What To Do When Bitten By Dogs

Dogs. We know them as man’s best friend. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no risk in having one. It doesn’t really matter if you have a toy or a guard dog. There’s a probability that you will get bitten. Well, there’s nothing to worry about if your dogs have finished their immunization. That means, you can spare yourself from having rabies. But what if your dogs are new? What if you haven’t taken them to the veterinary just yet?

Below, you will see what are the things that you should do when bitten by dogs. Or in other terms, these are the first aid when bitten by dogs.

Move over! You have to move. It is essential to remember that dogs are territorial by nature. They usually attack if they feel that their territory is being invaded. So if you, or someone, got bitten, it is suggested that you move to a different place. If you can be out of the dog’s sight, the better.

Don’t control the bleeding just yet. Some people think that it’s ok to stop the bleeding right away. But you are just preventing the bacteria to be automatically washed out. Of course, this is not advisable if there is excessive bleeding. For normal ones, wait for a couple of minutes before stopping it.

Wash the wound with an effective anti – bacterial soap. Always have this at home. Wash the injured part for about 5 minutes. Don’t use your towel to dry. Towels are more susceptible to bacteria. What you can do is to use paper towels. That is much safer and more hygienic.

Apply antiseptic solution. This includes betadine and hydrogen peroxide. Apply this to the injured area.

Get ice. If you must know, what really hurts is when your wound gets swollen. To stop that from happening, you must get an ice pack. Yes, that old remedy really works!

Rush to the nearest health centers. And don’t forget to still visit the health centers. You’ll never know how grave your wound is. It is better if you seek professional assistance. Rabies can be very deadly. Always remember that.

I’m sure that with the tips above, you will never have to panic if someone gets bitten by a dog. You don’t have to become a nurse or a health practitioner if you want to give a first aid. Share this with all of your friends!  

Kim Bookman loves to take care of animals. However, she is very aware of the dangers too. She even visits different zoos around US like the Brookfield Zoo, so she can get tips on how she can tame different animals.

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  1. I would also add that if you get any swelling of the leg, arm, hand etc, and/or a red rash appears to go straight to A&E. My Mum had a mere scratch from a dog on her leg, we went to the doctor when her ankle swelled up and they sent us straight to A&E where we soon realised the seriousness of the situation with the infection spreading up my mum’s body (marked by a creeping rash) – after 8 hours and intensive administration of injected antibiotics they finally stopped the infection spreading, had prevented it going into her vital organs and saved my Mum’s life. All from a dog tooth scratch!

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