Angled Bob Hairstyles

When we talk about angled bob hairstyle the perfect example would be Victoria Beckham. After all she popularized the said hairstyle; thus it was named after her, “posh bob”.

Angled bob hairstyle or “posh bob” is the uneven, layered adaptation of the usual bob. It can be angled either on the back, front or side. This hairstyle can suit almost all face shape because it creates dimension and sharp details.  

Angled Bob Hairstyles Pictures

Some latest Angled bob hairstyles

You can wear angled bob hairstyles with straight or curly hair; straight version look sleek and edgy while the curly version look sexy and flirty. Angled bob hairstyle can also suit all hair length; whether long, short or medium length.

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  1. hi im an indian girl having medium length hair with curls at the end also i have a broad forehead… please suggest me hairstyles or haircuts which would help me cover my forehead..?

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