Best Practices to Proofread Your Thesis

Proofreading is one the important task that you have to do when you are finalizing your thesis document. Without proper proofreading, your document will be left with mistakes that are usually unbearable by the readers. When you are completed with writing your thesis and have finalized the results, the tiresome feelings sometimes do not allow you to review it for amending the mistakes.

Completing the thesis itself is so exhausting that during the last phases, you just want to get over with it and hand it over to supervisor immediately. Therefore, it is obvious that their will be some mistakes that you might have done while ending your work.

However, you cannot just submit your thesis without proofreading it properly. Sometimes people do proofread it but they spend very minute time, which is not adequate to ensure deletion of all mistakes. Therefore, here is an easy guide for you to proofread your thesis in an orderly manner:

Take Some Rest

Taking some rest before proofreading your thesis is very important. You can neglect this option only if your deadline is super close and you have to submit your work within few days. Writing a thesis is not an easy job and your mind gets completely vacant. Therefore, take your time and have some long hours of beauty sleep. Read newspaper, watch T.V, and achieve some mental calmness. After few days, when you realize that you are mentally fresh, now is the time to start the work again. When you will start working, you will realize that your mind has become extra efficient and it is pouring out new ideas that have never come before.


Divide Your Thesis in Proper Sections

Once you are ready to proofread it, bring your thesis in the standard format and proper sections. Usually the thesis has standard sections according to international guidelines (e.g. abstract, introduction, literature, methodology etc). However, it can vary as per institute guidelines. Therefore, bring your thesis in the standard format and sections, so that you can examine the coherence in your essay properly.

Read it Twice

Once your work is in the standard format, start to proofread it from the very first page. Sit on the couch with a cup of coffee at your side and try to read it on printed page (instead of reading on your PC or laptop). This will ensure more concentration on your work and hence your attention will not be diverted. Reading it twice will help you to include the missing points and you will be able to identify the sentence structure problems and grammatical errors.

Read it aloud in front of others

This is one of the most effective practices, which can help you to identify your mistakes. When you are reading yourself in your mind, there are some mistakes that your mind correct it (as it is aware about the logic behind your words). However, when you read aloud, than you can know that how it will sound to the other people when they will read it. Hence, there will be so many points that will be raised while reading out loud and this practice will help you to make your thesis sound even better.

Give Standard Outline

Once you are done with the proofreading and you think that it is perfect to submit, follow the format properly, and change the font size, writing style etc as guided by your university thesis manual. This step is very important as many universities and colleges deduct numbers if your thesis is not in the proper format. Otherwise, you might loose numbers and hence you will not get the right reward for the efforts you have incorporated in your thesis.

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