5 Tips Making Friends in Your New City

After graduating from college, many young adults take jobs in cities that are miles or even oceans away from home.  While moving for a job can be great for your career, it can kill your social life. Don’t move to a new city and spend your nights chatting online with your friends from home. Get out there and meet people! If you are moving and wondering how you can meet people in your new neighborhood,

here are the 5 tips you need to know to make friends in a new city.

Take a Class

Odds are that you met most of your current friends in some kind of class. Whether you met in gym class in the 4th grade or in sociology during your first semester of college, there is something about being in class that turns individuals into lifelong friends. You may not be in school anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a new skill or discover a new interest. A cooking or salsa dancing class is a great way to make new friends. Even if you don’t meet anyone, you will have learned an attractive new skill to share with potential friends and mates.

Play a Sport

Nothing breeds new friendships like camaraderie, teamwork and battling against a common opponent. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just a regular Joe looking to join a kickball league, most major cities now have leagues tailored to every level. You can have fun, stay in shape and make new friends one season at a time.

Visit a Museum

Believe it or not history, art and science museums host tons of great events for young professionals. Even if museums have never been your thing, pick an event that interests you and just go. Many of these events offer free drinks, and you might even get a free dinner out of it. At the very least you will have something interesting to talk about at work the next day.

Just Say Hi

One of the first lessons that we learn in school is that when you want to make a new friend all you have to do is go up to them and introduce yourself. For some reason the older we get the harder this seems to be. Why are we so nervous about going up to someone and saying hi? Are you lost in the city and need directions? Don’t use your smartphone! Ask someone on the street. Do you see someone reading a book or watching a game that you’re interested in? Ask them a question about it. They won’t bite your head off (I promise) and you might make a new friend.

Never Say No to an Invitation

If someone from work, class or your kickball team asks you to go out with them, just go! As long as you feel safe, there is really no reason to stay home. Even if the activity seems boring or you don’t like the other person at all, you never know who you might meet along the way. At worst, it will get your butt off the couch.

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