5 Tips For Holiday Hair

Here are some top tips on how to have beautiful holiday hair and how to protect your hair in the Summer sun.


Colouring hair

If you want to colour your hair before a holiday, do so one week before your holiday to let the colour settle. Remember to use a colour protect shampoo and conditioner to lock the colour in. Colouring hair after a holiday can sometimes be better than before, especially for those with blonde hair.  The sun can often leave hair looking a little brassy, so wait until two weeks after your holiday so that as the tan fades, you can colour your hair to suit and get rid of any brassy yellow tones.

Holiday hair care

Hair needs extra care on holiday. The sun, sea and pool water can all damage your hair so extra protection is needed while on holiday. The best thing you can do for your hair is to use products with UV filters and cover your hair using a hat as much as possible.

Colour can fade in the sun and hair can become dry from chlorine in the pool and salt in the sea as they take out essential moisture from your hair.

Use a deep conditioning treatment during your holiday to add in much need moisture. You can still enjoy a day in the sun with a treatment as the heat will open the cuticles fully which will allow the treatment to penetrate deeper.

If you wear human hair extensions, apply conditioner to your hair when on holiday and avoid chlorine. If you must swim, tie hair up or wear a swimming cap to protect the hair from chlorine damage.

Combatting frizz

Frizz happens to the majority of us at some point on holiday – in hot and humid atmospheres, hair that can often be relatively straight can easily become frizzy. Before drying your hair, use a smoothing product to help smooth hair and after styling, use a smoothing, anti-humidity spray to stop it from frizzing further.

When drying hair, try to do it in an air conditioned, cool room as a hot room can also add the frizz!

Holiday hair styles

Beach waves are the perfect holiday style and also one of the easiest to achieve, requiring very little effort! The best product to use is a salt spray – this will create textured loose waves and can be either applied to wet hair (diffuse or air dry naturally) or dry hair to add some texture.

If your hair is a little unmanageable on holiday, then braids are ideal. For longer hair try a side fishtail braid and for shorter hair, try braiding the front section of your hair like Lauren Conrad’s signature style – it will keep hair out of your face and braids are perfect for hiding frizz.

If your hair isn’t long enough for braids like Lauren Conrad and Cheryl Cole, try using clip in hair extensions to create the look – make sure they are 100% human hair extensions so that you can curl and straighten them too.

If it’s way too hot to have hair down on holiday, try a top knot or bun. Make it as sleek or as messy as you like and it’s the perfect day or night hair style.

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