type of thinking will doom you. If you are having those types of thoughts, you are just mandating what you want to your future to be. If you are able to give yourself positive affirmations of hope, you will be able to write a different future for yourself. It is much more empowering that you tell yourself how successful you will be in your recovery. This type of communication with yourself is a mandate that will much more likely insure that you are going to have a very successful recovery, and stay clean in your future.


Staying positive gives others hope, and they can help you through your recovery.


When others are trying to help you through your recovery process, they need hope too. There are many out there that love and care about you, and want to see you succeed. When you are down on yourself, they are going to feel as though it is much harder for them to reach out and give you a hand. If you are feeling positive about your recovery, they are going to hear and see those positive actions. They will have much more hope for your future, and they will be much more willing to help you through your recovery process. It is so much easier for others to believe in you when you truly believe in yourself. It will be so much easier for you to have a successful recover if you have a strong support group that is rallying behind you, and who believes in you just as much as you believe in yourself.


Positive thoughts and actions can get you through the hardest of times during your addiction recovery process.


Recovering from an addiction can quite possibly be one of the most difficult things that you are ever going to go through in your life. You are going to have some times that are so hard you won’t know how you can keep going. By staying positive, you will give yourself that added push you need to keep going. By simply changing your bodies posture, you can feel empowered. You are in control of your life, and your thoughts and actions need to let you know that. With positive thoughts and actions, you will start thinking of yourself differently. You know that you are a winner deep down inside, now it is just time to let that shine. With positive thoughts and actions, you will feel more like that winner that you know you are day by day. Eventually you won’t even have to think about these positive thoughts or actions, it will just be second nature to you. Positive thoughts and actions are guaranteed to help you through those extremely hard times in your addiction recovery process.


Just remember, all is not lost! You are taking the right steps that you need to in order to insure your recovery. Positive thinking is a skill that will not only help you just through your addiction recovery, but if you adopt this style of thinking, you can truly change the rest of your life. Remember, the quality of your life is dependent upon the quality of your communication with yourself and other. Make sure that you are practicing positive thinking on a daily basis, and it is surely going to help you through your addiction recovery process. This addiction is something that you can fight and win! Just remember to stay positive, and nothing will be able to stop you in your recovery process!

Looking For An Easier Way To Clean Your Teeth?

Looking for an Easier Way to Clean Your Teeth? New 3-D Invention Intended to Replace Toothbrushes

Everytime you watch a commercial or see an advertisement, there is some new product that promises better, faster, easier results. Products are constantly being improved and remade to satisfy consumer wants and needs. Whether we want it or not, new products are being put on the market daily. Even though inventions are made to simplify our lives, many of these ideas aren’t practical or useful.

New Parent Handbook to Children Dental Care

In the dental world products like teeth whitening, mouth wash, cavity reducing toothpaste and minty floss are always coming out. There is a demand for clean, white, straight teeth which is why we buy the various teeth products and spend thousands of dollars on our teeth. We value our teeth and will use things that we think benefit them. Some of the things that are being targeted to clean our teeth may be miracle workers but some are just better as an idea.

6 Second Clean?

The newest invention in the dental market promises to clean your your entire mouth in a couple of seconds without a toothbrush. The idea of this invention by Blizzident has basically replaced the need for a traditional toothbrush and any of the American Dental Association’s recommendations. The new product is supposed to replace the need for brushing, flossing and cleaning the tongue. The toothbrush Blizzident invented is in the shape of a mouthguard. Using a mold of each person’s mouth they customize the mold and attach hundreds of teeth cleaning bristles. To get your teeth clean you place the mold in your mouth and bite down. The bristles will then go in various directions to provide an adequate clean. Blizzident states that their intention was to make an effective teeth cleaning tool and the speed of the toothbrush was an added bonus. Although this six second toothbrush invention would cut some time off our oral hygiene routine, many dentists oppose the idea that this new toothbrush will be effective at properly cleaning our teeth. Some dentists say that the new six second toothbrush doesn’t allow enough time for the fluoride in toothpaste to thoroughly clean your teeth. Dentists are also skeptical of the impact the cleaning will have on our teeth in the future.

Normally dentists recommend at least 2 to 3 minutes of brushing followed by regular flossing. This process is to make sure we are properly cleaning in between our teeth, tongue and any surface area to prevent plaque build-up. The American Dental Association also recommends that we replace our toothbrushes every 2-4 months so our toothbrushes don’t get worn down. These are all recommendations to assure healthy teeth and gums.

The American Dental Association and dentists recommend things like traditional toothbrushes and flossing regularly because they can prove that it works effectively. The reasons behind the skepticism of the 3-D six second toothbrush is because there is not enough proof that it is better or able to properly clean your teeth. The price tag for this special toothbrush is quite expensive at $299 although it only needs to replaced yearly for additional $89. Traditional toothbrushes are inexpensive, easy to get, and proven to work.

A six second teeth cleaning sounds great in theory but sticking to a traditional method may be best for proven results. Whether you use this tool of not make sure that whatever you do use can adequately remove plaque, clean in between your teeth and remove bacteria. Healthy teeth and gums is very important and you want to make sure you are using the right tools to do the job.