5 Tips To Make Your Videos SEO Friendly

Targeting your video audience helps you to grow your list, increase conversions and expand your business. Using SEO, or search engine optimization, improves your ability to reach your ideal viewers. By posting niche specific keywords in your videos you can effectively pinpoint your target market and generate a steady flow of search engine traffic to your videos.

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Post Keywords in the Video Title

Use keywords in your video title to attract the right audience. Think about what you look for in videos. After scanning a video title you immediately know whether to dig deeper and watch the video or move on to another selection. Search engine bigs like Google and Yahoo prefer for you to be as explicit as possible when creating titles for your video. Make it easy for viewers to discern the topic of your video by posting niche specific keywords in the title field of your content.

Stay on Topic

Stay on topic to send a clear, consistent and powerful message to your audience and the major search engines like Bing and Google. Persistently sending out a niche-specific message programs search engines to label your video channel as being relevant to a specific niche. Changing topics only serves to confuse the average viewer and stymie search engines crawling for your content. Think about your ideal customer or viewer before creating any video to stay on purpose.

Include Keywords in the Description Field

Post keywords in the description field to improve your video SEO and attract targeted viewers to your content. Think of the description field as a blog post. Create an insightful resource explaining the theme and subject matter of your video. Some video marketers mistakenly rush through creating their description field to hurriedly publish their content. This mistake leaves  a steady flow of targeted traffic on the table. Publish a well written, keyword rich description field to drive search engine traffic to your videos as engines like Google and Yahoo crawl the entire body of content associated with your videos.

Mention Niche Specific Keywords in the Video

Do not forget to mention your niche specific keyword at least once or twice in the video itself to improve your SEO and drive search engine traffic to your videos. For example, if you want to target prospects searching for a home business mention the keyword, “home business” at least a few times during your video. Speak the keyword slowly and clearly so viewers can appreciate your message and search engines can discern your subject matter easily. Smart video marketers pepper appropriate keywords throughout their videos to improve their SEO quickly. Mention your keywords early and often to drill home the topic of your video and grow your business effectively.

Share on Relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Why create a helpful, relevant video only to share the content on the wrong networks? Viewers need to be interested in your content for you to receive maximum return from your marketing and SEO efforts. Post your videos on relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups to improve your video visibility, build your friend network and grow your email list.

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