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It is very likely that I need to tell them that there are still consequences of a global recession. People all over the world are feeling the pinch and the travel industry is suffering because we all have less money to spend these days on luxuries such as travel.

But the fact that we cannot afford it, does not mean that people do not want to travel. Apart from the general happiness, I think dream of travelling, visiting new places and seeing new things, is probably one of the most universal goals of life.

Trips are one of the most popular search terms, both on television and in the books or the Internet itself. The more we travel on the Internet, TV or books, but we want to explore the planet ourselves.

Nevertheless, although many of us want to travel more than what we could, there are many excuses for not travelling: spending, children and work are commonly used to explain to ourselves why we cannot travel now.

But what is the point of postponing your dreams? For me, you should be able to follow their dreams, even if you have limited funds, a growing family and a demanding career. All you need to do is change your thinking, make travel one of its top priorities and get to work.

Below are some of the tips which can help you travel more with less money.

Start Local: First try to change your thinking. The purpose of travel is to see new things and experience new cultures. Many people think that to see things they have not seen before need to travel very far, but that’s not true. Try to learn more about your local area. Any trip of two or three hour drive is just weekend trip. If you have more time, you can extend more.
First focus on your local ground or enter online to see different ideas. Probably there are some roads, caves, rivers, lakes, forests and waterfalls that you have never visited before, but always wanted to go. Choose one and be sure to visit it as soon as possible.

Accommodation: Think outside the box. For me, a trip is not about staying in charming hotels or luxury spas. The trip means getting out of my comfort zone and experience things I’ve never tried before.
Naps cheap campsites exchanges mean by home. If you want to try camping, see around and see if you can borrow camping equipment. You will be surprised by the amount of people who have all the camping equipment, but almost never used. For a couple of nights, all you need is a tent, bedding, a fridge and a small stove to cook pasta or risotto.
If you want to organize a camp, you need to realize home exchange with friends. Find someone in an area that would like to visit and change of site. The advantage of this is that it will motivate you to clean your home.

Foods: Who needs fancy restaurants? Even eating at fast food restaurants will eat your precious travel budget. With a little advance planning and some basic equipment, can be fed twice a day for a minimal cost. Here I tell you how.
Take a couple of plastic plates, bowls, glasses and buy a picnic knife that comes with a cover so you do not drill a hole in your backpack. For breakfast, have some local seasonal fruit, yogurt and granola bars. One of the healthiest breakfasts is formed with a thin layer of peanut butter on the bread. Just buy a jar of peanut butter, plastic to carry around with you and bread, chapati, tacos or fresh bread.

For lunch, try it fresh food such as bread, tomatoes, cheese and ham that are simple and nutritious food. Eating out is a real treat, as it allows them to have more time to explore and not be trapped inside or limited to places with restaurants. Staying at a hotel, ask if you can include the breakfast.
When it comes to dinner, watch the local eating and not go directly to the tourist restaurants. The street food can be excellent and very cheap idea.

Excursions: There are a lot of things to see and do in important places like Disneyland, the Eiffel Tower or visit the Sydney Opera House. But these things tend to be expensive. Trips are valuable.
Many of the best things are not that expensive and there are plenty of lesser-known attractions free or low cost, like going to Venice Beach in Los Angeles, visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris or watch markets Paddington in Sydney. All fun, interesting and easy on the budget too. First get the idea, then no matter where you go and do not have to feel the need to spend huge amounts to go to the main tourist attractions. That’s all they are, you can learn more by going out with the locals.

Relax: This is my best advice. A small trip or a holiday becomes a list of things to do.
For example, if you want to get to Paris, do not need a priority to visit the main touristic attractions. You will not see many French pay to climb the Eiffel Tower. They’re all sitting in cafes, drinking coffee and black short (the cheapest option) and watching people. Or can join them roaming free around the parks, visiting local markets and walking along and over the bridges of the Seine.

That’s it! Do not delay. Get a calendar and write when you go on the weekend.

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