How Allergy and Asthma Sufferers can clean their Home

Allergies can cause problems in the home if sufferers are allergic to dust mites, airborne dust particles, and sensitive to cleaning chemicals or cat dander. There are some major changes you can make to the way you clean your home to make you feel better and to improve your symptoms. Reducing the existence of allergens in your home can be a great step to feeling better.

How to Allergy Proof your Bedroom

All bed linen like pillow cases, duvet covers, blankets and sheets should be washed in water at least once a week in water heated to at least 54 degrees Celsius. You can cover mattresses and base of the bed with dust-mite proof covers. Synthetic materials are preferable to other natural materials. Carpeting is a great carrier of dust and so they should be replaced with more hygienic floors like linoleum and hardwood. Washable rugs are also feasible. However, if you absolutely have to have carpets then decide to choose a low pile one that can be shampooed every week. A vacuum cleaner should have a HEPA filter. Curtains and blinds should also be washable. In the pollen season, windows should be kept closed and air conditioning used. The windowsills should be washed frequently. Upholstered furniture should be avoided and buy furniture that can be wiped down easily. Pets should not be kept in the bedroom.

How to Allergy Proof your Lounge

A pet is often kept in the lounge but if the weather is good then consider keeping the pet outside. Potted plants can spread mould, so put aquarium gravel over the plant dirt to stop mould from forming. A natural fireplace is unfortunately not beneficial for allergy sufferers as smoke and gas can make allergy or asthma sufferers worse. Consider a natural gas heater instead that maybe replicates a flame.

How to Allergy Proof your Kitchen

The stove can cause an excess build-up of smoke and gases if you are not careful enough to install a vented exhaust fan which will remove cooking fumes. This should also remove moisture and the hood will take fumes and release it outside through a vent. Dishes should certainly not be allowed to breed mould and must be cleaned every day. The taps and sink faucets should be scrubbed and kept clean always without mould being allowed to form on them. The refrigerator should also not be allowed to carry mould on plastic seals and out of date food should be got rid of as soon as possible. Food should be kept in sealed containers and the surfaces cleaned regularly with a soap solution. The bin should be emptied daily and keep an insect-proof lid on the bin.

How to Allergy Proof your Bathroom

Good ventilation in the bathroom is imperative to keeping it dry without excess moisture causing damp and mould to form. An exhaust fan should definitely be installed. Naturally, linoleum, vinyl, tiled or wooden floor is preferable to a carpet. Wallpaper should certainly be replaced with either tiled walls or mould-resistant enamel paint walls. The tub should be dried with a towel after use and the bath and shower faucets should be scrubbed and kept mould-free with bleach. Mouldy shower curtains and bathmats should be replaced. The toilet and sink should be scrubbed.

General Ways to Allergy Proof your House

It is important to control the temperature and humidity of your house to prevent mould and damp from forming. Pests can be got rid of with traps from the hardware store or get in an exterminator. Use air conditioning and air dehumidifiers and keep windows closed in hot weather. Non washable material like carpeting should be avoided in the home. Have a weekly cleaning routine to clean all floors and surfaces. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter for all your cleaning around the house and change heating or cooling filters once a month. Finally, avoid smoking in the house.

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