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Office desk No matter the size of a person’s office space, the potential for a messy desk exists, and an unclean workspace may reduce efficiency and make it difficult to get things done during the day. Although keeping the desk clean does take some continued effort, there are some projects available that will speed the process along and make it easier to keep the desk clean.

Some of the best ways to design an efficient desk space include:

1. Put extra office supplies away and throw old supplies away

Most people spend the bulk of their time online or on the computer while at work, and all those old pencils and pens are just taking up space. Even things like old notepads and piles of erasers have outlived their usefulness and should be retired. A desk should have no more than a few pens and a pencil or two hanging around.

2. Get organizer baskets for papers

Despite efforts to the contrary, it’s not uncommon at all for people in offices to print out and use hard copies of documents on a daily basis. Daily mail deliveries also add to the stacks of papers a person might have on his or her desk, and coworkers might drop off papers on a regular basis to create even higher piles of papers. Some simple wire baskets or a file folder may help to keep paper clutter off the desk.

3. Put shelving on the walls

Drawers offer tremendous storage space, but many people choose to leave items on their desk because they assume putting them in drawers would make important items out of reach or hard to find. With a few shelves on the wall, a person can store absolutely everything they need right in view where it’s easy to find.

4. Cut down on decorative objects

Everyone loves pictures of their kids, decorative paper weights, and little doodads, but it’s important to cut down on how many of these trinkets clutter the desk. Choosing a few important items like a family portrait and a sentimental trinket is enough for inclusion on a desk space.

5. Scan documents, don’t store

One of the best parts about printers today is that they offer scanning potential, in addition to copying and faxing. Any paper that might not already have an electronic version should be scanned and archived. The papers scanned should then be recycled so that paper buildup on the desk is reduced.

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