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The shower is one of the key features in any bathroom and just like most other areas of home improvement, shower trends are changing constantly. In 2014, there is a clear preference for large and open enclosures that merge into the rest of the décor seamlessly and allow for a much more luxurious experience.


Below are some of the most unique shower trends for this year. You can find out more about shower enclosures by visiting the official Mira Showers website.

1. Frameless showers


Frameless showers have been a big trend for at least the last 5 years. They fit into almost any type of bathroom and provide an extremely elegant and minimalist look. Being held together with chrome brackets, these enclosures cut back any unnecessary fixtures, leaving just the decorative glass panels on display.


Frameless enclosures don’t just look good either; they’re also very practical and much easier to clean and maintain thanks to the majority of the enclosure being made of glass. Since there are no channels for mildew to grow in it also means that they’re more hygienic. They’re extremely functional and you can choose to have either sliding doors or hinge doors with a frameless design.


2. Curbless showers


Curbless showers are another hot trend for 2014 and it’s not hard to see why. They provide a continuous look, with flooring that runs directly into the shower without any curb to break up the design. There are a wide range of curbless enclosures available that are suitable for most bathroom configurations. They are particularly good for small bathrooms where there is limited space to work with.


Read more on curbless showers here


3. Large showers


Large, airy showers are something that more and more people are veering towards. People want a luxury experience in their bathroom, similar to what you’d get at a spa. Luxury often translates to a lot of space, especially where showers are concerned. Even those with smaller bathrooms are creating space by buying smaller bathtubs to accommodate for a larger shower. Most bathroom suppliers will stock a good range of large enclosures.


4. Multi-head showers


Sticking with the theme of luxury, multi-head showers not only provide a unique showering experience but they also add to the overall look of your bathroom. Almost every type of enclosure can accommodate a multi-head set up, making them extremely versatile. It’s worth noting that every home’s water supply system will be adequate to power a multi-head shower.


You can see a great example of a multi-head shower here


5. Custom built walk in showers


Whilst custom built walk in showers are not an option for most budgets, they are the ultimate sign of luxury and provide a shower experience that simply cannot be beaten. Where money is not an issue, people are opting for custom builds wherever possible and the bathroom is no exception to this. You can find some stunning examples of custom built showers online that take advantage of all the latest technology and design trends.

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