Basic Nutrition Information

Basic Nutrition Information

Nutrition is a very important part of a person’s life. Nutrition is not obtained by simply eating. Rather, one is nourished when he eats the right kind of food at the right amounts. A person who overeats will not bode well in the future because he runs the risk of obesity which also brings along a lot of other complications. Likewise, a person who eats the wrong kind of food regularly dampens the strength of his immune system and introduces tons of unwanted substances into his bloodstream.

In order to keep oneself healthy, a well-balanced diet is needed. Although experts are always debating on what really is the perfect balance, one can get a sense of what is needed by reading research from various sources. Here are the basic nutrients one needs in his meal.


Vitamins have a lot of uses in our body. Their main purpose is to control the reaction of chemicals in our system. Likewise, they also give us energy and help in obtaining energy found in other nutrients.

Vitamins come in many types. It is best to have a little of everything so that you don’t miss out on its benefits. Just be sure you don’t take in more than is necessary. Too many tablets and capsules in our body will damage our liver.


Minerals are just as important as vitamins in our body. As with vitamins, these also exist in various forms such as calcium, sodium, iron and many more. Each one has its own specific use in the body. For example, calcium helps in repairing the bones while iron helps our cells breathe. Some of the other minerals help keep our heart rate normal while others help in producing hormones.


These are our main sources of energy. We get this from starch rich food like rice, corn and bread. Potatoes are also a good source of carbs. This nutrient exists in two forms namely the simple and complex carbohydrates. The simple ones are digested with ease and serve to increase our insulin levels and are normally found in soda, candy and other foods that contain sugar. This is the type of carbohydrate that we should avoid.

The complex carbohydrates are the ones that are beneficial to use. These take time to digest but aid us a lot when in the system. These are normally found in brown rice, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and many more. According to nutritionists, an estimated fifty percent of our total calorie intake should be complex carbohydrates.


Protein’s main purpose is to repair our tissues. This nutrient is found in abundance everywhere we go. Examples of food that contain this are chicken, beans, lean meat, eggs, seeds and other dairy products. When talking about percentages, protein should comprise around twenty percent of our overall calorie consumption.


Last on the list are fats. This nutrient should be taken in small quantities because they also have disadvantages. Fats are needed because they help the system absorb vitamins and also help prevent blood clotting.


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