Becoming A Mum Does Not Mean An End To Style

Pregnancy, birth and then breastfeeding all change a woman’s shape dramatically. Her desire to look stylish and fashionable does not necessarily change and her right to look good remains. This article makes suggestions for building the perfect capsule wardrobe of breastfeeding clothes.


Choose Fabrics Carefully

Your weight will continue to fluctuate for some time, so it makes sense to build in a bit of flexibility. Choose materials with a little bit of ‘give.’ If Lycra seems too extreme, look for cotton/elastane mixes.

Colour Is Key

For a capsule wardrobe, look for similar tones to mix and match. Neutrals always work well, though you might worry less if you have some darker colours available because vomit and mashed carrot will stain lighter shades! Treat yourself to bold accessories to change the look   any investment there will carry you long beyond the breastfeeding stage. Just make sure that anything you do buy is safe for your baby as beads and little mouths don’t always mix well.

Shop Online

There are many benefits to online shopping for new mothers and buying breastfeeding clothes ought to be as stress-free as possible.

  • Shop any time, day or night
  • Fit in with your baby’s sleep schedule
  • Shop in your pyjamas if you want to!
  • Many retailers offer free delivery . . .
  • . . . and free returns if items don’t fit

What To Buy

Every new mum will feel differently about what she likes to wear, so this is just a guide. Layering is key as your temperature will fluctuate.

  • Tops x 5
  • Cardigan x 3
  • Jeans x 1
  • Leggings x 1
  • Skirt x 1
  • Wraparound dress x 1
  • Shoes x 2 pairs
  • Boots x 1 pair
  • Jacket x 2

And of course, a stylish change-bag that will double as a handbag for the foreseeable future!

Practical Clothes Are Your New Best Friend

Not only will you need practical clothes in the sense that if you are breastfeeding, you need easy access to your bra, but you need clothes that help cut down unnecessary work. Where possible, try to choose machine-washable items and things that need minimal ironing   you probably won’t have time and if you do, you might prefer to spend it with your cute bundle of little person. Specialist retailers will have thought of this for you, so it is worth searching them out (often online) when buying breastfeeding clothes.

Shoes should also be comfortable. Many women’s feet grow during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations. With a new baby, comfy shoes have never been as important as you might find yourself walking miles every day pushing your buggy.

The main idea is to see versatility in the pieces you choose to get the maximum combinations from your clothes to ensure you always look fresh. Let your clothes do the work. Keep these basics in mind and you will still feel like the old you while you adjust to your new role   the most important job in the world!


The Author writes regularly on pregnancy and baby-related topics for various websites and blogs. Her capsule wardrobe of breastfeeding clothes helped her tremendously in the early days of motherhood. She has two children of her own and juggles motherhood with a writing career.

Garima is the founder of, a UK based blog offering most useful tips on the topics you love to know more about. She enjoys travelling, blogging and spending time with her 6 year old daughter.

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