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Keeping your friends and family members from driving while under the influence of alcohol can be frustrating, especially when you are handling those who believe they are capable of driving even when they are clearly not. There are a few proven ways you can prevent your family and friends from driving while drinking that is sure to keep everyone safe while also allowing you to enjoy one another’s company.

5 Proven Ways to Prevent Friends and Family from Driving Drunk

Be Up Front Before Drinking

It is never okay to sugarcoat the seriousness of drinking and driving after a night of having fun. It is important to be as up front as possible with your family and friends about your intentions and feelings about drinking and driving. Be clear if you do not want others drinking at your home and driving before the party or gathering begins. Show assertiveness when speaking directly to family and friends to avoid being ignored or dismissed by those in your circle of friends and family you may consider stubborn.

Control The Keys

Any time you are planning a gathering where you want to consume alcohol with family and friends, controlling the keys is essential. Taking control of everyone’s keys by storing them away in a safe place will ensure they do not leave when they are unable to make proper decisions after a night of drinking.

Call a Cab

Whenever you have a family member or a friend who insists on going home for the night but you do not want to allow them to drive, call a cab. Calling a cab will prevent any problems when they are out on the road while also ensuring they are not putting other individuals and drivers in danger.

Host a Sleepover

You can also get your family and friends to willingly stay over at your home after a night of drinking by hosting a slumber party or sleepover regardless of your age. Having a sleepover and making your intentions clear is a way to keep your loved ones from driving on the road when they are under the influence. Hosting a sleepover gathering is also a great way to have fun without worrying about transportation after the evening has ended.

Designate a Driver

Designating a driver who will remain sober at the beginning of a night out can help with potential stress and frustration once it is time to head home for the evening. Having a designated driver is a way for you to keep your family and friends safe while still having the ability to go out to different bars and lounges throughout the night.

Knowing how to prevent friends and family from drinking and driving can ultimately mean the difference between life and death, so it is important to always be aware of those you are drinking with throughout the night. Keeping your friends and family safe is a way for you to enjoy yourself while drinking without the stress and worry that often comes along with taking care of others and monitoring them before the end of the night.

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