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Do you always find yourself panicking and cramming at the last minute? Do you find it hard to keep a schedule? Do you find challenging to manage your time wisely? If you answered yes to all these questions, then, keep reading; this article is for you.

Time management is indeed a challenge to some people. See out tips

Time management is indeed a challenge to some people. See out tips

Time management is indeed a challenge to some people—students and professionals alike. But how does one counter this schedule menace? Here are a few tips:

  1. Find out where you are wasting time. This is actually self-explanatory. Every problem solving plan starts with identifying the problem. Once you have identified where you waste your time, it will be easier for you to manage your time wisely.

  2. Create time management goals and implement them. This is simple. Make a list of all the things you have to do and set a specific amount that you intend to consume in order to finish the task. The amount of time allocated for each task should be weighed according to the significance of the task and the difficulty. If it is really important but can be done in just fifteen minutes, then, allocate just fifteen minute for it and distribute your remaining time to your other tasks.

  3. Prioritize things properly and appropriately. Of course, this means to wisely allocate your time to the more important things first. If your job/project comes in first of the list, allocate more time for it; however, if this job/project needs less time than other things in the list, give it the appropriate time it needs so that you can use your remaining time to other more productive activities and/or goals.

  4. Use time management tools. Alarm clocks and daily planners are good choices for this one. Instead of listing your goals and tasks weekly or monthly, it is best to list them daily so you can see what you need to do right after you wake up. It is also best to set an alarm for every task you need to do (for example, you need to write a paper at seven o’clock, write it on your planner and set an alarm at seven or minutes before it so you will remember). If you are using a phone or any smart gadget that allows you to enter data in the calendar, then, make use of this tool and encode your tasks in the application and set an alarm on the time you have to start the tasks or, it is best, to set the alarm minutes before you start the tasks.

  5. Start right away. If you followed step 4 and your alarm went off, do not—never ever—press the snooze button! As soon as the alarm goes off, start the task. This way, you can finish it on time, and you can avoid wasting any valuable time in your hand. Another “start right away” step would be to start applying these steps right away. Do not procrastinate and say, “I’ll start following these steps tomorrow or next week or next month.” Grab what a notebook, a planner, or your smart gadget and start your time management goals now—and implement them right ahead.

Time management is something that not too many of us are gifted at. However, it’s a must to manage our time wisely if we are to succeed in whatever endeavour we partake. There’s no better time than now to ponder upon how we spend and make use of our in an effective, efficient and productive manner. So, start now!

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