3 Qualities Authors of the Top Best Selling Books Share

Are you a writer looking to publish your work soon or maybe are a budding author wanting to make those colourful dreams come alive on paper? [Related Read: Sign Company in Chandler AZ ]You want your book to be in book stores around the world and have rave reviews from critics and voracious readers alike. Most writers whether of fiction or non fiction want to set the literary world abuzz, have their work become runaway bestsellers and touch a chord in the minds and hearts of readers around the world.


When you do have something in the works and start looking at publishers and book distributors ¬†or think about going for digital formats and e books you start to realise it isn’t that simple. Whether you want to go the traditional publishing route or want to self publish, remember that there¬† are a mere handful of authors who became sensations over night. It takes will, ambition and yes, sometimes a very thick skin. People aren’t born with the knowledge of what goes into making a best selling tome, but there are definitely some key quality and characteristics that famous best selling writers share.

Writing a book that you think is fabulous and worth the reader’s dollar isn’t enough. Let’s take a look and you can see if you have the building blocks of what it takes –

They finish the task

You know that manuscript you have been thinking of completing and is lying idle and bursting with potential? Finish it! Some famous authors have taken months and even a number of years to finish their manuscript but they get the job done. Simply dreaming about becoming a best selling novelist or the next big thing in your non fiction genre is never enough, you have to actually set out and complete the task. Some novice writers also make the mistake of approaching publishing companies and agents before they have even finished their manuscripts or the first rough of the book and this can reek of unprofessional. Those books you see topping the bestseller’s lists? They have taken a ton of hard work, grit, time and energy commitment and the sheer blood sweat and tears of the authors behind those words. Besides for those looking to cash in on the sudden spikes in popularity of certain kinds of genres, time is even more of the essence.

They are ruthless

Another aspect to consider is that you need to know your target audience or reader. The book has to not appeal to you but the reader you are speaking to. Finetune and hone in your manuscript while you are writing it and then again once you are done. And probably you may have to do it over and over again. Successful writers screen their work with rigorous editing and cutting, either themselves or with the help of their publishers at a later stage. You have to be ruthless in a way that allows for some serious editing and tweaking, even when the pinch of cutting out words and even chapters you have worked tirelessly over seems too hard to bear. You have to keep the end goal in mind which is a seriously good book, one that is of quality and worth the reader’s attention.

They persevere

J K Rowling is a name that no reader or writer in current times could have missed. The author of the mega successful Harry Potter series faced around a dozen rejections from a variety of publishing companies including many big name ones before she got her break. The king of horror and thrillers Stephen King too faced dozens of rejection letters for his first novel ‘Carrie’ which went on to become super successful and was made into a movie too. The book business is tough, it’s competitive and you have to have the will to persevere.

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