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You don’t have to spend a bundle to create beautiful art for your home. Try these four simple and inexpensive art projects to upgrade your home in just a couple of hours.


Watercolor Splash

One simple art idea you can do yourself is to create a watercolor splash on a canvas. Draw a design onto the bare canvas with a clear or white wax crayon. After you have the design you want (abstract designs work well), paint over the entire canvas with varying shades of watercolor paint. The paint will not stick to the wax crayon, causing the clear image to show up on the canvas in reverse. When the paint dries, spray the entire canvas with a sealer to prevent the design from fading.

Rustic Photographs

Do you have an old piece of wood lying around, like an old door, window frame, or pallet? These make excellent backdrops for photo prints. Paint the wood with whatever color paint you want. If you want an even more rustic look, use a piece of sandpaper to rough up the edges after painting the wood. Glue photographs to the surface of the wood. Use photo corners to make the design a little more elegant.

Fabric Frame

Purchase empty canvas frames at an arts and crafts store. Cut a piece of fabric in a pretty print to a size that is about 5 inches longer than the edges of the frame on all sides. Lay the fabric wrong side up and place the frame in the center of the frame. Wrap the edges of the fabric around the back of the frame. Start in the middle of each side and nail or staple the fabric to the frame. Pull the fabric tight so it doesn’t wrinkle. Continue to pull and staple the fabric, leaving the corners for last. Make several of the fabric frames and hang as complementing pieces on one large wall or scattered throughout a room.

Wood Print Photographs

Did you know you can actually transfer a photograph to a piece of wood? It is simpler than you might think! For best results, use a smooth piece of wood. Sand the wood with sandpaper to make sure it is smooth. Dust away any remaining sawdust. Cover the front of the photo with decoupage glue. Place the photo face down onto the wood. Use a credit card to smooth the photo onto the wood and remove any air bubbles. Place a damp towel over the photo to loosen the paper backing. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Rub away the paper backing from the photo with a slightly damp rag. Be patient and don’t rub too hard! When the photo dries, coat the remaining image on the wood with another coating of glue. Allow that to dry before hanging your art.

It doesn’t take much to improve your home, and you don’t have to be a professional artist to make your home beautiful. With these projects, your home will look better and personalized within less than a day. What other simple art projects can you think of to personalize your home?

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