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When it comes to marriage, most of the guys want to take it slow. Even when the girl is all set to seal the bond, the man may still have an ounce of doubt. They need every reason to believe that marriage is good for them and will only make them happier and content. So when do men reach the stage when they look forward to tying the knot? Is it for real? Let us find out.


Why Guys Will Get Married


One’s wedding is the most special occasion in a person’s life. It is special, at least, to a woman. Loss of freedom and ingenuity can be one of the many reasons men don’t wish to marry. However, there are times when guys do want to get married. The following article is going to mention seven reasons why boys would want to wed.

If your man is giving you a hard time or making you wait for ages to pop the question, cite the following reasons and remind him that man too was made for this institution. And if you’re a guy, well, this is what you needed to know.

There are many legitimate reasons for guys wanting to marry. Let us take a look at the top seven reasons.


Life becomes infinitely better – Think of all the special moments that you can share with your wife. Women are known to be compassionate and loving, so you will always be cared for and respected. After all, all men need the special attention of a woman, whether it is their mother, girlfriend, or wife.


Guys want to be taken care of – Many of us are still under the impression that men are the stronger sex. Well, that’s not completely true. Men do love to appear macho and tough on the outside, but in reality they are more like overgrown babies. They need someone comforting when they fall ill or need psychological support. And who better than their better halves to do the task. Whether it’s a reassuring smile or just the sheer presence under the same roof, women can certainly look after men. And then, women can also help boost their egos by showering compliments.


There’s someone to do the laundry and cook – As much as most women would repel the thought of it, it is mostly true that after marriage the wife is responsible for cooking the meals and doing laundry. Men take up the handyman type tasks, while women do chores cooking and looking after the children. Keeping aside the gender stereotype, it is more of a girl-thing as women have that Midas touch. Why is it that most home cooks are women or the kids feel safer with their moms? Women have it in them to do the household work more easily.



Men like being protectors – As much as the women like being pampered, they also like being rescued by their men. And why only women, men too want to save the day. Protecting women makes them manlier, or at least that’s how they feel.


Love – Surprised why this reason came so far down in the list? Well, thank your stars at least it came. Real men fall in love and wish to make a commitment of a lifetime. Once a man has been bitten by the bug of love, it is likely that he wouldn’t stop thinking of her. So much so that he would want to spend all his time with her and know her more. If you can make your man’s heart ache when you’re not around, then this man is probably the one. He would want you to be with him 27×7 and that’s when you know that he is prepared.


Contentment – Once married, it’s more of a sure thing to get physical contentment from your partner.  Even though there are several jokes about how married couples keep fighting and seldom make love, the thought of that certainty is enough to make a man tick. For most bachelors, this is a strong reason as they needn’t work very hard for intimacy after marriage.


Family – Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by loved ones who are totally in awe of you? Yes, there are many men who would shiver at the thought of nappies and midnight crying, but you don’t need to jump onto that stage right away. Men think of the added attraction that comes in the form of attention from pretty ladies. Smart men understand that making babies is not your duty but a sign of love. You can extend your family whenever you feel like, but it is easier to raise a child with a loving wife who can take care of the miniscule chores and yet make you like superman. It would then be a picture-perfect life… you, your wife and the kids. Sooner or later, every man dreams of such completeness.

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