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5 Steps To Home Fire Prevention and Safety The most important thing in a home is one’s family, and it often surprises homeowners to hear that upwards of 3,500 Americans die every single year from house fires. Even more unfortunate is the fact that many of these fires are preventable. Fire safety is not about luck, but planning ahead, and that is why families should take a close look at these five simple steps of fire prevention and safety.

1. Smoke Alarms
Most specialists agree that every single home should have multiple working smoke detectors. These items should be manufactured by a reputable company and should be placed in hallways and common gathering areas away from the garage and kitchen. Fire alarms should be tested at least every six months by depressing the “test” button until one hears the emergency alarm go off.

2. Creating a Safety Plan
Every single family should have a safety plan that they practice multiple times. This is especially important for families with seniors, often the most susceptible demographic to house fires as they may have a slow response time and limited movement. 

3. Home Security and Monitoring Services
One modern option is to utilize a home security and monitoring company. These companies will often help install both traditional alarms in the event of a break-in as well as smoke and fire detectors. When any number of accidents or dangerous scenarios is reported, the company will automatically call the authorities including the fire department.

4. Use Appliances Safely
All electronic appliances and those that utilize gas should be used safely at all times. This includes instructing kids on how to correctly use stoves and heaters. Homeowners should also take a look at the rating of the wires throughout their home to prevent overloading a circuit and causing an electrical fire, the most common causes of a fire within the home.

5. Sprinklers and Extinguishers
Finally, there should be modern safety equipment throughout the home in the event of an emergency. While not every room needs fire extinguishers, these devices in a kitchen in a garage can often prevent a minor accident turning into a major fire. Modern indoor sprinkler systems are also more affordable than ever for home and private use.

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