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In the majority of situations, your company’s logo will be the first impression a client or customer gets of your business. It therefore goes without saying that it’s essential you get your logo just right: it’s a big investment that will have to last you many years.

So here are our top design tips for making sure your logo is perfect and to help you with the process of briefing and communicating with a graphic designer:


 Your Logo Should be Unique


Your design should stand out from your competitors and other, similar products or services in order to be memorable. Think about ways to make your brand distinct from others – do a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and see what their logos are like.


You will need to think about your USP when it comes to briefing your designer. Your logo needs to be strong reflection of your company’s products, services and ethos. Think about what colours best match your industry and products and research colour theories.




Remember that this logo is going to be your company’s calling card, hopefully for many years to come. To build up a brand is the work of years, so a logo design or redesign should not be entered into lightly. Make sure it’s a classic look.



It is wise to remember that your logo will appear in a range of media. Websites, business cards, flyers, emails, shopfront, letterhead, magazines, newspapers – that’s a lot of purposes for one image. Ensure that the size can be increased or decreased without distorting or blurring, and that all elements (such as any lettering) are visible at appropriate signs. You may wish to have several versions of the logo for different channels.




Think of the most successful logos the world over. The most recognisable logos are the simplest, least elaborate designs; many have endured for decades, building on brand success. Apple, McDonalds, Coca-Cola; they stick to simplicity and it works for them every time. The clearest message will be conveyed with the fewest elements.

Of course, designing a logo is not a job for an amateur. You will need to work very closely with a design or marketing agency to achieve the vision of your company, so speak to people who will be able to apply the above rules, distilling your company ethos into a small but recognisable logo that will last you many years.

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