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For most pet owners, it’s a no brainer that keeping their dog happy and healthy often turns out to be the biggest challenge. Dog owners invariably make complaints about different health problems like obesity, hypertension and psychological disturbances about their pets. As a pet owner, it’s your duty to figure out all these issues and do everything needed to keep your dog happy, active and healthy. Here, you will discover some great tips that’ll help you maintain optimal health and fitness of your dog-kid.

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Your pet is just like your kid; you have to take care of him, pay attention to his diet and other activities and actively encourage him to lead a happy and healthy life. Expert pet-owners have come up with some great suggestions for the struggling dog owners. Let’s discover how you can tweak things and keep your dog fit and healthy effectively.

1.) regular grooming helps a lot

Long hairs might make your dog look adorable, but they also increase the incidence rates of infections. Dogs with long hairs often suffer from irritant eyes, ear infections and so forth. You should groom them regularly; consider trimming their hair in every three to six weeks. This helps a lot and keeps your pet away from frequent infections (even allergic symptoms).

2.) Keep their hair neat and tidy

Many times, dog owners fail to pay attention to the hair of their pet. Your pet needs regular brushing of their hair. If you do it irregularly, she will not become habituated with the practice. You should brush their hair and take the dead furs out regularly to prevent parasite infestations and other scalp infections.

3.) Ensure proper nutrition with balance diet

Your pet definitely needs balanced diet to stay healthy. Try to maintain a chart and give them a balanced diet as meals and make sure, she’s getting all the essential nutritional components for growth and retention.

4.) Be careful while vaccinating your dog

Pet owners are always concerned about vaccinating their dogs. However, this concern might turn into a boomerang. Over inoculation or drug overdose can be lethal for your dog. You should always use approved parasite control medications like Advocate for Dogs.

5.) Dental care and hygiene is crucial

Veterinarians are highly concerned about the dental hygiene of the dogs. According to international statistics, 30 percent of untimely death of the dogs are caused by mouth infections initiated or triggered by poor dental hygiene. You should be very careful about this and brush their teeth every day after meals.

6.) Create exercise schedules for your dog

In many cases, dogs develop obesity and hypertension due to lack of exercising or physical activities. Lack of physical activities may also lead to boredom and depression. To prevent such health hazards, you have to create a comprehensive routine for your dog and ensure that their calories are burnt out!

7.) Give them what they love

Experts recommend including soft raw knuckle bones or joints in your dog’s meals. She’ll love the boney surprise and the nutritious food will supple their essential needs. At the same time, chewing bones is good for dental health too! Be careful about choosing the right piece of bone and give them surprises regularly!

Keeping your dog fit and happy isn’t a difficult task if you know what to do! The tips discussed above gives an overall idea how you can manage and optimize their life. Follow these tips and soon you’ll discover, it’s very easy to keep your dog fit, active, healthy and happy.

About the Author:¬†Grace Sumrall is a free lance writer with a passion for proper pet care. She enjoys sharing any useful tips in hopes of helping her fellow pet owners. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading a good book with a hot cup of coffee.

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