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In the months preceding your baby’s birth, you will probably be very busy preparing your home for your new addition. As you decorate your new baby’s nursery, you may take great pleasure in doing most or all of the work on your own. Putting together a beautiful and inviting nursery does not have to be a worrisome and expensive undertaking. Taking a common sense approach to your decoration pursuits can help you create a nursery in which you and your little one will enjoy spending time.


Do Your Own Painting

Rather than hire professional painters, you can do the painting in the nursery yourself and save money on this job. Even more, you will know that the job is done to your specifications. Many home improvement stores sell paint colors that are mixed specifically for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms. There is a variety of bright and creative colors to choose from and many kinds of mixed tones for the decorator who wants 2 or 3 colors throughout the baby’s room. Painting can actually be a very enjoyable task that also helps you get some prenatal exercise.

Lay Washable Area Rugs

When you want to add dimension and appeal to your baby nursery’s floor, you can lay area rugs in this room. Area rugs that match your nursery color scheme can tie together the entire room. Because babies can be a bit messy when they spit up or have an accident, you might invest in washable rugs.

Choose the Best Furniture

You more than likely already know that you will need a crib, dresser, and changing table in your nursery. However, you might not have given much thought to other furniture that you may need. Having a rocker is a nice addition for when it’s time to calm the baby for nap or bedtime or for when bottle-feeding or nursing the baby.

Another great option is including a baby playard in your baby’s nursery. Often times, today’s playards come with attachments such as a mobile, diaper changing station, bassinet and detachable seat. Top of the line playards are even conveniently machine washable. This item can keep your baby safe while you tidy up the room or focus on other tasks. It also can give your baby time to play, learn to roll over, and take a nap. With the portability of a playard, it will also be handy when traveling or simply to use in another area of the home.

Use Wall Decals instead of Paint

If you are renting a home and cannot paint, or if you simply do not want to put the effort into a job of this magnitude, you a can still decorate your nursery by using wall decals. These adhesive decals can be found in most department and home improvement stores. Decals and decorations are available for purchase in a wide variety for anyone’s specific taste and style, including letters for the spelling of your baby’s name. You can choose decorations that are baby-friendly and will provide a bright and fun element to this room.

Buy Ready-to-Assemble Dressers

You will definitely need a dresser for your baby’s diapers, blankets, and clothes. Rather than buy an expensive and heavy dresser that could take up too much room in your house, you can save money and put together a dresser that fits the room when you buy a ready-to-assemble dresser. RTA furniture can be purchased for your baby’s nursery, and this furniture is every bit as appealing as ready-made furnishings.

Use Shelves for Decorations and Storage

If you need extra storage space or simply want to add some dimension to your nursery walls, you could hang shelving for this purpose. Wooden shelves can be painted to match your decoration plans. They can also be engraved with your baby’s name. Hanging your own shelves is an easy task and does not take much time.

Putting together your own baby nursery does not have to be a challenge. You can save money and enjoy the process by following some very easy do-it-yourself strategies.

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