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There’s more to beauty therapy than just styling hair and applying make-up. This sector encompasses are range of skills and disciplines, from skin care to cosmetic research and development. It’s also not just about looking pretty, as often business and marketing skills are required. Due to the fact that it’s so varied, there are endless career opportunities, including travel, working for 5-star hotels and even having a salon of your own.

Are you considering a career in beauty?

Here are some reasons why it could be right for you.

You’ll never get bored

Being in the beauty industry means you’re not stuck behind a desk all day. You get to interact with people on a daily basis, so there’s never a dull moment. There are a range of exciting sectors to get involved in, including fashion, entertainment, massage, and even product research. If you get the travel bug, beauty therapists are always in high demand for cruise ships, spas and resorts. You can be pampering people in Phuket or applying make-up in Milan.

It’s long-term

Certain aspects of the beauty industry may be associated with fleeting ambitions, as beauty is centred on looks (the fashion world is a good example). However, becoming a beauty therapist doesn’t mean an end to your career by the time you’re 30. A beauty career can be viable in the long-term, especially if you decide to start your own salon and keep your skills up to date. This industry also has staying power during difficult economic times, as people always want to look their best. According to Jim Cox (American Association of Cosmetology Schools), people need to have an edge over their job competition. The easiest way to do this is by getting a new haircut or having a make-over. Having regular clients also helps you to build long-term relationships, so you’ll never be out of business.

It’s (almost) like being a psychologist

It’s a given that you need to love people if you want to be a beauty therapist. You should be out going and have excellent communication skills. However, not only do you need to be a good talker, but you also need to be an empathetic listener. Many people use their time at the beauty salon to de-stress, and this often involves a lot of personal sharing. You need to be able to lend a sympathetic ear and possibly even hand out some relationship advice.

If a career as a beauty therapist sounds like a right fit, there are a range of courses you can take, from short-term make-up certificates to longer diplomas. Many of these courses are accredited and available online, so you can study part-time and at your own pace.

Ang Lloyd writes on behalf of Now Learning, which promotes distance education in Australia, including small business management and beauty courses.

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