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For bridesmaids today, there is no need to worry that they will have to wear an outfit that doesn’t flatter their figure, as designs have certainly moved forward. The fashionable trend of bridesmaids dresses means that bridesmaids actually look forward to the day when they put their dress on and are seen by the crowds. In fact, materials and styles are so fabulous that most bridesmaids dread the time when they have to box the dress up, ready for the next wedding.

There are so many bridal experts around these days voicing their opinions on appropriate styles for the occasion that the discerning bride has a big decision to make when selecting the colours and styles to suit her bridesmaids.


One thing for certain is that bridal experts do make one particularly useful suggestion. That is that the bride should select the desirable colours before setting out to the shops to select and order the dresses. Not knowing the colour may delay the selection process and the bride may not find the colour is available locally. The colour selected must suit the girls’ stature and figures collectively, even though some individual diversion can be made too.


Various fashion gurus have their say about fashionable colours. They are currently suggesting darker colours for the coming winter months, with charcoal grey, navy, eggplant and rich reds on top of the list. However, that doesn’t mean that lighter colours can’t be used as well, such as neutral creamy tones.


When it comes to texture, if the bride has chosen a soft and romantic style in the dress, then the bridesmaids’ dresses should follow this pattern. The bride, of course, is the star of the show, so should catch the eye of the guests, while the bridesmaids should just mould in to the background.


Today, bridesmaids don’t need to worry about being closeted in stiff unromantic materials, as chiffon is currently the flavour of the month, particularly the darker shades for autumn and the cooler months. Taffeta is in too. You can’t escape this bridal favourite. However, if you don’t like satin, then you are lucky – nor do today’s brides!



It is generally accepted that bridesmaids wear matching outfits, but they are often offered an option when it comes to necklines. They can choose the neckline that they feel comfortable in. There is nothing worse than a bridesmaid wanting to escape the stage because the neckline makes her feel subconscious, embarrassed and awkward.

The type of material, the length of the dress and the colour is down to the bride with no exceptions. Sweetheart necklines are often the choice of many brides as they tend to flatter the majority of builds.



There is the waistline to consider, too. Trying to find a style that fits everybody is not that difficult, as empire waistlines or A-line skirts are great for their flattering design, even for the chunkiest of waists. If some need to be concealed more, then the suggestion is to put in pleats at the waistline. If this is done for all bridesmaids, then no one will stand out and feel embarrassed.


Providing accessories is a big hit these days and jewellery distributed amongst the bridesmaids is theirs to keep. Everyone will want to be a bridesmaid if they see what is on offer by brides to their bridesmaids today, including large dramatic necklaces, super size earrings and stunning shoes, decorated with luxuriant flowers and jewels.

Don’t worry, bridesmaids, as you can choose your own hairstyle and you won’t have to pay for it, either. All you have to do is wear the matching decorations that you are given and will have to wear in your hair. Dresses for your bridesmaids have never been simpler.

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