6 Lessons Taught to Children That Adults Hardly Follow

Wouldn’t the world be great if we actually followed the advice that adults told children? There seems to be a huge disconnect between what adults say is right and what adults actually do.

1) Line up and wait your turn

Nobody likes a line cutter or the infamous back cutter  “You can cut, but only if you go behind me”. Children are told that they must be patient and wait until it is their turn, but adults not only cut in line, they actually pretend to be disabled (at the airport by requesting wheelchairs) or bribe their way in front.


2) Play nicely

Good sportsmanship is a great lesson to learn. If you win, you say “good game” and if you lose you say “good game”. See adults like the idea of good sportsmanship but they don’t seem to like practising it. Parents behaving badly at their kids’ games and adults rioting after teams win and lose are pretty evident.

3) Everybody writes in cursive

In school, we were taught how to write in cursive. We were told that we would have to write everything in cursive and that we were expected to write this way in high school and beyond. However, adults prefer to write in print or have actually forgotten how to write in cursive such as on the SAT.
4) Cursing/Swearing is bad

As a child, if we cursed, we would be reminded that saying “bad words” was wrong. However, adults LOVE cursing. It is engrained in our entertainment. Some of the most popular TV shows, movies, and music use foul language and they are widely successful. People make huge careers out of cursing their head off.

5) You need to wear your helmet

If you don’t want your child’s head to look like a watermelon squashed by Gallagher, they should wear a helmet. In fact, there are state laws mandating helmet use for children but not adults. Adults don’t seem to get the hint since:

6) Everybody is a winner/Sharing is caring

Sorry but not everyone can be a winner. In order to be a winner, by definition, there must be losers. Of course it would be nice if everyone could benefit but society doesn’t seem to want it to happen. Countries do not want to share land or resources and therefore wars break out. The United States loves the idea of individualism. In capitalism, some people just have to be lower on the totem pole. Like The Rock says, “know your role, and shut your mouth”


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