5 Smart Tips for Extending the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Nearly every make and model of air conditioning units is manufactured with a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. However, before your heating and cooling unit has reached its golden years, there are five smart tips you can follow to extend its life before it is time for its retirement. All of these tips are based on proper maintenance and care. The younger the unit is the better chance you will have of increasing its longevity.


1. Routine Maintenance

You would not dream of driving your vehicle throughout its entire lifespan without performing routine maintenance. As the most use component in the house, your air conditioner needs the same tender loving care. Be sure and schedule routine maintenance with a licensed HVAC technician to be performed at least one time each year. The technician can properly evaluate the system, check the refrigerant levels, inspect the condensing unit and air exchanger, and make any small AC repair before it turns into a larger issue.

2. Keep It Cool

The outdoor condensing unit contains the compressor housed around the coils and underneath the fan. Remove built-up debris and dirt inside the coils, and consider planting a tree over the unit to keep it cool during the hot days of summer. This will minimize the amount of work required to eliminate the heat from inside the home.

3. Install a Programmable Thermostat 

A programmable thermostat can save the household a large amount on monthly utility bills. This is because the unit will not need to run as much to keep the home cool when no one is there. Set the thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable when the family is home and higher when everyone is away.

4. Change the Filters

When the HVAC filters are not change, dust and debris can easily get inside the air exchanger, and make it significantly harder to cool down the home. Consider changing the filters whenever dirty, or at least one time every month when the unit is in use.

5.  Clean the Ductwork

By removing built up debris and dirt found inside the duct work, the air conditioner will run more efficiently and easier. This will minimize airflow restriction. In addition, consider moving any obstruction in front of the air registers and vents to ensure proper airflow.

Properly managing the air-conditioning unit can help extend its longevity. The above smart tips will help it run more efficiently during its active years, and avoid any AC repair.

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