A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Working Moms only want one thing MORE TIME.  There never seems to be enough time in a day to accomplish all the things that need to be done.  Juggling children, career, marriage and the rare “me” times may seem impossible.  Guilt feelings of not doing a good enough job plague most working Moms.  Missed soccer games, skipped office gatherings and neglecting the husband will happen.  Do not dwell on the things you have missed concentrate on the things you are there for.

Career and family do not have to be constant sources of stress with a bit of planning.  Share the work load with your husband he is your partner in life.  Pass on that more time demanding promotion at work.  Make the most of the family time you have now.   Prioritize your time, goals and tasks at hand.  You can go for part time or flexible jobs instead of full time, it’s never too late to look for a less stressful position with flexibility of work. I recommend checking out Mum Plus Business which is a free online service helping mothers form successful business partnerships with other local mums.


It is essential to have a schedule.  This is a basic schedule that can be adjusted to fit your needs

Preparing for tomorrow

  • Choose and lay out the clothes everyone will be wearing.
  • Place fully packed diaper bags or book bags for older children and briefcases near the front door.
  • Prepare and pack lunches.
  • Have your breakfast ingredients readily available
  • Have coffee ready to go at a push of a button.


Morning Rush Time

  • Try to rise a hour before everyone else.  This gives you time to get yourself ready.
  • Prepare and serve and eat breakfast
  • Spend time with your family and talk to each other about your day’s plans.
  • Drop off kids at school / day care.
  • Kiss your husband.


Returning Home

  • Pick up your children talk to caregiver about your child’s day.  Daily open communications keeps you informed of any problems.
  • Keep the commute time stress free.  Do not indulge in road rage,  a few extra minutes  of drive time is nothing compare to the effect it has on you and your child.


Arriving Home

  • Get out of your work clothes.  Be comfortable you are at home.
  • Plan easy and fast weekday dinners in advance.
  • Spend time and play with your child.
  • Limit interruption of family time by turning off your cell phone.  There is a reason it have voice mail.
  • Dinner time is family time.  Turn off the distracting TV.
  • After dinner clearing and dish washing should be a family project.


Wind down Bed Time

  • Your child needs a wind-down time, a bath sooths and relaxes
  • A bed time story after the bath with hugs and kisses.
  • Put your child to bed for the night
  • Prepare for tomorrow as listed above.


You time

  • Time for you to wind down.
  • Fold a load of laundry while sitting on the couch with your husband.
  • Catch up on each other’s day and plan for tomorrow.
  • Paint your nails
  • Take a bath
  • Watch some TV
  • Get some rest so you can do it all again tomorrow.

 “I think it’s a false trade-off to say quality time vs. quantity – you have to have both.  So if you have long work hours like I did, how do you get rid of things in your life you don’t need in order to put that extra time into your children? You need much more sensitivity in the workplace to the challenges young women go through in trying to do two very difficult jobs well.” Hillary Clinton 


Keep in mind your schedule is not set in stone.  Be flexible and adapt to things that throw you off schedule.  Do not fret or worry about it.  As the saying goes “Life is what happens while you are busy making plans (or schedules).”   Cherish and make the most of the times you are together.   This is your day in the life of a working mom make the most of it.

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