5 Affordable Basement Makeover Design Ideas

5 Affordable Basement Makeover Design Ideas Finished basements are hot right now, but finishing one can be expensive. The good news is that you can turn your basement into a luxurious living space without spending a small fortune. Here are some ideas to make your basement renovation more affordable, so you can enjoy more square footage in your home.

The Considerations
When it comes to your basement, there are four primary considerations. You must do something with the floors, finish the walls, consider covering the ceiling and add lighting. In addition to lighting, you may also need some extra outlets. Once you know what’s on the list, you are ready to start finding more creative and affordable ways to finish the basement.

Alternatives to Carpet
Start with the floor. You could put carpet down, but what happens if the basement floods and the carpet gets wet? A better option may be a special paint that adheres to the floor and changes the color in an instant. You can even paint patterns on the floor to make it look more attractive. Polishing the concrete will make it look like smooth stone, and you won’t have to worry about floods.

Covering the Walls
Sheetrock is one of the top choices, but that requires a framework behind it. You can glue wood paneling to the wall to eliminate the lines of cinder blocks. Hang colorful blankets or thick sheets on the walls to hide the concrete and warm up the space. Another option is to simply paint the cinder blocks. Choose a faux painting technique like ragging to disguise the mortar lines and make the basement more welcoming.

There are a few options when it comes to your basement ceiling. You can cover it with sheetrock, but that can cost hundreds of dollars. Another option is to stretch fabric over the ceiling to hide the open space between joists. With a paint sprayer and a special attachment, you can also paint the ceiling a dark color. Painting an 8-foot ceiling black will make it essentially vanish, and your guests will simply focus on the rest of the room.

Electrical Considerations
Before you decide on the decorative touches like paint or fabric, consider your electrical needs. You don’t have to build walls to run new outlets because outlets can be attached directly to the cinder block wall. If you decide to run extra power lines, then you may want to paint the walls instead of hanging fabric on them.

You can finish your basement at an affordable price, and your family will love having the extra space. Make the investment today and start enjoying your new basement tomorrow.

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