Acne Scars Treatment

If you have experienced acne, then scars are a natural result. The scars themselves are not a problem if you can ignore them. But if they are severe they can have a damaging impact on your physical appearance and also your self-esteem. You might wish that the scars would just go away because of the negative effect they have on your appearance.

If you feel that the scars are limiting your opportunities to socialize, get a job or affecting your self-esteem or self-confidence or making you extremely self-conscious then you have to seriously consider ways to remove them. If you find yourself wishing for this more than once everyday then it is time to give serious thought on getting rid of them.

The first rule in acne scar treatment is to understand the kind of scars one has before adopting the treatment.

Generally there are three kinds of scars when it comes to acne, ice pick scars are narrow and deep while keloid scars are like raised bumps. Scars can also be dark spots that remain for more than a year even after the pimple has disappeared.

Popular methods of scar removal include laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and collagen injection.

However all these treatments will take time to show results and should be done in consultation with a dermatologist. You should also remember that it is not possible to remove all the acne scars and your skin will not retain its earlier texture and appearance in spite of the best treatment. So have realistic expectations from the treatment to avoid disappointment.

Before starting any acne scar treatment it is necessary to control the acne breakouts to avoid further scarring. Acne scar treatment can also be done with over the counter creams and lotions which can help in diminishing the scars. Products containing glycolic acid, retinol, or vitamin C help in this. Products containing collagen improve the appearance of the skin. Skin lightening cream will help for dark spots.

There is no single treatment for acne scars as the success of the treatment depends on the type of scars, the product used and the effectiveness of the product on the individual. The advanced scar treatments discussed above are used by dermatologists based on the type of scars and their severity.

It is advisable to use chemical peels or dermabrasion methods under the guidance of a doctor and not try them on your own. A dermatologist will know the best method to get rid of your acne scars.

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