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Most of us take our ears for granted, giving little thought to the protection of them until the time comes when they are not operating at 100%. Unfortunately, by this point it is often too little too late. Hearing loss is often painless and happens over time and it is for these reasons that we often don’t see it coming.

Once your hearing is damaged, you can’t fix it and whilst there are invisible hearing aids that can help, taking care of your ears to avoid the damage in the first place is definitely the best cure.

To help you protect your hearing we have put together a list of some of the most common dangers and how you can avoid any irreversible damage.

  1.  Understand safety levels: Normal conversation is usually around 50-70 dB and is quite safe. However, exposure to noise levels above 85dB can damage your hearing. It’s recommended that you don’t listen to noise levels above 85dB for more than 8 hours. However, it is important to remember that the louder the noise, the shorter the time period before damage can occur to your hearing. Exposure to noise levels over 110dB risks damage to your hearing in a matter of minutes.
  2.  Take steps to reduce exposure to noise levels: If you’re a fan of loud music, then you suffer a greater chance of damage to your hearing. If you often frequent nightclubs or go to concerts, try and avoid standing directly in front of speakers. By staying more central you can enjoy the music whilst limiting damage. Check your MP3 player for a smart volume function. If you have one then keep the volume at a lower more comfortable level. If any louder songs come on, the smart function will lower them accordingly and reduce impact on your ears.
  3.  Monitor noise levels at work: If you’re concerned that the noise at work may be too loud, speak to someone. There are laws to protect staff from over-loud noise levels. It may be that you’re being exposed to noise levels and that you need ear protection. If in doubt, wear ear protectors.
  4.  Make small changes: by turning the television down, keeping the music lower in the home, or by simply wearing earplugs if you work in a noisy office, you can be helping your hearing considerably.
  5.  Take care of your ears: If noise level exposure is unavoidable then make sure you take the time to give your ears a rest. It’s not just about noise levels it’s about time. Take long breaks from noise whenever possible and give your ears a chance to recover.

Whilst hearing aid technology has come a long way with companies such as Amplifon providing hearing aids that are now totally invisible, it’s best to avoid having to go down this route if possible. By making a few small adjustments in your life you have a far greater chance of retaining your hearing until a ripe old age.

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