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Purchasing interior doors is an expensive process. Therefore it pays to research the different steps beforehand to eliminate any potential costly mistakes. This guide will navigate you through the process and all considerations, so that you can do this successfully.

Where to Buy a Door

Purchasing an interior door can seem like a mammoth task without being armed with the right knowledge. There are indeed several things to consider before you embark on this journey. The first of which is where to buy? You can of course visit your local DIY center, however more and more people are turning to the web to make these purchases and as long as you know what to look for, this is a great solution.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Door

Size:  The first thing to consider is the size of the door or composite doors that you require. They are either a ‘standard’ or special size. You can measure the door yourself and compare it to standard measurements, or you can seek help from a professional joiner or builder. Obviously standard sized doors are easier to source, especially online, however if it is non-standard you should pick up the phone and speak to the retailer directly to communicate exactly what you require. You will be given a bespoke quote which isn’t currently online.

Door finish:   The next thing to consider is the ‘finish’ of the door i.e. do you want your door to remain unfinished, or do you want the manufacturer to stain the door or composite doors for you. An unfinished door will be cheaper and it will also allow you to finish the door yourself, should you wish.

Fire Rated:   The next thing to consider is if the door needs to be fire-rated. There are two types of fire door: a FD30 which is fire resistant up to 30 minutes; and an F60 which is resistant for up to 60 minutes.

Door Frame:   You need to of course decide if you need a frame for your door or if your existing frame is satisfactory. If you are unsure you should seek professional advice regarding this.

Style:   You should consider the actual style of the door that you require i.e. something contemporary or something more traditional. A more modern style of door will look better with a more contemporary interior and a traditional door will look better in an older property.

Door Material:   The final decision is about the type of material that you want your door to be made out of. There are lots of different options ranging from Walnut, Oak and white PVC. Oak doors are more popular but more expensive, whereas white PVC doors are much cheaper at around  100 in most cases.


This article has highlighted all the aspects which need to be considered when purchasing a door. You should be armed with enough information e.g. if you want composite doors to be able to do this successfully so that costly errors are avoided.

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