3 Essential Looks To Stay Stylish This Summer

Finding out what’s really going to be in style this summer can be hard work – you hope the weather is going to be hot, but when it comes down to what clothes you choose it’s you that wants to be the “hottest”.


As always, designers have been busy working on their collections and style ideas so that you have a great range of attractive clothes to add to your wardrobe. This summer offers some trends that will not only make you look good; you’ll also feel great. You’ll have a huge range of choices, and here are three of the essential looks you will need to stay stylish.


Back to the 70s


Never mind if you weren’t there first time around – the 1970s have enthused designers for this summer and the hippy style first found at the tail end of the 1960s is back. Many of the clothes have a light-touch take on the style of the 70s, with refined shapes in tactile suede, making for clean silhouettes, and free-spirited prints helping to add a modern twist to a look that reflects that laid-back era.


It’s all about subtle looks, not the over-the-top bell-bottoms so beloved by hippiedom, so look for a range of color combinations to match, with trousers that could be full and wide, or flared.


Denim is back


Denim has never really gone away as everyday casual wear, but there has been a reinvention for this summer, so you can explore a range of new and stylish looks. Watch out for textured effects and faded blues to make you look cool – perhaps a little dress with long sleeves and a leather belt for that neat cowgirl look, or try out the patchwork fashion with jeans stitched together with square pieces that span the denim color palette.


It’s hard to go wrong with denim – you’ve probably got some favorite pieces already – but it’s worth testing out what’s new now.


Apron skirting


If you thought aprons were just for the kitchen, think again. Many designers have taken hold of a technique seen on and off for years on street-style professionals. Here the skirt functions as a type of apron, from minis to pencils. Layer them on top of accordion dresses, pants and oversize poplin shirts, and show off a whole new look.


Keep in touch with trends


Keeping up with what’s trending in the fashion world, and purchasing the clothes you want so you can stay stylish in summer is so easy now thanks to the internet. You can surf wherever you like, and when you’re looking for designer clothes on a budget, you can check out Lejolie.com for fantastic ideas and beautiful styles as you plan your wardrobe.


Imagination and inspiration


Designers want to inspire your imagination with their creations, so be confident in making some bold style choices that you know are going to work for you, as well letting everyone know you’re well up to date with what’s hot and what’s not.

Following the Fashionistas: My Fashion Hotspots Around London

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion, the chances are you will be scouring many different places other than the main High Street shops, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd.

The trick to finding unusual and distinctive clothing that suits your personality and style perfectly, is to learn about where the trendsetting fashionistas are likely to be, which means you will probably be visiting places like Camden Market on a regular basis.

Here is a look at some of the hotspots around London where you will get the chance to see the very latest trends and find some unique styles that are right on trend.

Camden Lock

Camden Lock fashion
Camden Lock fashion


The great thing about Camden Lock market is the fact that you will not only be able to find some inspirational fashions and accessories amongst the 250 plus stalls and 80 plus independent shops, but you will also have a great day out too.

Camden Lock Market has been setting fashion trends since the 1970’s and is home to some of the finest designers and makers in London. The opportunity to check out bespoke clothing designs and accessories is not one to be passed up by many fashionistas and the fact that there is a thriving street food scene there as well, adds to the atmosphere and the enjoyment of the day.

The Wick

The Wick fashion
The Wick fashion


This is a weekly market that manages to effortlessly combine vintage fashion with offerings from new designers who are to be watched with interest.

The market is situated in Eastway which is in the E9 area of London, and has a bit of a party atmosphere to it with resident DJ’s and an artificial beach along with a Tiki bar, to give a more unusual backdrop to your trendsetting search amongst the various stalls on offer.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane market

It is fair to say that Brick Lane market is a bit of an attraction in its own right and a great venue to visit if you like people watching and seeing how the East End used to operate when Spitalfields was in its heyday.

This is a market full of varying stalls which offer anything from bric-a-brac to wacky T-shirts and jewellery. Hidden amongst all this on Brick Lane are some genuine trendsetters such as Thelma Spiers, who is a genuine East End fashion celebrity and part-owns a hat emporium there.

Petticoat Lane

Staying in the East of London and if you head to Middlesex Street in E1, you will find Petticoat Lane.

Petticoat Lane market has been around for hundreds of years but trends are still being set amongst the thousand stalls that offer a mixture of clothes and household goods amongst them. The market is more focused on clothing, bags and shoes than anything else, so you should be able to find something that takes your eye if you are looking for something that is on trend.

Carnaby Street

If you want an iconic destination that is closely associated with fashion, Carnaby Street fits the bill.


Global fashion brands and independent boutiques can be found in Carnaby Street, which is easy to find and a hugely popular distraction from the shops of Oxford Street, which is just a short walk away.

Covent Garden

Another popular area of London where fashionistas tend to migrate to, is Covent Garden.


The Covent Garden area offers a good mix of shops to choose from and amongst the big designer names and high-street brands, you will also find a good number of excellent independent boutiques that offer the chance to try and pick out something a little bit daring or different.


If you are fabulously wealthy and live in London, it is quite a high probability that the address of your residence has a Chelsea post code in it.

Street Style Fashion
Street Style Fashion

The Kings Road resembles something like an extra-long catwalk at times and has always been a place where you can get noticed. All this means that there are plenty of designer stores and upmarket boutiques to visit, although some of the price tags will probably be carrying a few more noughts on them than you might find in other parts of London.

Fashion never stands still and if you visit any of these venues in London, you will be getting one of the best opportunities to follow the fashionistas and see what designs and designers are setting the trend right now.

Enjoy the adventure and the chance to see what is hot right now, when you visit these fashion hotspots.

Disclosure: Gift vouchers were provided to us by a fashion store in London for this review.

Puma – A Renowned Name in Sportswear

Puma is one of the leading sports lifestyle company that designs and manufacturer’s footwear, garments and various other accessories. The company is based in Germany and it was started in the year 1924 by two brothers and later it was split into two different companies – Puma and Adidas. It is actually said that the brand name Puma starts with Sports and ends with Fashion. The official PUMA Store, may it be online or offline offers the prime selection of shoes, apparel, accessories and some equipments.

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Puma- A Well-known Brand

The well-known Puma brand is inspired by sports but it is truly driven by style and class. In sport, performance categories may be running, soccer, sailing and golf and Puma offers each and every category of product. The running collection of this brand is outstanding for innovative product such as BioWeb and Mobium shoes and hence it is ashore by the best ever man in the world, runner Usain Bolt. Similarly, in support of football team member, Cordarrelle Patterson also served as the face of Men’s Training especially for Puma brand. Likewise, this brand name has created a niche for itself in every gaming field and has captured the entire market globally to a great extent.

As it is very much clear in the Puma vision that this particular brand is committed to work well in several ways, thereby contributing all over the world by sustaining creativity, safety, sustainability and Peace. This brand has always maintained its loyalty, honesty, positivity and creativity in decision-making agenda and has been successful till date.


Online Shopping of Puma from its Official Website

One of the best sports lifestyle brand, Puma is available all over the world and it is particularly acknowledged for its extensive range of remarkably designed footwear that help the passionate athlete to pursue a very strong passion and obsession. With a steady growth and expansion of this brand, it is striving for perfection by making each and every pair of footwear an incredible existing option.

In this era of internet, the most creative smudge that Puma swanks is that its official website offers the wide range of products. The products of this brand are actually an edge in style whereas the comfort level is not at all affected. The brand also has options for men and women both and the choices are brought to you by the official website as well as other online portals. To buy puma products online, you do not have to move from one exclusive store to the other anymore. Just browse through the official website at http://uk.puma.com/ to look at the exhaustive collection of this brand and you will definitely fall in love with it.

Puma Shoes- Best for Every Sport

Puma shoes truly make the best friend of every athlete when it is something about covering very tough journeys. It hardly matters what is the outside condition and you are always ready to move on with hard-hitting Puma shoes. The mix of lifestyle as well as sport delivers the best and makes Puma shoes the most excellent among its rivals. Sporty plus trendy, Puma Shoes for men and women are stylish lifestyle accessories. But before purchasing Puma shoes from an online store, you need to be acquainted with the kind of assortments the company is offering you.

Puma shoes help you to sport a very cool attitude on a daily basis. No wonder, you can come across stylish sportswear online which you might not even get in exclusive Puma outlets. Moreover, if you buy the products online you will be beneficial and it will be delivered at your doorstep with just a click of a mouse.


How to Change the Look of the Hair

When the time comes that want to update your look and make a fairly substantial change, hair extensions are an effective way to do that. Hair systems such as Hair2Wear from the Christie Brinkley collection are a great example of taking your look and hair length to a new level.


Whether you want to add length or volume to your hair, finding well-made and high-quality extensions will help you achieve the perfect look that you have in mind.

Transform your entire look with a bounty of hair cascading over your shoulders. You won’t feel any limitations since you can choose clip-on bangs, pony tail pieces or longer strands that you can easily attach to your own hair. The look is instant and authentic.

Enjoy the versatility that hair extension pieces give you. Instead of getting a hair cut or changing the color, you can simply add more life to your already existing hair. Find the right color to match your own hair color then attach and get ready to flash your new look at work, out for dinner with friends or just at the gym.

Add life to your own ponytail, especially if you have always felt somewhat self-conscious about your thin tuft of hair that falls behind. Also, you might enjoy not having bangs or fringe on your forehead most of the time, but every once in a while, it’s nice to add a touch of drama that side-swept bangs bring out for your look. Try a variety of looks with quality extensions.

Ways to Stay Stylish This Winter

The weather is about to change again and winds from the north would blow inland bringing the season of winter in the Indian subcontinent. Undoubtedly, the bitter and chilly temperature is takes away all the pleasure of wearing fashionable outfits because your cardigans or shawl is about to follow you everywhere, hiding your chic wear. But that does not mean you have to bid goodbye to fashion. Even with the winter garments, you can set up a trendy look and enjoy the season of happiness after the hot and humid weather. Here are some of the tips that you can follow and stay stylish even if the temperature drops.


•  Let’s begin with the first and the most essential wear of winter: sweaters .

You should be careful while choosing one. For instance, if you are looking for something light as well as warm then go for the cashmere fabric. This material can give you a lean look. On the other hand, sweaters with polka dot patterns can give you a vintage appeal as well as a nostalgic childhood feeling. If you are wearing a chunky knit of fuller length, you can belt it and pair it with jeans. Sweaters should be handled with care and hand wash is a better idea or give these to a dry cleaner, if you want to use for a longer period of time.


•  The next must have for winter is scarf.

This can protect your neck from the blowing cold wind and along with that this is a style statement. These are inexpensive and you can purchase various styles and colors and in variety of fabrics. Scarves can add charm to your personality and make your appearance smart as well as appealing. Men should stick to simple pattern or one colored scarves. If you love to wear coats in winter, scarves sync with the style. As for women, they can try out funny patterns or prints along with neutral colors or staying toasty warm and comfortable.

• Usually, you do not need gloves in winters of India, provided you stay in the northern region.

But then again, it is better to take precaution and gear up with all kind of winter wears to stay warm and cozy. Hence, do take care of your hands and choose the perfect gloves to keep your fingers warm and easy. Fingerless gloves are very popular, which even have covers to wrap your fingers whenever you want. Shorter length gloves are great for casual look but then you can also opt for longer, elbow-length gloves to create stylish impact. If you are wearing a hat or scarf, the gloves should match the color scheme in some way.

Other than these, you can also wear layers that can be put on or removed with changing temperature. Jackets, cardigans, pullover and coats are something you cannot miss out in winter. High neck tees are pretty cool and you can also go for hoodies which are apt for the initial cool phase of winter. Whatever you wear in winter can look stylish, if you can carry it out well. So, select your own comfort zone and enjoy the cold climate.

How To Choose The Right Hair Straightener – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re on the hunt for the right hair straightener to give you an effortlessly sleek and straight hairdo, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the various choices available on the market today. There are just so many kinds of hair straighteners lined up on shelves and stores today that finding the right tool without getting a headache from all the models, buzzwords and features that surround these styling tools would seem nearly impossible.

But worry not—we can help you make this task a lot simpler as we’ve put together a helpful and comprehensive guide to choosing the best hair straightener for you. Here’s everything you need to know and consider for your stylish purchase:

Hair Styling

Plate Types

With hair straighteners, the first thing you need to consider when buying one isn’t its looks or appearance, but the type of plate it uses. Choosing the right type of plate is vital as they’re the one responsible for creating the smooth, straight strands you desire. The following are the most common plate types and the options most pros recommend:

  • Ionic – Hair straighteners with ionic technology are probably the best in the market today. They generate negative ions and are designed to neutralise one’s positively charged strands; therefore, producing sleek and frizz-free locks.
  • Tourmaline – If you’re looking to achieve a natural shine, then opting for tourmaline-infused hair straighteners would be a great choice. Tourmaline flat irons have a large output of negative ions, which heat the strands more quickly, producing straighter and shinier results. Because of its outstanding performance, tourmaline irons can be pricier compared to other types, but they surely are worth the investment.
  • Ceramic – Nearly all high quality straighteners today use ceramic plates as they are known to be less harmful and evenly heats up the hair. This means that there’s less chances of frying the hair, giving you a straight and smooth hair and a healthy and shiny finish. Popular brands that use ceramic plates include Remington, Sedu and ghd hair straighteners.
  • Titanium – Titanium is also an excellent option and the most affordable. Titanium flat irons are lightweight, durable and also deliver even heat distribution, allowing you to style the hair quickly and efficiently.


Plate Size or Width

Most straighteners typically use a 1-inch plate, but remember that one size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to hair straightening. Some hair lengths require specific plate widths to achieve one’s hair styling needs. Irons with larger plate widths (1 ½ to 2 inches), for example, would be more suitable for longer strands, or those that flow well below the shoulders, since they can cover longer sections of hair. This eliminates the need to go over the same section of hair a couple of times, saving time and reducing damage. Slimmer plate widths (1/2 or ¾ inch), on the other hand, are more appropriate for those with thinner and shorter hair. Irons with thinner plates are easier to control if you’re styling only a few inches of hair and prevent possible accidents, such as moving the iron closer to the scalp or skin.

Temperature Settings

Another factor that you need to consider when buying a hair straightener is its heat or temperature settings. A straightener with fixed temperature settings may not always be the best choice because although you can quickly achieve straight results with it, you also risk the possibility of burning your locks. Choose a tool, instead, that offers temperature adjustment so you can easily control the iron to suit your needs.


Basing your choice on the price alone may not be a wise idea. Cheaper tools may save you a few dollars, but the damage it can bring to your hair can be irreparable. Nevertheless, going for the most expensive model may not also guarantee exceptional results. Thus, if you want to determine which tool gives the bang for your buck, weighing all the options and doing your research first is still the best way to go.

Hair Care Australia

When choosing a hair straightener, or any styling tool for your crowning glory, you ought not to make any compromises. Invest only in one that matches your needs and gives your strands the style it deserves, but minus the damage.

The essential tools to perfect shave every time

If you are a person that is looking for that smooth, clean shaved face each morning, getting the right tools for the job is essential. Not only is the right razor important, but other products you use during your shaving routine as well. Here are some of the essential tools you will need to have that perfect shave every time.


Shaving Cream

The first tool of shaving is the shaving cream. To get a great shaving cream, it may be better to skip the cheapest options. These options could have components that irritate your skin. The best shaving creams are typically glycerin-based so that you will moisturize your skin while you are shaving. Creams containing menthol should be avoided because this ingredient can prevent you from feeling the razor when it is dragged across the skin.

For better exfoliation of your skin, you may also want to pick up a quality shaving cream brush to apply the cream before each shave.

Razor Options

While the type of razor that you get is generally based on your preference, the quality of the blade is the most important element in choosing the right razor. Whether you like disposable, a refillable Mach 3 razor or a straight razor, making sure the blade is proper sharpened will help you razor last longer and work well every single shave. Cleaning the blade after each use will help you keep that sharp edge.

Aftershave Lotions

Typically, aftershave lotions are not a necessary tool for your skin to stay smooth and looking its best, but if you like using this type of product, it doesn’t hurt to do so. Many of the higher end lotion products will provide more moisture to your skin.

With companies such as The Art of Shaving, you can get all of these tools and more for your shaving needs. Even if you have used the same razor and shaving cream for decades, switching to top quality products will make your shaving routine better for your skin and help you save money in the long run since you won’t have to run out and buy anything but the best.

How To Ensure You’re Wearing Your Fragrance Correctly

Even though there are many recommended ways to wear your fragrance, there really are no hard and fast rules. If you want to spray it all over your body and then reapply it every few hours, then that is your choice. Of course, if you’d rather spray once and then go all day with just that morning spritz, that is fine too.


However, there’s no arguing the fact that there are a number of ‘better’ ways to wear perfume than the two methods described above. So, if you are unsure and want to be more knowledgeable about how perfume ‘should’ be worn then take a look at the tips below.

1. How much perfume should I wear?

This can be very subjective and you will always find people who wear way too much perfume, as well as much too little. In amongst these people will also be those who don’t wear any perfume at all and those who have sprayed just the right amount.

The key thing to remember about perfume is that it is there to be worn, so don’t waste it by only using a few drops at a time. However, likewise, you don’t want to lather it on and use it up incredibly quickly, especially if it is expensive. Wearing too much will also overpower people who are standing close by you, which you don’t want. Ideally, you should use two sprays if your perfume is high in concentration and three sprays if it is low in concentration.

2. Where should I apply my perfume?

This is always a big point of contention amongst perfume wearers. Ideally, you should always spray the pulse points on your body since these points will help dissipate the perfume and help it last longer too. These points include the wrists, the hollow of your neck, behind your knees and on your chest just above your heart. A drop of perfume on these points should be more than enough to see you through the majority of your day.

3. Should I just stick to one fragrance?

Many people will have a favourite fragrance and stick to it no matter the time of day and no matter the occasion. However, it is better to have a selection of fragrances to suit daytime, such as floral and light scents and the heavier, warmer scents for the evening. It’s also important to vary your scent for different occasions. For instance a perfume that you wear to a christening should not be the same as one that you wear for a night out with the girls.

Another reason for changing your fragrance every now and then is that your body will eventually become used to your favourite perfume. This means your body chemistry will end up absorbing and disguising the scent, instead of sending it out as it is, which means you won’t smell like your favourite fragrance anyway. It is therefore much better to have a choice of three or four perfumes to wear.

4. Where should I store my perfume?

If you’re going through all the bother of buying new perfumes, you’ll want to store them properly in order to ensure they go the distance. The majority of perfumes have a shelf life of around three years; however, this can be a lot less if not stored correctly and you’ll find they start to smell stale.

When deciding where to store your perfume, it is best to leave them in an area where it is nice and cool, as well as away from direct sunlight. Some people choose to store their perfumes in their bathroom but this is a bad idea, since the atmosphere is much too moist. You can also store your perfume in your fridge for a day or two at a time, since this will make the scent last longer.

5. How can I make my perfume last longer?

There are a number of ways to make your perfume last longer once you have applied it:

–  Layering: When buying your perfume, be sure to buy its matching body lotion and shower gel. Using these, in addition to your perfume will ensure the scent sticks with you throughout the day.

–  Shower before applying it: This will warm up your skin, open your pores and make your body ready to absorb your perfume. Warmer skin also conducts perfume a lot better, ensuring it dissipates out slowly from your body throughout the day.

–  Moisturise before application: A lot of how to make perfume last longer is about ensuring your body is thoroughly prepared.

Showering is important but so is moisturising your body before applying perfume. Moisturised, slightly oily skin is much more effective in retaining fragrance than dry skin.

How to Choose a Wedding Band that Suits Your Style

Planning a wedding reception is as daunting as planning for the wedding ceremony itself. Whether you’re planning a large or small reception, you still need proper organization, close attention to details, and careful preparation.

The Vinyls
The Vinyls

Aside from the venue, the catering, the decorations and the guest favors, another important aspect to consider is the entertainment. There’s no doubt about it: music can either make or break the celebration. While some opt for DJs, a majority of other couples choose live wedding bands.

 Where to search for your wedding musicians

In the past, couples had to check the directory, newspapers, or magazines for advertisements of wedding musicians. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, booking your wedding entertainment has become so much easier.

 You can either search for bands or DJs through search engines and social media networks or contact a live music agency such as Music For Scotland and ask them to connect you to their best bands. You can also ask family and friends for suggestions.

However, you shouldn’t jump into conclusions immediately. Just because they come highly recommended by a friend doesn’t mean they’d work perfectly for you, too. Here are a few factors to consider before choosing the wedding band for your big day.

 Previous performances

The first thing you ask a wedding band is a sample of their performance. Watching a public performance lets you see the way they perform, the way they dress, their effect on the crowd. If they give you a CD, make sure the musicians you hear are the same who’ll play at the reception.


What songs do they play? What genre do they like best? Do they have new songs in the list? Ask the band for a playlist and look for the songs you know and love. If they have a lot of tunes you adore, then that’s good! Consider your first dance song as a test. If they don’t know it and are hesitant to learn it, then move to the next option.


How much do they ask? The price plays a part in wedding decisions. You should stay frugal, but not to the extent of compromising quality. If you have found the perfect band for you, negotiate with the price. Do your research on the average price of wedding bands and make that a basis for negotiation.


Aside from their fee, ask if they have other requirements. Do you need to rent instruments? Or is that included in the fee? A number of bands need food and drinks during the reception. To avoid any delays, you should also ask how long they need to set up their gear before the celebration begins.


How many hours will the band play? When choosing a band, you should first discuss how long they’ll be entertaining your guests. Some wedding bands typically play three hours out of a four-hour period.  Also ask the band if they go on short breaks. If so, ask how many times. Knowing their plan in advance is beneficial so you can have someone play a CD in between a set.


Working with people you are comfortable with is very important before making a decision. By meeting them or talking with them on the phone, you’ll get to know what vibe they give off. Musicians with good attitudes will most likely capture the heart of the crowds as well.

 In the end, when you do find wedding musicians that pass the above standards, make sure you come to an agreement before signing the contract.

About the author: Melissa Page writes wedding articles for a music agency in Edinburgh, and Ayrshire

Bridesmaids Dresses That Make a Statement

For bridesmaids today, there is no need to worry that they will have to wear an outfit that doesn’t flatter their figure, as designs have certainly moved forward. The fashionable trend of bridesmaids dresses means that bridesmaids actually look forward to the day when they put their dress on and are seen by the crowds. In fact, materials and styles are so fabulous that most bridesmaids dread the time when they have to box the dress up, ready for the next wedding.

There are so many bridal experts around these days voicing their opinions on appropriate styles for the occasion that the discerning bride has a big decision to make when selecting the colours and styles to suit her bridesmaids.


One thing for certain is that bridal experts do make one particularly useful suggestion. That is that the bride should select the desirable colours before setting out to the shops to select and order the dresses. Not knowing the colour may delay the selection process and the bride may not find the colour is available locally. The colour selected must suit the girls’ stature and figures collectively, even though some individual diversion can be made too.


Various fashion gurus have their say about fashionable colours. They are currently suggesting darker colours for the coming winter months, with charcoal grey, navy, eggplant and rich reds on top of the list. However, that doesn’t mean that lighter colours can’t be used as well, such as neutral creamy tones.


When it comes to texture, if the bride has chosen a soft and romantic style in the dress, then the bridesmaids’ dresses should follow this pattern. The bride, of course, is the star of the show, so should catch the eye of the guests, while the bridesmaids should just mould in to the background.


Today, bridesmaids don’t need to worry about being closeted in stiff unromantic materials, as chiffon is currently the flavour of the month, particularly the darker shades for autumn and the cooler months. Taffeta is in too. You can’t escape this bridal favourite. However, if you don’t like satin, then you are lucky – nor do today’s brides!



It is generally accepted that bridesmaids wear matching outfits, but they are often offered an option when it comes to necklines. They can choose the neckline that they feel comfortable in. There is nothing worse than a bridesmaid wanting to escape the stage because the neckline makes her feel subconscious, embarrassed and awkward.

The type of material, the length of the dress and the colour is down to the bride with no exceptions. Sweetheart necklines are often the choice of many brides as they tend to flatter the majority of builds.



There is the waistline to consider, too. Trying to find a style that fits everybody is not that difficult, as empire waistlines or A-line skirts are great for their flattering design, even for the chunkiest of waists. If some need to be concealed more, then the suggestion is to put in pleats at the waistline. If this is done for all bridesmaids, then no one will stand out and feel embarrassed.


Providing accessories is a big hit these days and jewellery distributed amongst the bridesmaids is theirs to keep. Everyone will want to be a bridesmaid if they see what is on offer by brides to their bridesmaids today, including large dramatic necklaces, super size earrings and stunning shoes, decorated with luxuriant flowers and jewels.

Don’t worry, bridesmaids, as you can choose your own hairstyle and you won’t have to pay for it, either. All you have to do is wear the matching decorations that you are given and will have to wear in your hair. Dresses for your bridesmaids have never been simpler.