5 Gentle Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Gorgeous soft curls and waves are always in fashion, be it in the 80’s or today. Soft curls are feminine and make you look sensuous; they instantly add an ‘oomph’ to your personality. You do not have to head to the salon to do that. And yes it is possible to curl your hair without heat to get that perfect look. Here are some tips that we have which does not involve cooking your hair to make it curly.

  1. Using Straws

Did you know that you can make curls with everyday items such as drinking straws? This will give you long lasting curls that are well formed. Take a straw and curl a part of your hair around it, especially when damp. Continue until all the sectioned parts are curled around straws and are secured using bob-pins. Now tie a bonnet or scarf around your hair and wear it to sleep. Remove the straws in the morning for a head full of curls. You can also separate the curls to get a fuller look.

  1. Braids

Divide your hair into as many sections as your hair will allow. Now take one section, twist it and then repeat the same with another section.  Twist both the sections and braid your hair. Secure it at the end with a hair tie. Repeat this for all the sections. It is best to do this when hair is damp. Leave it braided for a couple of hours and then untie hair for long and fluffy curls.

  1. Bantu Knots

Dampen hair before the procedure for taut and well defined curls. Divide hair into sections; the curlier you want the more sections you will need.  Now apply some hair moisturizer over it to smoothen it out as well as to make sure it holds the style. Twist the sections and gather them over the head creating tiny buns. The ends can be secured using a bob-pin. Once the hair is dry, you can gently remove each knot and separate each section. Run your hair through them slightly to give texture, and you are good to go.

  1. Socks

This might sound outrageous, but you can truly curl your hair using socks. You can choose to either divide your hair into two sections or into many sections to achieve more curls. Thinner socks work better. Roll your hair around the sock till the roots and then tie the sock securely with the rolled hair inside. Repeat this for all the sections. Untie the socks gently in the morning and run your hair through it, gently twisting the hair around your fingers as you go. Finish off with some anti-frizz and fluff your hair for some splendid curls. Your hair should bounce back as curls. If you have bangs, secure them behind your ears with a bob pin for more pronounced curls.

  1. Rollers

This age old method works wonders and is very easy to do. You can select any kind of rollers out in the market like magnetic rollers, foam rollers and satin covered sponge rollers. Magnetic rollers are especially useful for those who have short hair. Just roll your hair over these rollers when your hair is damp and go to sleep with them. Remove them in the morning when your hair has completely dried. This is the secret for frizz-free beautiful curls. The satin rollers and foam rollers can be used if you are not comfortable with the other rollers.

For best results, make sure that you do the following:

  • Keep your hair damp whenever you try out these methods

  • Sleep overnight with these methods to set the style properly

  • Make sure the hair is completely dry before removing the rollers

Have fun with these heat free techniques and enjoy your beautiful curls.

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