5 Ideas for Coming Mother’s Day

Prepare her favourite food

Let’s face it – mothers spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking for the family and experimenting with meals. So why not give her the break she deserves on Mother’s Day by preparing a delicious brunch made up of her favourite foods?

Yes you may not tickle her taste buds the way she wants, but then again, she will appreciate the efforts you put in and the break she gets from all the cooking. Let’s look into a few Mother’s Day brunch ideas to help you make the most out of the occasion!

Prepare the Guest List

Getting the guest list for the Mother’s Day brunch ready doesn’t have to be too hard, as long as you’re focusing on all the key factors. Most activities on Mother’s Day involve inviting guests from the immediate and/or extended family.

In case you like keeping the affairs very private, you can just stick to inviting the immediate family. Or if you want to honor several mothers at the brunch along with your own mom on this special day then you can invite your extended family or even a bunch of close friends/neighbors. This “group brunch honoring” for other mothers with your mother will only make the occasion even more memorable.

Decorate Right

When you’re planning a special Mother’s Day brunch, you can’t ignore the importance of creating an inviting, festive atmosphere. To start off, you can go the traditional way with flowers, since they work great for brunch decorations. Go for a bright and colorful bouquet of flowers for your table centerpiece.

Make sure you keep the guests preferences in mind when selecting the flowers for your bouquet. And if you want to add a real personal touch to the overall decorations then add a framed picture of all the moms that are going to attend. You can also use candles that come in spring colors to enhance the Mother’s Day brunch decor.

Prepare Well

In order to coordinate the various components see to it that you begin planning your Mother’s Day brunch in advance. In case you’re planning to invite guests besides your immediate family, then make sure you send out the invitations or give them a call at least a 2-3 weeks ahead of time so that they’re able to reserve the date.

When it comes to the dishes, the good thing is that many brunch dishes can be easily prepared just one day prior to the event, which can help you save much time on Mother’s Day.

Plan Out the Menu

The beauty of brunch menus is that they are a combination of breakfast/lunch dishes, which obviously helps you provide some variety for your guests. There are many items that you can have on the menu that go well with the occasion. For example, Shari’s Berries Cakes for Mother’s Day are a good choice if you want to have fruit cakes on the menu that aren’t fruity.

You might want to take the guest of honor’s favorite dishes into consideration when you’re planning the menu. Right from waffles to muffins to pastries – they all work great for your Mother’s Day menu. If you want you can add some desserts like a cheese cake to make the menu even more enticing. In conclusion, just keep things simple and tasty to make the event even more special. Because in the end, it’s about honoring mothers, and you should leave no stones unturned.

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