Acne Cure and Treatments

Best acne Cures

Acne is a universal problem and affects every one of all ages. The damage it does to the skin and one’s physical appearance makes everyone desire a permanent cure for the condition. Unfortunately there is no single cure for acne and the effectiveness of the various treatment options depends on the person’s responsiveness and also the severity of the problem.

Acne Treatment through Creams and over the counter products

Most over the counter products can help in treating acne. The cleansers, creams and lotions available at shops help to a certain extent. Some of these products cause the skin to peel off helping new skin to develop. Topical creams containing antibiotics are applied to acne prone areas to get rid of the bacteria causing the condition. But these may have side effects. And with increased usage the bacteria develop resistance to these medicines. Creams containing Vitamin A are sometimes used to treat acne but they can cause dryness and irritation.

Curing Acne with Antibiotics

Oral antibiotics are sometimes used to cure acne but they often have nasty side effects like dizziness and nausea. These medicines travel through the entire blood stream causing unwanted side effects. They are useful only if the acne is present in several parts of the body.

Hormone therapy is also used to control acne caused by hormonal imbalances. Recent studies have shown that vitamin B5 can be effective to cure acne because lack of it in the diet was found to cause acne. This vitamin was also found to be effective in controlling excessive sebum production, a major cause for acne.

Diet has an important role in curing acne.

A high fat diet can cause acne. A healthy and well-balanced can be the first step in finding an effective cure for acne. A diet rich in this vitamin can help in curing the condition. Sources of vitamin B5 are liver, yeast, eggs, mushrooms, yogurt etc. One can also take supplements available in the market.

Other ways to cure acne is avoiding further breakouts by using minimum make up, drinking plenty of water, cleansing the skin regularly and avoiding the use of harsh skin products that cause irritation. Remember not to touch your face with dirty hands and keeping your hair clean and wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothes that cause less friction to the skin.

Following the above tips will make the treatment for your acne successful and prevent future breakouts. Achieving smooth blemish free skin will no longer be a dream.

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