5 Things Your Nanny Will Never Tell You

5 Things Your Nanny Will Never Tell You Ideally, nannies are not just employees. They are a cherished and respected member of the family. However, even a great nanny is still ultimately an employee, and might not be willing to tell you absolutely everything. Here are five things you should know that your nanny is not telling you.

Your Child Is Not Perfect

Your child is most likely the delight of your life, and as a parent, you might not always notice your child’s problematic behaviors. However, even well-mannered children can periodically misbehave. If your nanny comes to you with a behavior concern, take the issue seriously. Your nanny probably only brought the issue up after trying to correct the problem independently. If your nanny asks for your support, give it to them.

Nannies Can Have Bad Days

You probably have days where you are not feeling your best and you might not be very productive at work. Your nanny probably has similar days, and is probably reluctant to tell you that they are not always the perfect nanny. Although an occasional off day does not necessarily indicate a serious problem, if your nanny’s attitude changes dramatically, you might want to see if anything is the matter.

Nannies Can Get Distracted

Children are a handful. Caretakers often have to devote all their attention to just keeping them out of trouble. This means that your nanny might not always remember to lock the door or watch out for suspicious activity in the neighborhood. To keep your family and safe, you might want to take extra steps to protect your home

Your Nanny Has A Life Too

Even if your nanny loves your children, try to remember that they have a life outside of your family. Try to be respectful of your nanny’s time, so that they can make and keep plans. If you are going to be late, make sure you let your nanny know. Additionally, if you want your nanny to work overtime, make sure that they are compensated fairly.

They Could Use A Day (Or Week) Off

Because childcare is such difficult and important work, it is important that you let your nanny recharge periodically. Taking your nanny on vacation with your family might be a fun experience for everyone, but is still work for the nanny. Make sure your nanny gets separate vacation time that they can use to spend as they see fit.

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