Budget Friendly Home Décor Tips for You

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Your home is your haven and few things can be as satisfying as setting it up and making it the abode you always wanted. Whether you want a restful space or a lively one, a place to unwind at or one to entertain in, your home is a domain that you want to reflect your personality and your needs perfectly. When we set up base and start nesting, it is but natural that we start to make changes, refresh and renew and try and make it the place of our dreams.

When you are itching to change up a space or setting up a new home, you know that it can be a costly affair or one that is pretty detrimental to the budget. It can be pretty disheartening when you want to beautify a place and find what your wallet does not stretch just quite deep enough.

Whether its a house in Thane or an apartment in the city, when money is tight, and the urge to make your home better arises, consider a few of these budget friendly tips before you begin to make changes and purchases-

  • First and foremost de-clutter – Before you make any major decisions regarding a space, it is always a good idea to first rid the area of all clutter. Simply removing all unnecessary articles and tidying up a space can make a huge difference in how you perceive it. Ridding a room of all the mess can once again make you realise how much you liked that space to begin with! It is also an essential activity because unless you de-clutter you will not be able to figure out how you can change things and what additions you need or want.
  • Pick a focal point – When decorating a home you may find that you don’t quite have the resources to do up the entire place in the grand scheme of things. One of the ways you can start is by working on a room that is most commonly used in the home like say your living room or kitchen for example. These areas are the ones you may spend the most time in or ones that are most often seen by other people. Allocate your budget to do these up first and you can start saving for the rest and decorate later.

Another tactic that is easier on the budget is to pick a focal point for a room. For some it could be gorgeous wall paper and for others a sofa they have been drooling over. It may be a beautiful painting or an antique carpet you just have to have. Invest a little in something you love and make it the focus. Then pick other inexpensive add-ons to complement your favourite piece without spending a fortune.

  • Start with small changes – Don’t go all out just because you feel that a room needs an overhaul. Start by making small changes like switching out the cushion covers and throws, changing bed linens or drapes, putting out more or different décor articles like lamps and vases and the like. Even subtle tweaks can drastically alter the ambiance of a space without making you reel over price tags. Use different colours, fabrics, textures or materials to make a difference. You can even just begin by changing the colour of the walls.
  • Explore your shopping avenues – When exploring home décor don’t limit yourself to conventional shopping options or big name stores. Check our smaller shops, antique and flea markets, estate sales, thrift shops and more. You can often find better deals and more unique one of a kind pieces. Also look online for deals and sales; there are plenty to be found!

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