5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Home


At this time of year, many homeowners start to think about their annual spring clean. As the weather begins to improve and you’re keen to enter the new season with a bang, it’s a good idea to think about making a few changes to your home.

Here, we take a look at five achievable ways to spring clean your living space.

Give the walls a coat of paint

Bringing the new season into your home needn’t involve a total overhaul of your existing décor. Just a coat of paint on your walls can be enough to brighten your rooms and add a breath of fresh air into your home. If you really want to make a bigger change, consider adding a feature wall by using a bright coloured paint or a vibrant wallpaper. The beauty of features like these is that they can quite easily be changed, allowing you to tap into new trends without too much commitment.

Donate unwanted items to your local charity store

It can be hard sometimes to let go of items that you don’t want. There’s a little bit of hoarder in every one of us, and it can be tempting to think that you might need your belongings again in the future. Instead of just throwing things away though, donate them to your local charity shop. It’s a great way to benefit the community while also getting rid of unwanted items in your home.

Bring in the professionals

If cleaning just isn’t your thing, consider using a professional service to get your home in order with as little fuss as possible. Just a few hours of cleaning could be all it takes, and it will come with a relatively small fee. Of course, always make sure that you use a reputable company and ensure that they have the appropriate insurance.

Host a swopping event with your friends and neighbours

Your friends and neighbours probably have items that they need to get rid of that would look great in your home. Try organising a swopping event where everyone brings along home ware that they no longer want, and go home with a second hand item that they could love. It’s a fantastic way to bring new pieces into your home without spending a penny, and whilst also letting go of things you don’t need.

Invest in just a few key new items

It’s likely that you have your eyes on lots of items to update your décor. Buying everything can be costly though, not to mention completely unnecessary. Before hitting the shops, consider a few purchases that will last the long haul. A beautiful crystal vase, for example, can be used to display some fresh spring flowers and will never go out of fashion.

Following these tips, your spring clean needn’t be too expensive or too taxing on your time. Have you started your spring clean yet? How are you approaching the task?


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