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3 Killer Mind Mapping Tools for Internet Marketing Success In these contemporary times, more and more businesses are using the internet to expand their companies for the purpose of economic growth. While this expansion can be accomplished in numerous ways, the use of mind mapping tools can be particularly efficacious. Although broadly defined, mind mapping is basically a content marketing tool that adds a visual component to ideas and words which makes your displayed data easier to digest and more aesthetically appealing than text alone. Some of the primary benefits of mind mapping is that it helps content marketers effectively grapple with today’s challenges of information overload, increased responsibilities, and complexity. Although there are a variety of tools an individual can use to make mind mapping a successful medium through which internet marketing success can be achieved, you may find the three listed below particularly effective:

1. ProjectDirector

Although complex, ProjectDirector can be briefly defined as a web app that helps individuals simplify and enhance the project management process in a manner that enables people to work together well. With ProjectDirector, people can manage tasks, share files, and brainstorm. Some of the features that ProjectDirector offers include virtual whiteboards, a feature that takes the mind mapping process to a new level of innovation and efficacy by helping individuals organize ideas and information. These virtual whiteboards can also map information and permit you to add notes, images, priority markers, icons, and text tags. The virtual whiteboard also enables users to link to web sites and other helpful online resources that can help facilitate the process of gathering and organizing the information that will be included in the mind mapping venture.

2. XMind (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)

XMind is a great mind mapping tool, and not just because it’s free. In addition to allowing you to create a basic mind map, XMind enables you to design organizational, logic, and tree charts. Charts can be exported as images, text, or HTML. Moreover, XMind offers users a free account on XMind.net. This account gives you the ability to share charts online and embed them within web sites and blogs. In the professional version of XMind, functionality is expanded such that users can collaborate with others and create their charts online. Irrespective of the three versions you select from, each one is portable, meaning you can make your mind map while on the go.

3. FreeMind

FreeMind is a great, user-friendly application that enables users to customize the visual elements of their mind maps. Some of the features offered include custom icons, grouping, color coding, and more. The mind maps designed through FreeMind can be exported as PNG, PDF, and HTML files.

Although the three mind mapping tools listed above can be immensely helpful, the list is not exhaustive. Indeed, there are a wide variety of other tools and strategies that should be used to maximize mind mapping efforts. By using any or all of these tools, your mind mapping venture is sure to be successful. Good luck!

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