Hoverboards are Here to Stay

With Christmas approaching it seems that the latest piece of tech that everyone wants to own is the self balance electric hoverboard. During the past year they have suddenly increased in popularity. Many popular celebrities proudly post videos of themselves riding them. Brooklyn Beckham’s tweet that showed him hoverboarding down the high street, received over 300,000 likes alone. Sadly within the UK it is illegal to ride your hoverboard on the road or pavement. You are only legal to ride them in your own backyard.

Brooklyn Beckham shows off his moves on his AirBoard | #airboard #swegboard #swegway
Brooklyn Beckham shows off his moves on his AirBoard | #airboard #swegboard #swegway


This then brings us onto the subject of the law. The Highways Act of 1835 means that it is illegal to ride hoverboards on public footpaths and pavements, while the law in the UK also stipulates that it is illegal to ride them on the roads as they are categorised as motor vehicles.

So what do people do? Recently there have been a lot of stories in the media about hoverboard users testing the boundaries of the law, as they ride them in public. It was only the other week that a few youths in London rode past police officers on their hoverboards to see what their reaction would be. Staggeringly there was none. They were not fined or told that what they were doing was illegal.

So why has the law not been changed? It seems ridiculous that these fantastic machines, which are being made for public use, cannot be ridden in public. If they see made to be part of everyday life then people would accept them. Not everyone who owns one wants to cause trouble or to be a public nuisance. You can do that wearing roller skates or riding a bike.

So this begs the question of why those youths we previously mentioned were not arrested? It appears that many in our police force are unclear on the law and that there needs to be further clarification.

We need a dramatic change in the law. We need to make hoverboards legal, so that people can take ownership of them and be legally responsible. There is a legitimate reason for this, as was shown by the reaction when a volunteer police office tweeted that they cannot be used on roads or pavements, This sparked many online petitions urging for them to be made legal.

The latest trend: Self balancing Segways / Hover Board
The latest trend: Self balancing Segways / Hover Board

There is a need to make hoverboards legal, they are here to stay.


Inforgraphic: Representation of Prevalent Diseases among Women

The most dreadful situation in illness is when you don’t know what’s your illness. That’s the situation in India for women. Most women realize their illness when it’s too late to act. Taking necessary steps to know your body and illness and then acting to cure it on time can save your life. Not just that, knowing which diseases are prevalent and taking proper precautions can even prevent such situations from occurring.

Here’s a representation that tells you the prevalent diseases among women and their precautions and causes. Read on and take a step towards leading a healthy life.

8 Health Issues that Women Must Be Aware Of Infographic


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Current Mobile Ecommerce Tips

With more online consumers browsing and making purchases via their mobile phones, businesses should ensure that their sites reflect this trend and increase mobile usability. In fact, forecasts have actually predicted that mobile commerce will have quadrupled by 2017.

Keep Things Simple

A user friendly, easy-to-navigate layout will appeal more to shoppers than sites that are too busy and complex. Make it straightforward to search for products and information.

Simplify Checkout

Ensure a variety of payment methods are available and the checkout process is a simple procedure that takes no more than a few minutes.

Quick and Easy

A slow loading interface can deter customers and reduce sale conversions drastically. Make sure your webpage responds as quickly as it can.

Target the Right Customers

By using geo-location, you can target location relative consumers. Moreover, you can target shoppers based on their behavioural patterns, such as how they commute and how often they actually use their mobiles.

Convert Abandoned Sales

If a customer leaves your site, it doesn’t necessarily mean a loss. You can entice them back with shopping cart abandonment emails reminding them of their left behind products.

Infographic: How to Optimise Your Growing Mobile E-commerce Channel

Credit: Cloud-iQ the conversion optimisation experts.

Helpful tips for opening a business in the Middle East

The Middle East is full of business opportunities; you’ll find booming economies, a strong finance sector, a skilled workforce, and eager customers. This is an area where average standards of living are rising fast, but product saturation is still low. Despite the impression given by news reports about a few troubled areas, the majority of people in the Middle East welcome foreign investors – this is a friendly and highly rewarding place to work.


Businessmen talking in meeting
Businessmen talking in meeting

Business opportunities in the region


There’s much more to the Middle East than oil. A growing tourism industry is opening up opportunities in hospitality, catering, and entertainment. High-end tourism, together with increasing wealth among some of the local people, mean that luxury boutiques are opening up all over the place, with clothing and jewelry strong growth areas. Cars – especially imported ones – are in high demand, as are imported electronics. The success of oil doesn’t mean that people there are naive about environmental issues, and there’s also a growing green sector, plus a lot of other opportunities in science and engineering.


Setting up and finding clients


The welcoming atmosphere in the Middle East extends to support in establishing businesses there, and most foreign embassies have staff dedicated to helping with this process. They’re particularly good at identifying important gatherings for networking, which can be vital when you’re just starting out and getting established. It’s also well worth attending cultural events, such as the annual Dubai Film Festival, which are frequently attended by high-powered business people.


Working between nations


One great thing about doing business in the Middle East is that once you’re established in one country, it’s easy to branch out into others. One man who has made a success of this is Fahad Al-Rajaan, who started out in Kuwait and now has a presence across the region. His specialty is real estate, but he also has an interest in other booming sectors, such as fashion, and he has made a great success of investing in small businesses and helping them to grow.


Things to be aware of


Although women in business tend to be treated with respect in the Middle East, there are countries where female entrepreneurs will be more successful if they have trusted male colleagues available to front for them on some occasions, as business networking sometimes goes on in single sex environments. It is, of course, important to respect local customs, so time should be taken to familiarize yourself with these so that you can avoid making an expensive faux pas. Local people generally cut Westerners some slack, but if you want to make a good impression, you will have to learn to play by the rules. Playing a good round of golf can also come in handy!


Working in the Middle East will undoubtedly present you with challenges, but that’s part of what makes it exciting, and as you find your feet, you’ll come to understand why so many people love it.

15 Easy Tips to Sleep Better Every Night

Looking to get the best possible sleep of your life? You simply need to just start incorporating into your sleep routine a few of these fifteen easy tips to sleep better every night, and you will wake up like me, rested and rejuvenated to take on your day. These tips are not only simple, they will have a huge positive impact on the rest of your day.

Young Woman Sleeping

Here are 15 steps to follow


  1. Go to bed the same time each day. Don’t make the mistake I made and stay up late watching television.


  1. Get up the same time each day. Yes, even on the weekends. When you get up the same time each day, your body becomes programmed to sleep more soundly until it is time to arise each day.


  1. Eliminate those distractions. Invest in some heavier and darker curtains to block light and distant noises from disturbing your sleep each night.


  1. Invest in a little white noise device. Devices that simulate rain storms or ocean waves can put your mind at ease and distract from the noises that keep you up. This was the perfect solution to eliminating my neighbor’s barking dog from getting me up early each day.


  1. Buy the right mattress. Purchase the right mattress that is most suitable for you. This investment will have many years of benefits to your body.


  1. Stop eating before bed. The later you eat food, the longer your stomach is going to be working to digest everything through the night. Those rumblings in my stomach used to keep me up until dawn some days until I stopped eating after 8pm each day.


  1. Avoid soda, coffee, and caffeine. These items not only will keep you up longer, they will interrupt your sleep process, making it more challenging to quickly drift off to sleep.


  1. Turn off that late night news. Stop watching the news before bed, all that bad news can make it challenging for the brain to relax.


  1. Turn on a fan. If the room is too warm, a small fan, or ceiling fan, will circulate the air and make it more comfortable.


  1. Consider the right blanket. I used to sleep with a heavy comforter that made me sweat all night. Use lighter blankets, and add a layer if cold.


  1. Close those blinds. Block the sun from waking you by closing the blinds before you go to bed.


  1. Choose the right pillow. Replace that old pillow for one that cradles the head and lets you drift off to sleep more rapidly.


  1. Choose the right sleepwear. I love fashion trends, and onesies, loose fitting pajamas, and silky tank tops are in right now. They allow you to sleep unrestricted all night.


  1. Close the door. If you have kids like me, closing the door will keep the kids away from your room for a little longer each day.


  1. Focus on the good. Focus on the best part of the day as you lie down, you will find it easier to fall asleep when you aren’t worrying about your bills or job.

Carpet Maintenance Tips to keep your floors Pristine

While they’re designed to be walked all over, and may lay in the place we seldom look (that’s down), carpets and rugs do an incredible job; they warm our feet wherever we walk, provide a comfortable barrier between bare toes and cold, hard, concrete or wooden floorboards, and brighten our homes, allowing splashes of color to emerge wherever you are in your house. For this reason it’s essential to show your carpets a little love every now and again; after all, after being walked over all day, wouldn’t you want to be showered with a little TLC? Cleaning carpets can be a daunting task, and homeowners are often a lot more wary about the job than they need to be. With a little hard work, the right tools for the job, and a little professional knowhow, there is no reason why cleaning your carpets shouldn’t be, well, enjoyable and satisfying.

dog welcome home
dog welcome home

Taking care of the carpets in your home


As the old saying goes, “often, prevention is better than a cure”, and this is certainly true in the case of your carpets. Rather than worrying about how you’re going to clean them, why not start by worrying about how to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place? For instance, banish shoes to the hall, and insist that only slippers, or house shoes, are worn in carpeted areas; now all you need to do is insist that everyone changes their socks regularly! Walk-off mats are also a fantastic idea, particularly in halls and areas that lead outdoors. These mats ensure that the majority of dirt and grime is left behind BEFORE you set foot on your nice, clean carpets. Do you want to know one of the best ways to prevent a build-up of dirt and grime on your carpets and rugs? Vacuum regularly! It sounds so simple, but by making sure you give your carpets a quick hoover every day you will save yourself a world of trouble when it comes to deep cleaning your shag pile. Similarly, treat stains immediately, rather than waiting for them to settle, and be sure to conduct a deep clean at least once a month; it really is worth it to keep your floors pristine.


Keeping it clean

When it comes to keeping your carpets and rugs clean, it is essential to keep a stash of household cleaners nearby. Items such as club soda, shaving cream, coffee, vinegar, and even salt can be found lurking in your home, while acting as fantastic carpet cleaners on the sly. Remember, dab – don’t ever rub; stains are far more effectively removed by a dabbing motioning than by rubbing, which risks spreading it and making it far more difficult to remove in the long term. It is also important to remember what works for you and your carpet; have you tried a method before that has worked really well? Don’t give it up in favor of something that someone else has shared – the chances are your carpet’s needs are far removed from theirs. Are you dealing with a smelly rug? Remember to deodorize your carpets regularly, as this can keep them fresh and give the impression of cleanliness until you’re able to do the job properly.

However you choose to clean your carpets, ensure you do it properly. For example, remove furniture regularly, leave carpets to dry thoroughly before replacing everything, and, whenever you’re in doubt, call in the experts! Sometimes, not even the best will in the world can rid your carpets of certain stains, and cleaning every carpet in your home can feel like a mammoth task; there is no shame in calling in the experts, and their professional services can actually be more cost-effective than buying numerous cleaners and getting the job wrong, and save you a heap of time. Domestic and industrial cleaning services, such as action chemdry in Toronto, will have the experience, knowhow, and right chemicals for the job, and can make the task of cleaning carpets seem an absolute dream.

Keeping your floors pristine can often seem like a massive job; after all, you’ll find flooring in every room of your home; however, with a little technical knowhow, the right tools for the job, and some expert assistance, there is no reason why your floors shouldn’t be pristine every day.

3 Essential Looks To Stay Stylish This Summer

Finding out what’s really going to be in style this summer can be hard work – you hope the weather is going to be hot, but when it comes down to what clothes you choose it’s you that wants to be the “hottest”.


As always, designers have been busy working on their collections and style ideas so that you have a great range of attractive clothes to add to your wardrobe. This summer offers some trends that will not only make you look good; you’ll also feel great. You’ll have a huge range of choices, and here are three of the essential looks you will need to stay stylish.


Back to the 70s


Never mind if you weren’t there first time around – the 1970s have enthused designers for this summer and the hippy style first found at the tail end of the 1960s is back. Many of the clothes have a light-touch take on the style of the 70s, with refined shapes in tactile suede, making for clean silhouettes, and free-spirited prints helping to add a modern twist to a look that reflects that laid-back era.


It’s all about subtle looks, not the over-the-top bell-bottoms so beloved by hippiedom, so look for a range of color combinations to match, with trousers that could be full and wide, or flared.


Denim is back


Denim has never really gone away as everyday casual wear, but there has been a reinvention for this summer, so you can explore a range of new and stylish looks. Watch out for textured effects and faded blues to make you look cool – perhaps a little dress with long sleeves and a leather belt for that neat cowgirl look, or try out the patchwork fashion with jeans stitched together with square pieces that span the denim color palette.


It’s hard to go wrong with denim – you’ve probably got some favorite pieces already – but it’s worth testing out what’s new now.


Apron skirting


If you thought aprons were just for the kitchen, think again. Many designers have taken hold of a technique seen on and off for years on street-style professionals. Here the skirt functions as a type of apron, from minis to pencils. Layer them on top of accordion dresses, pants and oversize poplin shirts, and show off a whole new look.


Keep in touch with trends


Keeping up with what’s trending in the fashion world, and purchasing the clothes you want so you can stay stylish in summer is so easy now thanks to the internet. You can surf wherever you like, and when you’re looking for designer clothes on a budget, you can check out Lejolie.com for fantastic ideas and beautiful styles as you plan your wardrobe.


Imagination and inspiration


Designers want to inspire your imagination with their creations, so be confident in making some bold style choices that you know are going to work for you, as well letting everyone know you’re well up to date with what’s hot and what’s not.

Following the Fashionistas: My Fashion Hotspots Around London

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion, the chances are you will be scouring many different places other than the main High Street shops, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd.

The trick to finding unusual and distinctive clothing that suits your personality and style perfectly, is to learn about where the trendsetting fashionistas are likely to be, which means you will probably be visiting places like Camden Market on a regular basis.

Here is a look at some of the hotspots around London where you will get the chance to see the very latest trends and find some unique styles that are right on trend.

Camden Lock

Camden Lock fashion
Camden Lock fashion


The great thing about Camden Lock market is the fact that you will not only be able to find some inspirational fashions and accessories amongst the 250 plus stalls and 80 plus independent shops, but you will also have a great day out too.

Camden Lock Market has been setting fashion trends since the 1970’s and is home to some of the finest designers and makers in London. The opportunity to check out bespoke clothing designs and accessories is not one to be passed up by many fashionistas and the fact that there is a thriving street food scene there as well, adds to the atmosphere and the enjoyment of the day.

The Wick

The Wick fashion
The Wick fashion


This is a weekly market that manages to effortlessly combine vintage fashion with offerings from new designers who are to be watched with interest.

The market is situated in Eastway which is in the E9 area of London, and has a bit of a party atmosphere to it with resident DJ’s and an artificial beach along with a Tiki bar, to give a more unusual backdrop to your trendsetting search amongst the various stalls on offer.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane market

It is fair to say that Brick Lane market is a bit of an attraction in its own right and a great venue to visit if you like people watching and seeing how the East End used to operate when Spitalfields was in its heyday.

This is a market full of varying stalls which offer anything from bric-a-brac to wacky T-shirts and jewellery. Hidden amongst all this on Brick Lane are some genuine trendsetters such as Thelma Spiers, who is a genuine East End fashion celebrity and part-owns a hat emporium there.

Petticoat Lane

Staying in the East of London and if you head to Middlesex Street in E1, you will find Petticoat Lane.

Petticoat Lane market has been around for hundreds of years but trends are still being set amongst the thousand stalls that offer a mixture of clothes and household goods amongst them. The market is more focused on clothing, bags and shoes than anything else, so you should be able to find something that takes your eye if you are looking for something that is on trend.

Carnaby Street

If you want an iconic destination that is closely associated with fashion, Carnaby Street fits the bill.


Global fashion brands and independent boutiques can be found in Carnaby Street, which is easy to find and a hugely popular distraction from the shops of Oxford Street, which is just a short walk away.

Covent Garden

Another popular area of London where fashionistas tend to migrate to, is Covent Garden.


The Covent Garden area offers a good mix of shops to choose from and amongst the big designer names and high-street brands, you will also find a good number of excellent independent boutiques that offer the chance to try and pick out something a little bit daring or different.


If you are fabulously wealthy and live in London, it is quite a high probability that the address of your residence has a Chelsea post code in it.

Street Style Fashion
Street Style Fashion

The Kings Road resembles something like an extra-long catwalk at times and has always been a place where you can get noticed. All this means that there are plenty of designer stores and upmarket boutiques to visit, although some of the price tags will probably be carrying a few more noughts on them than you might find in other parts of London.

Fashion never stands still and if you visit any of these venues in London, you will be getting one of the best opportunities to follow the fashionistas and see what designs and designers are setting the trend right now.

Enjoy the adventure and the chance to see what is hot right now, when you visit these fashion hotspots.

Disclosure: Gift vouchers were provided to us by a fashion store in London for this review.

Istanbul: A fascinating City Full of History & Culture

Istanbul is a fascinating city full of history and culture; its strategic location made it attractive to many roaming armies over the centuries with the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians and the Venetians all attempting to rule before finally, it was conquered by the Ottomans.


Magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey
Magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey

Evidence of these different periods of rule is scattered all about this romantic city; in the architecture, the cuisine, and the local customs and traditions.  It is a city where East meets West and this refers to more than just the fact that the city straddles two different continents, although certainly this was why so many nations had their eye on holding it as their own.


A visit to Istanbul could not fail to inspire:  from the stunning Topkapi Palace to the colourful Grand Bazaar, here is a city you could fall in love with.  Stroll hand in hand through the bustling markets and try your hand at some bartering, taste the local cuisine which is a tastebud-bursting combination of fine fresh fish and aromatic dishes or simply stand and admire the magnificently decorated mosques and minarets which adorn this Turkish delight.


WOW Topkapi Palace Turkey
WOW Topkapi Palace Turkey

By night the city really comes alive; the sparkling stars illuminating the Byzantine buildings, reflecting beautifully on the Bosphorus river which winds its way past the city.  The culture of the local people is to be warm and open and you see no greater evidence of this than in the Turkish taverns which are ideal for whiling your evening away, appreciating the real sense of heritage which surrounds you. Enter the magical world of Istanbul and be introduced to the remarkable city with the film A Postcard of Istanbul. Take a look at the captivating trailer for the film below –

10 Everyday Super Foods Delicious Enough Even Your Kids Will Eat

Ever found yourself wondering – why all the fuss about super foods? Well, for starters, they are full of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that fight diseases. What’s more, you can have them without piling on too many calories. And if you are still unimpressed, allow us to dispel the notion that they are exotic and difficult to find. Yes, some of them like sardines, goji berries, maca, raw cacao, etc. do sound like stuff you may not enjoy eating but that’s not true of all super foods. In fact, many of them are easily available and delicious enough for even your kids to try and like. Here goes:


Nut Serving reference chart
Nut Serving reference chart

Nuts are full of fiber, healthy monounsaturated fats, proteins, antioxidants and other nutrients. Though seen by many as fatty, high calorie food, many nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecan nuts, pistachios are great for reducing cholesterol. Include them in your diet to reduce the risk of heart diseases, just make sure you take them in moderate quantities.


Health Benefits Of Eggs
Health Benefits Of Eggs

Eggs are one of the most inexpensive super foods. They are high on protein content, are nutritious and can be cooked or used as ingredients in many ways. They contain a number of vitamins and also help enhance HDL (good cholesterol) levels. See more: http://www.parenting.com/gallery/toddler-superfoods


Health Benefits of Soybean
Health Benefits of Soybean

The humble beans, believe it or not, make the grade as super food for their rich fiber, carbohydrates, magnesium and potassium content. Whole soya beans contain Omega-3 fatty acids that are great for heart health. The US dietary Guidelines recommend including three cups of soya bean every week in your diet. Soya beans are easy alternatives to meat and poultry and every vegetarian should include this super food in his/her diet, whether as a breakfast dish or as an ingredient.



Low calorie or fat-free yogurt should definitely be a part of your daily diet. It is not only rich in calcium and other nutrients; it is also possible to have enriched versions like probiotic yogurt which is excellent for keeping healthy guts and digestion. Yogurt can be a great substitute to milk for those who are sensitive to lactose. Yogurt is a complete food. As per Dr. Robert Heaney, MD, “dairy foods contain practically every nutrient you need – and just in the right balance”.


broccoli health benefits
broccoli health benefits

Broccoli, ever the favorite for its taste and availability, is also a super vegetable. It’s not only rich in fiber, but also contains vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Include it in your meals, whether as a salad or stir fried or roasted. You can also try adding broccoli to soups and egg dishes to make them even more nutritious!


photo of various types of berries
photo of various types of berries

Berries are great for digestion and the high fiber content helps in weight loss. What they lack in size, they make up with their benefits – phytonutrients, antioxidants, Vitamin C, low calories. Berries help in controlling blood sugar levels and, with their sweet taste, are a perfect alternative to desserts. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries are all easily available and can be had fresh or dried.

Green Tea:

Green Tea
Green Tea

All types of tea are rich in polyphenols and the flavonoid EGCG. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea is known to have cancer-fighting properties, anti-aging benefits and is good for heart health. It’s also good for fighting infections and lowering the risk of Type II diabetes. It makes for a soothing and healthy substitute to coffee and soft drinks.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes Health Benefits
Sweet Potatoes Health Benefits

Great for your bones, eyes and immune system, sweet potatoes are rich source of vitamin A apart from containing other nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, potassium and lutein. According the Center for Science in the Public Interest, it is one of the most nutritious vegetable available to us. Belonging to the family of dark orange vegetable, sweet potatoes can reduce the effects of sodium on blood pressure and slow down the process of bone loss. Other health-promoting vegetables from the same family include carrots, squash, orange bell peppers and pumpkin.




Its Omega-3 fatty acids make it a super food that helps fight heart-disease. American Heart Association recommends eating salmons at least twice a week. It also has other nutrients like iron and protein and has low calorie content (200 for 3 ounces). Other fish like tuna are also good alternatives to salmon.


10 Benefits of eating Kiwi Fruit
10 Benefits of eating Kiwi Fruit


One large kiwi can fulfill your daily vitamin C requirement. It is full of antioxidants, fiber and potassium. Other nutrients include vitamin A and E (rarely found in other fruits).