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Saving can be really hard in this costly living than just saying or advising others about money saving tips. Here are some tips on how to save money. PS: these are based on my personal experience and really useful who is serious about saving their hard earned money. using these tips can really make big difference to your overall saving in long term .
So here are some tips on How to Save money

Save on Utilities

Cutting utility bills at home is a sure way to save each month.

1. Use less water by turning off running faucets and fixing leaks, and lower the water heater temperature.
2. Turn off unused lights and lower the wattage for replacement bulbs.
3. Turn down the heat and wear a sweatshirt and slippers instead, and use ceiling fans before turning on the air conditioning.

Saving on utilities can be as simple as flipping a switch!
Save on Food

Trimming a grocery bill is easier than you may think.

4. Cook at home instead of eating at expensive restaurants.
5. Buy generic groceries instead of name brands.

Not only can you save money on food this way, but you will find the meals more satisfying and nutritious as well.
Save on Entertainment

If you want to have a movie night but don’t have a Hollywood budget…

6. Cut off premium cable channels in favor of free online shows, or cut your cable or satellite use altogether.
7. Borrow a DVD from the library for free or for very reduced fees, or ask to borrow a friend’s favorite movie.

Add some microwave popcorn and you’ve got a great movie night for a mini budget.
Talk Can Be Cheap

Cell phone plans can be expensive, but you can save easily by…

8. Choosing a limited use cell phone plan that only has the minutes and features you use most, instead of paying for extras.

Before you renew a cell phone plan, always check for cheaper packages and consider using only a land line — many of which are still cheaper than the most basic cell phone.

Stay Healthy for Cheap

Saving your health can also mean saving money.

9. Adopt a healthy lifestyle with proper sleep, a nutritious diet, and suitable exercise so you aren’t sick as often.
10. Avoid visiting the doctor for minor illnesses and instead get plenty of rest while you recover at home.
11. Purchase generic medications and prescription drugs — they are far cheaper than namebrand options.

With just a few healthy changes, you can give your savings a very healthy boost.

Eliminate Debt

Some of the worst money drains are interest and finance charges, but you can find ways to save here.

12. Pay above the minimum balance on all loans and credit cards to minimize finance charges, or call the bank and negotiate a lower interest rate.

Even small changes with interest rates can lead to great savings in the long run.

Save With Solar Power

The sun is abundant and free, so why not take advantage of it?

13. Use a clothesline to dry clothes outside whenever possible instead of firing up the dryer.
14. Use solar power to heat your home by opening shades on sunny days and closing those same shades on hot summer days.

With better use of the sun, you won’t sunburn your savings!

Save by Staying Home

If travel isn’t in your budget, you can still have a great getaway at home.

15. Plan a local “staycation” and visit a zoo, beach, museum, or other nearby attraction and take the opportunity to learn more about your home area.
16. If you do fly for a getaway, travel light to avoid baggage fees or excess weight charges.

You can even stay right at home for a great getaway by planning a backyard picnic, a long weekend, or other fun options that won’t cost anything.

Shop and Save

Shopping doesn’t have to cost a bundle.

17. Visit local thrift and consignment stores, especially for children’s toys, clothing, and other items that will be outgrown quickly, instead of paying more for new items.

You can also organize a free clothing swap through a local daycare, church, or school to save even more.

Play Outdoors

Enjoy a free “playstation” without visiting a video store.

18. Visit local free parks for play dates or fun activities instead of paying for amusement parks or gymnastic clubs, and encourage your children to enjoy having fun outdoors.

The lasting effects of this kind of savings is that your children will develop an appreciation for imaginative fun outdoors, and they will get more exercise.

Find Savings With Fuel

Filling up the gas tank doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

19. Choose a fuel efficient car with better gas mileage and compare different gas stations for the best prices.
20. Take care of car repairs and oil changes quickly to avoid escalating costs for additional car maintenance.

With the right car, your fillups won’t empty your wallet.

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